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Notes: ( ) = private thoughts, people are thinking to themselves

The Faithful Meeting

A young female plows the snow as she heads up to Hinatasou. She had a beret cap on and wore a tank top with a black vest over it. She also had a matching short skirt that went down to her knees and underneath that she wore black stockings. She was a gorgeous individual who had brown hair down to her waist and carried herself with grandeur fit for a queen. Every guy that saw her walk by, wished to God to have her as his girlfriend, but she was for someone else. She had to keep a promise that she wanted to fulfill ever since she was 2 years old. She was ready to face anything.

She looked up to the stairs that led up to the Hinatasou and she knew that whatever happened, fate would bring her to her destiny. She flicked her ponytail back and she grinned as she marched up the stairs.

"Soon, Keitaro, I promise I'll make you happy."

After the long flight of stairs, she came across the place that she remembered when she was small and her childhood promise made 16 years ago. She looked around and admired the Hinatasou's structure.

"After sixteen years, I have returned."

She gave another grin as she marched to the door and slide it open. From there she looked in and saw no one.

"Hello? Hello? Keitaro? Are you here?"

She glanced at the main living room and saw no one at the couches. She shrugged and walked in. She deposits her shoes by the door and she walked around the living room.

"Hmm..just like what it use to be."

She glanced at the stairs and looked at the hall way at the left and also the right hallway, but no one was around.

"Hmm.strange. Where is Keitaro? His mother said he was here."

As she thought about this she heard some commotion from the stairs.

(Keitaro must be up the stairs. I'll go surprise him. Hehe)

She slowly walked up the stairs and before she can get halfway there, she heard some noise that was coming close from the second story and the noise was approaching to her quite quickly.

"Keitaro!!!!!!!!!! You pervert! How dare you look at Shinobu when she was changing!"

"I'm sorry!!!"

Urashima Keitaro, the manager at Hinatasou and now a Todai student, who has the power of doing whatever he wants because he controls the all- girl dormitory, is now on the run from his "accident".

(Oh no, she is going to kill me, I got to run downstairs.)

Keitaro runs downstairs while looking back, but when he turned around, he saw a girl in front of her.

"Ack...I'm dead."

And to make matters worse, Keitaro slips on the stairs and falls on the girl, which they both go tumbling down to the ground floor with Keitaro's face cushioned by two soft mounds.

"Hehe.Keitaro, you are still the daring man I remember."

Before Keitaro could turn his face to that voice, he felt a blow like a hammer slam into his face and he was soaring past through the sliding door. After flying past that, his body hit the ground hard and landed by the stairs.

"Argh..well at least that wasn't that far of a hit."

He rolled his body to the left and suddenly he starting rolling down the long flight of stairs of Hinatasou.

(Crap! Here we go again. Ouch! Ite! Bam! Wham! Ite.) And he rolls on.

"Keitaro, how dare you try to seduce this woman."

The young female cracked her knuckles after she landed her punch and she gave a smile from it.

(Keitaro is such a pervert and he even tried to seduce this female. Wait, who is this person?)

The young 18 year old turn to the new girl and looked at her. Both were roughly the same height, but the new girl had darker brown hair. The lighter-haired female wore a large shirt that covered her short cut-off jeans. Both eyed each other curiously, but the darker, brown-haired girl had a frown on her face.

"Why did you hit Keitaro?"


"I said why did you hit Keitaro? He did nothing wrong."

"He did everything wrong, he saw Shinobu changing and tried to seduce you."

By that time the rest of the company came. The rest of the girls arrived and saw the two girls talking.

"Hey Naru? Where is Keitaro? Did you hit him off to space again?'

"Yes, Naru-sempai, you did not give me a chance to end the perverted life of Keitaro," replied a girl who had long black hair that rang down to her waist. She also was holding a katana, which was brought out to action.

"Sorry Motoko-chan, but that pervert saw Shinobu and he needed to be punished." Naru smiled at this since she enjoyed kicking the crap out of Keitaro.

The new girl turned to Naru and stared at her I fury.

"You have no right to hit him. You had no right at all! If I see you hit him again, you will deal with me."

