Raindrops on the Windows

Raindrops on the Windows

She sat on her bed listening to the steady beat of a tune on the radio, her head bobbing in time with the music. The music was strangely comforting to her but in between the steady beats, the silence loomed.

But when you thought about it, it wasn't really silence. The bellowing wind and the weeping rain attacked her window like tiny soldiers in battle. A car alarm echoed in the distance. When she sat and listened, the silence disappeared into subtle noises that were there everyday.

She reached up and tapped the stop button on her radio. As she lay there, the breeze whispered in her ear while she listened to the world. Sparrows chattered as they collected food for their chicks. Seagulls screamed in the air above. Dogs barked down the road. The pitter-patter of rain splashed on the window. Wind chimes rattled on someone's wall. An owl hooted to a steady beat. Cars rolled up and down the road.

Gravel crunched as her Mums car rolled up the driveway. Jessica ran downstairs and threw the door open as her Mum ran across the pathway in the rain. Jessica threw her arms around her Mum and shut the door almost silently.

They strolled into the lounge, dropped down on the sofa and flicked the TV on. The bowl of popcorn was still on the coffee table from last night's movie fest so they both dove in. The room was dark as the curtains were closed, the lights were off and it was 10:30. Her Mum had been at the clinic since before Jess got home and it was that way since her Dad went away.

When the programme ended, Jess whispered goodnight to her Mum and ran upstairs at the speed of light. She changed into her pyjamas and curled up inside the duvet. She pulled the duvet tight around her as she stared at the twinkling stars. She just hoped she could slip into the world of dreams and say goodbye to reality.

Jess always had the most vivid dreams. One night she was the cold wind, whirling and whistling the trees, skimming the ocean and freezing the north.

Another time she was the sun, spying on the world all day long. She looked down on France, Germany, China and America, all day, every day.

But tonight was a new experience for her. When she finally drifted off and began to dream, she found her best dream yet.

She was a drop of rain, forming in the clouds. She peered down on her garden, willing herself to fall. All the others fell all around her, but she couldn't. She wanted to drop down and let the wind carry and direct her to her destination. When she fell, the wind swirled around her and made her dizzy. The breeze carried her to a rose and she splashed down onto a soft, velvety petal. She trickled down the petal, splashing down onto the leaf below, and then onto a blade of grass. More landed around her and they dripped off the blade together. Soaking into the earth she relaxed, but the whole world seemed to disappear when the lightning struckā€¦

Jess woke with a start as the sky flashed white and the massive sky drums crashed. She wondered if her Dad was ok in the storm.

She shook the thought of Dad from her head as tears pricked her eyes and her vision grew blurry. It was 1:00 in the morning and Jess was exhausted as she drifted into a dreamless sleep she saw sparkling diamonds shining on a coal background.