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Summary: A new girl arrives to Hinatasou, which dangers the relationship of Keitaro and Naru. The promise that Natsuko Yagami remembers may not only threaten the love of those two, but may change all the lives in Hinatasou.

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The Newcomer's Duel

It was summer time and the day was bright and clear. The sun was up and the clouds were nice and fluffy. Nothing could stop this bright day. There were birds singing their lovely songs, little critters running in pairs, and the sounds of battle at Hinatasou. Nani?!! The sounds of battle?!

At the entrance of Hinatasou, two people faced off. One was a dark haired beauty that was holding a katana. She was dressed in a traditional fighting kimono and had a white ribbon tied to her hair, so it won't hinder her from seeing. She clutched the katana in a classic fighting position. The katana was held firmly downwards with the blade pointing at her opponent's throat.

The opponent was wearing faded jeans and was wearing a white tank top to blend in with her fashion. The tank top hugged to her body quite nicely and definitely showed some curves. She carried no weapons, but her hands were wrapped in white bandages like a boxer, but she had some metal plates on her knuckles. She was in a standard fighting position also. Her right leg was a step further in front of her left leg and her right arm was in front of her left arm. Both of the fighters were sweating.

"You aren't that bad," said the dark haired girl as she analyzed her opponent.

"Neither are you," replied the girl who dark brown hair as she stared at her.

They stared at each to see who would act first, who would make the mistake for the other to leap into action and win this fight. Both stared and then both leaped into action.

The dark haired girl rushed with her sword and made a quick thrust at the other girl. The girl with the bandages blocked with her metal plates and made a quick jab with her right fist. He other girl countered by angling her katana to the side to block the jab. Then the girl with the metal plates dropped down to deliver a sweeper kick, but the opponent back flipped dodge it.

(This girl is good. She dodged all my attacks and is keeping up to my pace. I better use a technique. Hehe! No one can stop that except my sister and Seta-san.)

"Zan Ken Sen!!" The wind howl leaped from the blade and launched straight at the brown haired girl.

Suddenly the girl leaped into the air with a forward flip, which dodged the wind attack. While in the air, she twisted herself to go head first at her opponent while grabbing something from the back and in a blur she connects something together and launches her devastating counterattack.

"Gravity Hammer Blow!!" She swings the hammer downwards at her opponent.


The dark haired saw this and she quickly ran to the left to dodge it. Before she could get out of the hammer blow, the hammer smashed onto the ground where the dark hair girl was before her dodge and a huge explosion erupted. The debris was launched at the dark hair girl, which hit her face and flipped her to make her land face first to the ground.

(Ite!! That hurt!)

While the dark-haired girl lies there, the other girl walked up to her while unwinding her bandages and dismantling her sledgehammer.

"Well, that is that, I won, not bad though Motoko."

Motoko had a dizzy look with a lump on her head, but she shook her dizziness off.

"I never thought a Olympic martial artist is able to do such moves."

Natsuko smiled. "Well I was trained under my father who was a master at kempo and aikido, but that move I learned from my mother, she was great in hammering things.

Motoko shook her head in disbelief, "No wonder, I couldn't believe you had that much ki in you."

(Nor could I believe you materialized a hammer out of nowhere.)

Natsuko grinned while offered her hand, which Motoko accepted and soon they were both standing and facing one another.

"How about a rematch tomorrow morning?"

(I need to beat her! I will use my stronger techniques tomorrow. Then I'll show her a true warrior.)

"Sure, if you are up to my moves. I still have a few techniques that are considered forbidden."

Both of them smiled and bowed to each other in respects to the sparring match.

"Wow!! You girls are awesome. I can't believe I could see a fighter even greater than Motoko, though Seta-san was a powerful fighter also."

Both of the girls turned around to the entrance of Hinatasou to see Keitaro standing there and clapping his hands in excitement, but he had a sweat drop on his head.

Natsuko blushed immediately. "It was nothing that big, it was just a spar."

Keitaro nodded, "But still, I doubt anyone can fight like this.'

(I better not annoy Natsuko because it may cause me a beating. Now I have three women to worry about.)

Keitaro sighed while he thought about this.

"Keitaro? Are you okay? You seemed stressed. How about I take a bath with you. That will ease your stress."

Natsuko winked at him while blowing him a kiss.

(Oh, I'll do more then ease your stress.Hehe!)