Naru turned to the new girl in shock.


The other girls turned the new girl, especially the little blonde head as she crawled past all the girls to look at the new person.

"Hi! I'm Kaolla Su, who are you?"

The new girl flickered her ponytail.

"Does it matter? You all brutalize Keitaro, why should I try to tell you my name."

While the girls took the cold shoulder of the new girl, Keitaro finally managed to get up and crawl up the stairs.

(Ack.that hurt! Why does this always have to happen to me! I did it on accident; I didn't think Shinobu would be changing in the laundry room. Wait a minute! What's with that noise?)

When Keitaro gets to the doorway, the entrance of Hinatasou, which is now missing a door from the crazy "accident". He overhears the girls talking.

"..but why are you so mad, its Keitaro's fault for what he done."

"That still doesn't give the right to hit someone."

Keitaro was surprised to have a defense from a girl especially someone he doesn't know.

(From this view even though I can't see the girls face she seems like a very pretty girl. Ah! Some girl is actually defending me! This has never happen to me before. Oh what joy!)

Keitaro admires the legs the new girls had and the fashion she was wearing. He also likes the long ponytail that had a blue ribbon tied around it. Suddenly because Keitaro is a pervert, he starts daydreaming about the new girl stripping in front of her.

("Urashima-kun, would you like to see me without my shirt first or the skirt?" The new girl smiled seductively as she used one hand to grab her vest and slowly pulls it over one of her shoulder, while uses the other hand to garb her skirt and slowly push it down..)

While he daydreams the new girl turns to the door and sees Keitaro with a huge nosebleed and his eyes looked large and starry eyed like he was in some fantasy world.

"Keitaro! You are here! Huh? What is with that nosebleed, did that violent victimizer try to hurt you? Poor Keitaro?"

She races to Keitaro as she pulls a handkerchief off her vest pocket and covers Keitaro's nose.

"Victimizer?! I did nothing wrong! Keitaro was a pervert and he got what he deserves," yells Naru since she was getting irritated from being called this.

"Shut your mouth victimizer, I should call the police and report you for this."


Keitaro snapped out of his reverie when the handkerchief went over his nose and he blinked as he watched the argument between Naru and the new girl.

(I got to stop this! This is not right even though it is nice that this girl is defending me. Also I need to stop this because she is yelling at the girl I love)

"Girls," he grabs the handkerchief, "you should stop fighting."

He turns to the new girl and noticed her beautiful face and those beautiful chocolate brown eyes that would make every guy melt into her arms. He also notices her soft lips, which had a light red lip-gloss on. The new girl had some powder on which enhanced her skin.

(Wh...What am I thinking?! I'm in love with Naru! I can't thinks of this! I got to sort this out. Get a grip Keitaro, be a man!)

"Thank you whoever you are, thanks for the handkerchief."

The new girl smiled, but then frowned.

" don't remember me?"

Tears started springing forth into her eyes.

"Um..." Keitaro starts thinking.

(Crap, who is she? I better hurry and answer or she seems like she is going to cry. Wait..I know who she is.)

"Oh, I remember, aren't you the girl who works in front of the hardware store?"

The new girl facefaults and she lays there on the floor in disbelief. She slowly gets up, but had an arrow in her back.

"Wait I know, you are the girl who works by the pool, the life guard right?"

The new girl facefaults again, but this time she had a dozen arrows in her back.

"No I'm not the hardware store clerk or the life guard." She starts crying. "You promised you would remember me forever and ever."

"Oh," Keitaro went into a deep thought.

(Crap! Who is she, wait a minute, I promised I would remember her....I got it!)

"I..I remember you!"

The new girl stops crying and looked at Keitaro happily.

"You do?! Oh what joy, at last we can be together again."

She clapped her hands together happily and in eagerness to Keitaro's answer.

"Yeah the one I promise to remember right?"

"You do remember! At last, true happiness."

The new girl stretched out her hands to embrace Keitaro.

Keitaro nods his head and crosses his arms together as if he was in triumph.

