"N'see'a tova."...Tony said, looking down at his desk.

Ziva stared at Tony with a slight surprised look on her face, she turned away, only to give him another glance..."See you next week."

"Yeah."...Tony softly spoke, he lifted his head watching, his eyes were trained on her as she made her way to the elevator.

(Don't go...bevakasha)...He thought, begged to himself.

Ziva steps into the elevator. Tony sighed deeply as the doors started to close.

He sat back, opening his drawer, taking out the neck wrap, then the price tag that was laying under it..."She didn't need you, I guess."...Tony said, not knowing if he was talking about the sleeping aid or himself.

He pulls on it..."Not stretchy enough to be a slingshot."...He joked, then sighed again. He drops it on top of his desk, he pulls back, pushing his chair out of the way, opening his bottom drawer, taking out his keys, he unlocks it, taking out a copy of "Hebrew for Dummies."

He opens the book, thumbing through the pages, he stops and squints at a page. He looks at Ziva's desk, he locks his drawer back and closes it.

He stands up, grabbing his bag, placing the book inside it, before turning off the light on his desk.

He picks up the neck wrap from the top of his desk and steps towards Ziva's desk, laying it softly on her keyboard.

Tony slowly walked to the elevator, jabbing the button with his thumb, he cleared his throat as he waited for the elevator to arrive. The doors open, he takes a step inside, moving all the way to the back, he leans forward, pressing his forehead against the wall..."Ani ohev otach."