While that was said Naru came outside and heard that statement by Natsuko.

"NO!! I forbid this, I will not have this pervert," points at Keitaro, "To take a bath with anyone."

Kitsune appeared out of nowhere behind Naru with a mischievous grin.

"My my, isn't Naru jealous? I bet she wants to take a bath with Keitaro!"

"Wha….what?!! I don't want to do that, this pervert would probably take advantage of her!"

(Why am I blushing when I said this? No, I refuse to have them bathe together. Keitaro should bathe with me! Wait?! What the heck am I saying?!)

Keitaro stares at Naru in shock and disbelief.

("Man, maybe Naru is jealous, but she called me a pervert." Keitaro sighs in distress. "Though I don't mind taking a bathe with Natsuko.")

From those words, his perverseness kicked in and he starts daydreaming with starry eyes.

("Oh Keitaro!!" says Natsuko as she slowly takes off her towel wrapped around her. "Do you want me to wash your back or you wash mine?" She grins seductively as she stares at him with eyes of lust. "Or do you prefer doing something else?" Her other hand reaches out to……)

(Author's Note: You guys are such perverts if you want me to go on with this thought! Baka-hentais!)

Keitaro soon develops a nosebleed.

"Oh my, Keitaro! Do you get a nosebleeds often?"

"Eh?" He looks at himself and realizes he has a nosebleed.

"Only when he thinks of something perverted like right now!!"

Naru rushes Keitaro and punches him in the eye.

"Keitaro!!! You…you pervert!! How can you think of something perverted at a time like this!!"

Keitaro flies and hits the stairs where he rebounds off of them and gradually falls down. He will have a long, arduous trip getting back to Hinatasou.

"Keitaro!! How dare you!!!! I will not tolerate this!" She turns to Naru and points at her. "Stop hitting him, so what if he thinks of something perverted, you are just jealous because he is not thinking of you naked, but me," Natsuko grins triumphantly.

(This Naru is nothing! Keitaro should and only should think of me naked!)

"Wha…..what?!! You got to be joking! Who would think of a flat- chested tomboy like you naked, when Keitaro can think of me naked!" Naru puts her hands on her hips to show her defiance.

(I'm not going to lose to her. I am far better looking than her and my body is way better than her! I have all the curves that Keitaro want! Heck, he always peeks on me when I take a bath or when I change!)

"Hehe, all is planned, this war is going along smoothly, Su-chan, are all the devices working?" Kitsune rubs her hands together manically.

"Roger!!" Kaolla was holding a video camera and tape recording the argument while having a dish pointed at them to eavesdrop on them.

Once Naru said that, Motoko coughed.

"Um… know, we are talking about Keitaro seeing you naked."

Naru eyes widen.

(Crap! Why did I say that.)

Kitsune brings her hand up in triumph.

"Alright! We got what we need! Now we can show this to Keitaro! Wait I'll sell it to him, that way I don't have to pay rent for a few months." Kitsune grinned happily and smirked.

While that happened, both of the girls, Naru and Natsuko stared at each other in hatred and a huge red aura sprung from them. Their eyes glowed and electricity shot out of them as they connected to each other.

At that time, Shinobu came out to announce that breakfast was served, but when she got out, she saw the two girls looking at each in hatred.

"Um…breakfast is ready, Naru-sempai and Natsuko-sempai."

Both of the girls turn to Shinobu and they looked like they were demons from hell.

"Ahhh!!!! I'm sorry!!" Shinobu runs to her room crying in terror from the looks of those two.

Kitsune and Su-chan sweat dropped at the episode.

Motoko immediately went to action.

"These two are possessed!" (I must get rid of those evil spirits and free them) She grasped her katana and raised it into the air to launch one of her ancestral techniques that annihilated demons for centuries. "Zan Ma Ken Ni No Tachi!"

The slash appeared from the sword and smashed itself right into the two girls staring at each other.

Before anything can happen, both of the girls' clothes ripped up from the slash techniques.

Kitsune and Kaolla sweat drops again when they saw Motoko attacking those two with her katana.

"AH!!" Both of the girls said as they saw their clothes cut to ribbons.

At that time Keitaro was finally able to get to the top of the stairs.

("Finally." Keitaro breathes heavily from crawling so much. "I made it." Thank goodness!)

Then he turns up to see the girls naked.