"Yes, yes, I remember you, you were the girl who sold ice cream when I was small."

The new girl facefaults again, and this time with a large statue falling on top of her with a bunch of arrows stuck to her body. All the other girls sweat drop from this episode.

Kitsune turns to Naru, "Is Keitaro this stupid?"

Naru just shook his head in agreement. "Keitaro is a pervert and stupid. He was lucky to make it to Todai U."

Keitaro facefaults and gets up quickly with a bunch of arrows in his back.

"I got to Todai U because of you Naru!"

Naru shook her head in agreement again. "Right! Just because you were too stupid to study by yourself and too perverted to study at all since you are the manager of an all girls dormitory and you just peek at us every time you have a chance. I just studied with you to keep an eye over you from peeking, but every time we study together, you always try to pull something off to try to peek at me, you pervert." Naru crossed her arms to show that she was right.

Keitaro facefaults into the ground again with a giant statue on his head, along with that came arrows that stuck to him every time Naru listed a problem that Keitaro caused.

While that happened, the new girl was finally able to get to her feet. After pushing away the large statue on top of her and ripping out the arrows stuck to her, she brushed herself. With a determined look on her eye like if she was a hunter after a prey she stared at Keitaro.

"No! I'm not that person! I would be over thirty if I were she. Keitaro, you have forgotten me, how could you?! I just have to remind you then."

While she said this, Keitaro was able to get up and had a teary eyed look from all the problems he had caused.

(I'm such a pervert.)

She rummaged through her backpack until she grabbed something round and hard. (Author's Note: Don't think of anything perverted you hentai!)

"Here we go, found it!"

"Huh?" Keitaro turned to the new girl and just stared at her as she pulled something out of her backpack.

"Don't worry Keitaro, you will remember after this."

She pulls out a long handle and a heavy iron head.

"Eh?" Keitaro watches the new girl attach the head to the handle and it became a rather large hammer.

The new girl smiled and puts the sledgehammer to her shoulder and swings it with all her strength. The mighty hammer that can crack heads easily connects right to the top of Keitaro's head.

"Ack..(WHAM!!)," Keitaro's last words before he is out like a light.

The force of the blow slammed Keitaro into the ground, his whole body under the floorboards, and his head above it with a huge lump that seems like the size of a basketball.

Naru and the gang sweat dropped as they watched the incident.

"An....And she said Naru was a victimizer," says Kitsune as she shakes her head in disbelief.

"What about Urashima-sempai? He looks hurt," says Shinobu as tears welled up in her eyes as she saw Keitaro being hit that hard.

"Don't worry, Keitaro is immortal! He can live through anything," says Kaolla as she watched the incident in excitement.

(Wow! She hits harder than me, and even my guns can't cause this kind of lump. She is my idol)

She watches the new girl with starry eyes and then chews on her banana.

The new girl watches Keitaro for a few seconds and sees that he is unconscious.

"Hm..that was not purpose to happen."

Naru and the others facefault from what the new girl said.

Naru stared at the new girl in shock, "What the hell kind of response were you trying to get?! Of course Keitaro would be out like a light. You hit him with a hammer that can break rocks the size of a bike into dust!!!"

The new girl looks at them.

"My mother does this to me all the time and I seem to remember and recall everything."

Again, Naru and the others sweat drop.

Kitsune turns to Naru and whispers to her ear, "Is this girl normal? What kind of parents does this?"

The new girl shoulders the sledgehammer and looks at the other girls with an intense look.

"Don't think I know what you girls are up to. I know you will try to victimize Keitaro again, so if I find out you do, I will personally see to it you don't ever mess with him again."

Naru looked furious from that statement.

"Now look here, I only punched him and you practically nearly killed him with that sledgehammer. Now who is the victimizer, huh? I should report you to the police. And by the way who the heck do you think you are, some new girl waltzes in here and thinks she can do what she..."

The new girl gave an annoyed look as she stared at Naru in frustration.

"I'm not a new girl, for your information, I was here long before you people were. I came back because I came to fulfill a promise and don't consider me a "new girl", my name is Natsuko Yagami and you better remember it. Or else I will make you remember it."

