Snow littered the ground outside beautifully. The wild grass seemed to try and break free of the cold yet it had been suffocated and sent to sleep until the sun came again.

I sat in slight amusement as snow was thrown about and a body was pummeled by snow balls and the random chunks of ice thrown by my son. The snow had fallen for the first time in a year, but I was inside, warm, and comfortable. Unlike my dearest who would come in shivering moments later hoping for my arms to bring him warmth. The sun had long since set and they now played by the moonlight, the dim lights from the windows also bringing forth more time for them to play.

After making snow angels, the 2 boys and Kakkarot came into our home, throwing their jackets onto the floor and their boots flying in every direction as they tried to see who could get them off the quickest. The two boys then raced upstairs, getting their night clothes on and were down in moments, begging for hot chocolate and cookies. Both, Kakkarot gave to them with a wide grin. The boys stayed up for almost a hour. Their eyes had ached for sleep until they finally fell asleep on the couch, leaning against one another.

Kakkarot was the same next to me. His eyes shut, breathing low... He leaned against me, his head resting against my shoulder and a smiled played across his lips as he dreamed of the years before. I let my fingers slip through his hair as he shifted and his arms curled around my waist. With a turn of my head I pressed my lips against his forehead. My eyes slid shut and I inhaled his scent. The same scent remained, chocolate and citrus. "I love you Kakkarot..." Lowly I said the words, afraid I would wake him.

I let my eyes open again to icy cold and empty arms. The room was empty except for this old couch and my own worn body. My love had long since died as had his family, I, now an old man live in my sweet memories of our love and happiness.

My hand fell to the spot next to me. The very place he had been 70 years earlier this very day. I could still smile at the memories through the sadness their deaths had brought upon me. I, Vegeta, the Prince of Sayians lived a wonderful life and I am willing to admit it. I did all I needed to and all I wanted to... My eyes fell shut and I took a deep breath... knowing what was to happen next... and who I would see...

The End…

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