"Eh?" (Boom!) Instant eruption of the nose and his eyes go round and starry.

At that time Natsuko sees Keitaro with a major nosebleed that was flooding the stairs that led to Hinatasou, which he was crawling up earlier.

(Keitaro is getting a nosebleed from me showing my nakedness. Oh what joy!! Keitaro loves my body! I will please him more than ever now!)

Natsuko turns and does a few seductive poses for Keitaro.

Kitsune and Kaolla facefault from what Natsuko is doing.

(Natsuko has even bigger breasts than I do!!! No fair!!)

Naru thinks of this as she turns around and sees Keitaro.

"Ah!" She blushes, but she used one hand to cover her top, then she looks down and then covers the bottom, but her top was uncovered. Then she tries to cover the top, but she realizes it was useless. So she just focuses all that frustration and all that embarrassment into pure power and cocks her hand back.


(Oh boy!!)

(BOOM!!) Keitaro goes soaring out of the town and hits the bells in the church. The bells ring loudly and so he continues to soar while deaf and he flies higher than the geese that were flying over the town.

(Wow! I'm flying! I'm really…..)

(WHAM!) Keitaro's face smashes into a very large hill and then he falls downwards onto the forest.

(OUCH!!At least the trees will break my fall.)

Then as he falls, he falls onto the branches of an oak tree, which are made of really hard wood and finally falls into a large bush of thorns.

(Ite.Ouch. Ite. Ah! ARRRGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

It will be awhile when he returns.

*Meanwhile back at Hinatasou*

Kitsune and Kaolla watched the whole thing while their eyes went amazed as they saw Keitaro fly off.

"Hehe! What a duel! Now I can sell this tape to Keitaro at triple the price because I got nudity in it too! I'm good!" She rubbed her hands together like a madman.

Kaolla stared at where Keitaro flew off.

(Wow!! Naru-san can hit ever harder than Natsuko-san. Hmmm……I think I should ask both of them how to hit harder!)

Natsuko sees Keitaro get rocketed off Hinatasou with a single punch. She turns to Naru with a look that can melt metal, as she clenched her fist. Her blazing battle aura turns into purple as see stares at Naru.

"Ho…….how dare you!!!!! You insolent tomboy! I will punish you for what you did to my beloved Keitaro."

Naru went into a masked rage as she heard the words tomboy. Her face turned darker as she spun herself to face Natsuko when she heard her say that Keitaro belonged to her.

(How dare that girl say that?! Keitaro belongs to me!!!)

She pointed her right finger at Natsuko as she screamed at her in rage.

"I have every right to hit that pervert! He saw me naked and most of all he is not your Keitaro!!!"

"He is my Keitaro!!!!! I was promised to him and it will stay that way and you can't stop me you tomboy!!!"

(How dare this girl say this to me, Keitaro belongs to me because it was I was destined to have him. We promised to one another a happiness that lives on. My family and I groomed myself to be the perfect one for Keitaro and I won't lose him here. This is a challenge and I am definitely going to handle it!!!)

Both their auras were summoned and it blazed like a volcanic eruption. The aura bit down into the concrete and created craters. The craters expanded as the auras expanded into multiple shades of dark colors. The wind howled in fury as the aura grew.

Motoko stared at those two and noticed the power that was increasing, she felt the aura and she felt like she wanted to explode from the power as it expanded toward her. She sensed the fury in the two naked girls and gasped at the powers.

(Uh…….ho……how can this be possible?!!! They rival the gods above and they seem to still be expanding in power. If this keeps going, we are going to have an explosion like an atomic bomb.)

Kitsune and Kaolla Su at that time, when the auras produced, they ran into a bomb shelter as they stood there in shock.

(Wow!!!!!! Look at them, those two have more power than my brother and sister combined!! I hope they will teach me how to be that strong!)

Kaolla Su daydreamed as she turned starry-eyed and saw her future when these two grand masters of anger taught her how to be that strong.

("Now………Su-chan, you must be strong and attack like this!!" Naru cocks her hand back and launches a haymaker that can break concrete and smashes into Keitaro who immediately flies and smashes through the walls of Hinatasou. "That is how you punch that pervert! Now practice this 100 times to that idiot and see if you improve!" Kaolla Su smiled mischievously and said "Hai, sensei!" She rushes up to Keitaro and he turns and groans knowing his fate as he thinks of this and screams to God, "WHY ME!!!!!!" While he says this Kaolla rushes in with her hand cocked back and then…………………)

(Author's Note: Sorry can't complete that one because of what happens it would probably sound bloody and gruesome. Well on with the story!)