She waved her sledgehammer at the company of girls as they stared at her wide-eyed.

"Wa..wait, Natsuko Yagami, you're the girl who won the gold medal in the Winter Olympics for both figure-skating and martial arts right?" Says Motoko as she stares at Natsuko in disbelief of who she was.

Natsuko just grinned at the girls then her grin turns to a mischievous smile. Before the girls could ponder why she smiled like that, Natsuko turned away from the girls and looked at Keitaro.

(Soon Keitaro, we will be together and I'll make you the most happiest man alive. Hehe. These girls are no competition I can handle them easily. None of them can have Keitaro. He is mine!)

Natsuko flickered her ponytail then dismantled her sledgehammer and put it in her backpack. She then shoulders the backpack and pulls Keitaro out of the floorboards. Then she lugs him up the stairs and into the manager's room.

"Hehe! The room still looks the same as I remember it."

She looks around the room and admires the things Keitaro brought with him from his trips and from his house. Then she realizes that Keitaro is still out, so she quickly puts Keitaro on a futon and applies some ice to his head to lower the swell on Keitaro's head.

("Oh Keitaro, how handsome you become, you remind me of that romance novel about the young prince and the peasant girl. He saves her from all these troubles and they get married and once they get married they had all this fun." Then she frowned, "But you never did anything to save me." Then she shakes her head, "Nevermind that, we are together now." She then blushed at what she thought of because when she read the book she remembered reading about the licentious parts that made it become a romance novel. "Hehe. I can't wait to get married, then we can both do those things that the prince and the girl did.")

She grinned while thinking about this and suddenly she starts getting starry eyed and daydreams.

(Keitaro appears in a gold bathrobe and she appears on the bed naked with a collar chain around her. Keitaro smiles mischievously and looks at her, " You have been a troublesome wife and you try to seduce the princes of the east, I will have to punish you." He whispers this slowly into her ear as if it felt like a gentle breeze to her ear. She shivered in excitement and acts very obedient. "Now lay down on the bed and prepare for my punishment." Keitaro slowly undoes his robes.....)

(Author's Note: Yeesh, you think I would add more to Natsuko's thought? Yeesh! You guys are pervs, you baka-hentais!!!)

While she daydreams, Keitaro dreams a pleasant dream. A dream of remembrance and of mystery for there is still hidden messages in his dreams.

It was Hinatasou, 16 years ago, when Keitaro was there visiting his grandmother and Aunt Haruka. He sits around in the playground and sees a girl with brown short hair playing with the sand and has a doll with her. Keitaro, curious to see her there goes join her. He can't remember her name, but she was a cute girl and they had fun with each other. A few weeks past as he encounters another girl while playing with the girl who has short brown hair, this new girl was happy at Hinatasou and the beginning of an adventure.

Keitaro notices another girl who was swinging in the swings. He was a shy person, so he decides not to talk to her, but the other girl sees him and stops swinging. She gets off the swing and approached Keitaro.


Keitaro turns to the new girl and notices she also has short brown hair, but the color was darker than his friend.


The new girl looks at him curiously then laughs.

"My name is (forgot the name, I can't remember it)."

"Oh, hi, my name is Keitaro."

"Hi Keitaro, you want to play in the sandbox?"

"Sure! Lets go and you can meet my other friend."


Keitaro and the new girl meet Keitaro's friend, whom they introduce themselves, but he doesn't remember their names. They join together and help each other build something in the sandbox.

"Kei-kun, did you know... If 2 people who love one another can enter Tokyo University together..They will live happily ever after."

Keitaro's friend turns to Keitaro and leans toward him while cups his cheek with her hand and then she kisses him.

"So, when we both grow up, let's both go to Tokyo U."

The new girl nodded her head and agreed with the whole concept.

"I want to go to Tokyo U also, so Kei-kun, would you promise you won't forget me?"

Keitaro looked at both girls.

"I would never forget you both, I promise."

As he recalls these images, some flashes appear as if they were memories that are not surfaced yet, but still hidden.

He soon sees an image of himself running after his friend who is being driven away by a moving van.

