"Ahhhh, crap!" Tony exclaimed tapping several keys on Ziva's keyboard hard, "Heh." He chuckled nervously and gave the camera a quick wave before dropped to his knees, he reached for the cord to her system, yanking it from the electrical outlet.

The alarm came to a screeching halt, drawing a deep sigh from Tony's lips. He shook his head and crawled out from under Ziva's desk and made it to his feet. A look of deep disdain covered his face as he walked to the elevator.

Tony jogged up a flight of stairs and passed through a set of glass door into his apartment complex, he was carrying a large white paper sack with red Chinese lettering. He stopped, looking through a tiny slot in his mail box, but it was empty, so he continued on down a long corridor until he reached his door, apartment 1-C. He unlocked the deadbolt and stepped inside, kicking the door closed behind him. He dropped his keys on a table sitting next to the door and moved to his recliner, sitting down. He sat the sack down on the coffee table in front of him and leaned back arching his back trying to pop his back.

"I could rub your back." A voice called out. Tony eyes moved to the doorway to the kitchen, Ziva was leaning against it wearing nothing but a smile.

Tony smiled back, "You know, Gibbs and McGee thinks we hate each other."

"Wasn't that the idea?"

"Yeah, but it's just so tiring being idiot Tony, it can be so tedious, ya know?" Tony shrugged his shoulders, but eventually let out a smile, "You know, I've been wanting to do something all day."

Ziva slowly began to move towards Tony, "And what would that be?" He began to get up from the chair, but she placed her foot on his crotch and pushed him back into the chair, slowly rubbing her foot up and down, "Hmm?" She smiled seductively.

"Closer." He whispered.

Ziva climbed into Tony's lap, placing her knees to the outside of his legs. She reached up, taking a hold of the back of his head, guiding his face between her breasts. She sat back and said with a smile, "Is that close enough?"

Tony stood up, lifting Ziva. They kissed as she wrapped her legs around waist and he quickly carried her off to the bedroom.

Ziva was sitting on Tony's lap as she held lo mein noodles above his lips. He opened his mouth and she teased him with them, kissing him before finally allowing him to eat. She kissed him again and took a few noodles into her mouth, "You never did tell me what you wanted to do all day."

Tony smiled, "Just to taste you."

Ziva laughed, "Mission Accomplished."