Rated: M

Summary: She's moved on, she swears. Then she sees him with a girl. That's not her. She breaks.

"I'm not going to fight for you Edward, anymore. I'm done."

In the darkness of her dorm room, the words seemed to bounce off the walls. After she had given her concession to Darla she held her chin up high. This was the point of no return. She had done all that she could. She had gotten what was needed.

For an odd moment she thought of Cinderella.

The glass slipper that was a part of a beautiful, hysterical, noir dream. The ending that was perfect, the ending that was complete bullshit.

Isabella didn't need a damn prince to make herself complete. Isabella didn't need to feel wanted by a man. She was Isabella, stronger, vibrant, feisty, all on her own.

She is her own complete puzzle.

Rolling to face the window, Isabella stared at a small doodle of a cactus near her bed.

Time seemed to fade; it was just her and this odd feeling deep inside. It was a churning pile of elation, pride, agony, and just plain fucking awkwardness.

Emotional trauma, she knew.

Joy, she knew.



These were all on her scale of feelings. But this one, this particular one that she was feeling now, though not new, was one she could never quite put her finger upon.

Her body gave no indication as the dorm room door slammed open.


Annie cautiously creped into the room, hands sliding against the wall to look for a light switch.

"Jesus! Why the fuck are you sitting in the dark like a flippin' mall goth?"

The lights flared on.

"Oh gawd," everything Annie needed to know was written on Isabella's face, "hun, who the fuck do I have to kill?"

Isabella's bed dipped as Annie lowered herself upon it, legs crossed, looking for all the world like a consoling aunt. It was a funny picture, her with her potty mouth, cleans cut clothing, and bright jewelry.

A small smirk graced Isabella's lips.

The tears and sobs came next.

This feeling, this feeling of such…hard description. It's like watching from behind the wheel of a runaway car. You know it's out of control, you're jerking the wheel, hoping beyond hope to get it back on track. The stupid inanimate car won't listen, and it keeps going, speeding up, crazy, insane, down that one-way street.

And in the end, you just want it to fucking crush just to get it over with.


It felt better with the compression of someone's arms around her, like she wasn't so out of control.

"Shhh…just cry it out…"

Everything tumbled out, Forks, Charlie, Renee, Jacob, school, Edward, the Cullen's, her depression, her art. It was like verbal vomit she couldn't stop. Everything that she had ever kept a secret just flooded out. The dam that she was holding in broke. She was so tired of holding anything in.

The slow stroking of Annie's hand on her back seemed to make everything come out faster.

She just wanted to feel ordinary for one last goddamn time.

She use to hate being so plain and ordinary. Brown hair, brown eyes, run of the mill personality, commonplace problems…

And now everything was too much. Too much drugs, too much perfection, too much, too much…

The vividness of life was killing her.

"Oh hon…" Annie sympathetically clucked, "wanna a fucking glass of cran-grape juice? You're going to dehydrate yourself with all your water-works. I don't want a damn husk for a room-mate."

She hopped off of Bella's bed, upending pillows and made her way to the small adjacent kitchen.

Bella let out a musky laugh, her breath hitching on the unexpected emotion.

"Fucking hell, you're a better friend then any fucking sparkling vampire."

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