Keitaro's friend looks sad and cries while waving goodbye to him.

"Bye bye Kei-kun, when we grow up we must meet again in Tokyo U! Promise me ok!"

Then the moving van crossed the bridge as Keitaro chased the van.

(Wait!! Don't leave me, don't leave me.)

Keitaro trips and falls to the ground. While he catches his breath, he says those words that he would always remember, those words that would commit him to an oath that he agreed to do for the next 16 years of his life.

"I....I will do it! Tokyo University!"

Keitaro wakes up while still murmuring those words.

"I..I will do it. I will go to Tokyo University."

He then clutches his head in pain as he felt a large bump on his head.

(What the heck, where did this bump come from?)

Before he could think or recall the incident that caused this, he heard a low moan.


Keitaro turned his head to the right and saw a girl lying on the floorboards whispering and moaning.


"Oh Keitaro, you so manly! I'll be your obedient wife, I won't seduce anyone anymore."

Keitaro watched the girl in amazement and saw her starting to develop a major nosebleed.

(Craps, what the heck is she thinking of? Is she thinking of me?!)

While he thought of this, he grinned and started daydreaming also. Five seconds later, he had a major nosebleed coming too.

(Craps! What am I thinking of?! The only girl for me is Naru-chan and we will be happy together in Todai University.)

Keitaro shook his head out of his daydream and then reached out his hand and was about to gently shake Natsuko awake, but suddenly Natsuko sprung at him.

("Keitaro!! Yes, please punish me! Please!)

Natsuko was still in her daydream as she sprung at Keitaro and wrapped her arms around her and put her head on his chest as if it was a lover's embrace. While that happen, Keitaro's hand went to explore her chest "accidently".

"Oh craps, wait this feels nice and soft."

Keitaro gave a perverted look that made Happosai go to shame.

(Author's Note: If you seen Ranma 1/2, you would understand who Happosai is)

Before he could do anything else though, his door slid open.

"Keitaro! I brought some bandages for....," said Naru as she stared at Keitaro in shock.



After the incident of the sledgehammer and Natsuko lugged Keitaro to his room, the rest of the girls met together in the main living room.

"Who the heck does the girl think so is? Some snotty brat who is trying to get with Keitaro!" Naru was quite angry while she folded her arms together.

"I hope Urashima-sempai will be okay," says Shinobu with a concerned look.

Motoko sheathed her katana, "Urashima-sempai will be okay. His perverted powers always saves him from getting too much pain."

"Yeah! Keitaro is immortal!" Koalla Su smiles happily from all those fond memories of her kicking the crap out of Keitaro every time they meet.

Kitsune grinned at Naru, "Oh ho ho! Is Naru jealous of Natsuko? That this new girl actually cares for Keitaro?" Kitsune grins like a fox and covers her mouth as if it was some kind of secret.

"Wh.what?! That's not true, I don't care about Keitaro, but he is our manager and we need him to take care of Hinatasou."

Kitsune shakes her head in agreement, "Right, right, whatever you say Naru." Kitsune winks at her and gives a foxy grin.

Shinobu quickly gets up and heads to the kitchen.

"Shinobu? Where are you going?"

"I'm getting some bandages since Urashima-sempai may need some after that."

Naru got up and headed to the kitchen.

"I'll come and help!"

Kitsune grins again. "So its Naru to the rescue! Go Naru, go rescue Keitaro from the clutches of that new girl."

Naru gave an angry stare at Kitsune.

"I'm just doing this because Keitaro may have been hurt pretty badly."

"Right, right, the gentle Naru comes to save the violent Natsuko, what a romance!" Kitsune grins again as Naru stares at her.

Naru and Shinobu quickly head to the kitchen and grab the bandages. Then they both head up stairs and approached the manager's room. Before Naru or Shinobu can get to the sliding door, they both heard Keitaro's voice and some noises behind the door.

"..this feels nice and soft."

Naru blushed, but she quickly had an angry look as she slid the door open. What she saw was not consider her opinion "decent".

(Fades back to reality)

Naru stares at Keitaro and Natsuko in shock as Natsuko had her arms around Keitaro and had her body firmly pressed up to Keitaro. Keitaro had his hand on some squeezable items that only female's have.

Shinobu sees this and drops the bandages. "Urashima-sempai!"

Keitaro turns to see Shinobu.

"No Shinobu-chan, its not what you think, this girl...."

Shinobu rushed out the door and headed to her room crying. "I'm sorry Urashima-sempai!!"

Naru quickly composed herself, but her fist was totally clenched together as she stared at Keitaro angrily. The frustation was so much, that Naru had some frustration marks on her head.

"Ke...Keitaro!!!! pervert!! How dare you do this and with Shinobu here! Die Hentai!!!"

Naru rushed up to Keitaro and slams her fist right into his face in less than a second. Keitaro was catapulted into the air and slams into the roof while rebounding off it to hit one of the structural poles of Hinatasou, and then he rebounds off of that to break through the walls of Motoko's room. At that time Motoko was changing in her room and was taking off the bandages off her chest. Motoko hears the crash and sees Keitaro on the ground dazed.

"Nani?!!" Motoko was in shock to see Keitaro lying on the ground with a black eye and a large lump on his head.

Keitaro turns his head to Motoko and sees her chest and (Boom!) instant Niagara Falls of blood. Motoko immediately realizes the situation and blushes. With one hand she covers her chest and with the other hand she grabs her katana and launches one of her ancestral techniques.

"Keitaro, pervert. Die! Zan Ken Sen!!"

The wind howl from the blade springs out of the blade and immediately hits Keitaro. With an explosion and debris flying, he goes soaring again into the air and falls headfirst right into the entrance of Hinatasou where he lies right next to the stairs where he was in the beginning after the assualt by Naru.

"Ack, why does this happen to me."

Then he tries to get up and rolls to his left which is the stairs and because he had no energy from all those beating. Before he realizes it he falls down the long flight of stairs, just like the beginning of this story.

(NO!!! Not again! Ouch! Ite! Bam! Wham! Ite.) And he rolls on.

(Back to the manager's room)

After the confrontation of Keitaro and Naru, Natsuko broke out of her daydream and sees Keitaro not around any more.

"Nani?!! Where is Keitaro?" She looks around the room and only sees Naru standing there with her arm extended as if she launched some devastating attack.

"Why are you here?!!" Natsuko looks at Naru then looks to where her arm extends and sees a large hole in the balcony door.

"He tried to seduce you and he had his hands all over you."

Natsuko stared at Naru angrily.

"So?!! If Keitaro wants to be a man, let him! I don't mind, and what we do is none of your business! Now leave this room!"

Naru stared at Natsuko in shock and then she sweat dropped.

(The..there are two perverts in this room?!!)

Natsuko pointed her finger out the door.


Naru looks at her in frustration and as they stared at one another, a bolt of lightning appeared from both of them and connected.

Naru sighed in frustration and stomped out of the room. Natsuko gave a mischievous victory smile as she won the first round.

(Keitaro will be mine and I won't have this violent tomboy try to hurt Keitaro ever again!)

At that time Kitsune saw the whole thing on the roof and saw Keitaro flying out of his balcony and into Motoko's room where he was blown away and falls into the stairs and starts rolling down it. She watched everything in glee and starts rubbing her chin in a studious manner.

"Hmm...things will be quite interesting with this new girl, Natsuko. Maybe Naru will finally confess her feelings and if she does, then there will be a war between them." Kitsune grins mischievously and like a sly fox, she already was on her way to get a war going. "Alright! Operation Love and Lust Duel commences now!"

"Yeah!! I'm with you!" Kaolla waves her arms happily as she realizes this is going to be fun.

(4 hours later and in the main living room)

Keitaro faces the girls and nods at them. He was all battered up and bruised with numerous bandages wrapped around him, especially covering his nose and his eye.

"Because of this letter written by my mom, I have agreed to welcome Natsuko Yagami into Hinatasou. She already paid the rent for the first three months."

"Nani?!" Yelled the girls as they all saw Natsuko standing beside Keitaro like an obedient wife.

(NO!! With Natsuko here, things will go crazy. Heck I will go crazy. I would kill her if she keeps doing this!)

Naru stares at Natsuko, with all this hate and malovence.

(Hm..I could ask her as a sparring partner, I wouldn't mind having one since its boring to practice alone. Maybe she could show me some moves, and then I can take on Seta-san and regain my honor.)

Motoko analyzed Natsuko and started judging her on her skills as a fighter.

( idol is going to stay, I got to ask her to teach me how to do that attack.)

Kaolla Su had another starry look at Natsuko.

(Hehe! Operation Love and Lust Duel is going smoothly!)

Kitsune rubs her chin and grins.

(Oh no, another person competition to Urashima-sempai, I must not lost to her! I must beat all of them!)

Shinobu smiles, but it was a fake one.

Natsuko turns to them and bows politely.

"I hope we can get along and I'll try my best to act the way of a guest would."

Naru and the gang sweat dropped from the statement.

Keitaro smiled and turned to Natsuko. "Well, that's that Natsuko, welcome to Hinatasou."

Natsuko smiled at Keitaro, but then looked at Naru who had a furious look.

Naru stared at Natsuko and in turn Natsuko stared at Naru. The room went silent and Keitaro soon got uncomfortable and stood between them.

(This is not a good way to start! I know! I'll try to get Natsuko and Naru together and they could be best friends! Yeah! That would be good idea)

"Now, now lets make up and get together as friends. After all, Hinatasou brought us all together."

Before he could say anything else the girl's eyes released a bolt of lightning again as they stared at each other furiously. Before the two bolts could connect, both the bolts struck at Keitaro who stood between them.

"Argh.." Keitaro lay at the ground, electrocuted.

"Keitaro!!" shouted Naru and Natsuko as they both stop looking at each other and both dropped to their knees to see if Keitaro was arite.

Kitsune started grinning like a demon while rubbing her hands together.

"This is definitely going to be fun!"

Naru and Natsuko looked at Keitaro and then looked at each other.

"Not look what you done, you hurt Keitaro!"

"Me! What did I do?!! You're the one behind him!"

Both Naru and Natsuko glared at each other menacingly.

Keitaro shook himself and slowly got up.


Then while he tries to get up, he grabbed something soft with his hands.


Keitaro gently applied pressure to the soft cushion.

"Eh?!" Naru looks at Keitaro's hand, which was on her breast and was gently pressured.

Naru blushed and then clenched her hand and slammed it right into Keitaro's face.

" pervert! Die!!!"

(Ah..crap! Here we go again!)

Keitaro felt the hammer blow and his whole body went below the floorboards and his head was the only one stuck out of the floorboards, just like the sledgehammer blow.

The rest of the girls except Natsuko sweat dropped from this incident.

"I wonder which hurt more?!! Naru's punch or Natsuko's hammer?" Kitsune whispers this to Motoko's ear.

"Urashima-sempai..I hope he is okay."

"Keitaro the immortal, he will down in history in my history as the strongest man alive!" Kaolla smiled at Keitaro as he lies there with two large basketball size lumps.

Natsuko and Naru then looked at each other angrily again and soon a battle aura appeared in both of them.

"Don't you dare touch him!"

"Then make sure he doesn't ever touch me again."

Both of them glowed insanely red.

Motoko was in shock. "Not..not even my sister had this kind of battle aura.

Kitsune grinned like a fox and rubbed her hands again. "Prepare for War!"

Keitaro lay there.

(Ack.Why me!!)

End of Chapter One

Author's Note: Well I hope you like this! Please let me know your opinion, but don't flame me too badly. If you wish to let me write more of this fanfic, please let me know! Well that's that. I hope you like this new character; Natsuko Yagami and I would like to thank Sam the wacky guy who thought of the name. Thanks man. Well, got to go, until next time. (Runs away) "Come back still need to finish my fanfic!!" (Natsuko chases me with a sledgehammer) "You promised me you would! Or I'm going to have to remind you!" (The chase continues!!!!!)