("Now…..child, this is how you use the mallet!!" Natsuko twirls her hammer and connects the parts together in less than a second. "Now……Kei- kun, don't worry just stand there, this won't hurt……….much." With a loud yell that rivals a demon she twirls that hammer aloft and aims it at Keitaro's head while in his mind he knows one thing (I'm dead………..) and sees the mighty hammer of destruction come down………………)

Well she thought of this, Kitsune was still rubbing her hands madly. "Yes this operation is going well. Not only they're jealous, but they're so jealous that I don't have to do anything!!!!" With a manical laugh, she smites her hands and just grins.

(Um………you can't do that!!)

"Huh?!! Why not?"

Kitsune talks to her conscience as she watches the action unfold.

(Well, you are the instigator, you start everything and if you don't, then you have nothing to do. You should be the one controlling everything!)


(Right and if you don't you would get bored.)

"Oh yeah!! That's right!" She clenched her left hand and struck it to her right palm.

(Author's Note: (facefaults) maybe I shouldn't of added that part………)

Kitsune grins again as she clutched her helmet that protected her head and viewed the drama.

"Hey! I have an idea!!"

Kitsune gets out of the bomb shelter and walks up to them, while feeling the awesome power that emanates around Naru and Natsuko. She puts up her sly grin as it personifies her trueself, the trickster, the fox.

While she approaches those two, in the background lays Motoko sitting on the ground while chanting some mantra as she slaps wards on the ground.

(These two…they definitely must be possessed by demons! I will use the legendary techniques of exorcism that haven't been use over a millennium. Well….but um……… only worked about 1 out of 80 tries…. But no matter! I will conquer this evil and release my friends from the prison!)

Motoko stands up and strikes a pose that makes Sailor senshis fall into shame. While that happens, the sakura petals flutter around her to make it a more dramatic affect.

Koalla and Shinobu sweatdrops as they see Motoko strike a pose.

(Sometime Motoko-san scares me………)

Shinobu was peeking over the balcony of Hinatasou to see the huge disturbance nearby the inn. She saw the awesome powers of the emanations that appear from the two beautiful girls, but twisted in hate and rage for one another.

(They are so…….huge!!! I can never get those kind of assets………I know older men like big assets…..and I can't compare to Naru….and definitely not Natsuko)

She sighs in sadness as she realizes how small of her assets are.

( But…but…there…there so evil……so mean….but..but…wait!! I got it!! If they get all evil and they do bad things….. then that means Keitaro won't like them….and that means I still have a chance! Keitaro wouldn't care about their assets at all if they are evil! Oh..oh I must prepare the dinner for Keitaro! I'll make some miso soup with shijimi, his favorite!)

At that time she smite her hands together and gave a light giggle while she daydreams about her time with Keitaro.

(Both Naru and Natsuko are on their knees. Their heads are down in shame as they both lose not from each other, but from someone they thought that never had a chance. Both of them have tears coming out of their eyes as they continue to stare at the ground. At that point, in front of them, Keitaro hugs the girl he loves, the girl that he dreamt of being with, his destiny. He pushed her strands of hair and looks at her…….. "I love you Shinobu….." Then he tilts her head up and closes in as his lips…………..)

Shinobu turns extremely red as she thought of this. (I….I must not think like that….must control myself….)

She fidgets as she tried to regain control, while that happens a person taps her shoulder and looks at her.

"Shinobu? Is something wrong?"

Shinobu immediately jumps up 10 feet into the air, not even realizing that someone was with her the whole time.

"Shinobu? Hello? You look awfully hot?! Do you have a fever?"

"No……no I'm fine, uh…must be from the heat…..yeah the heat you know? It's awfully hot…well uh….Igottocooksomefoodnowbuhbye."

She raced down the stairs and off to the kitchen, matching the speed that she runs when embarrassed or scared. The elder lady stares……..(Author's Note: ELDER LADY?!! I'm an ELDER LADY?!!! ……..well uh…..hehe…..i didn't mean it that way….your just older than them…so you are a elder… I'll show you ELDER if you keep those words in there……….. GAH!!!!!! Alright, alright I'll change them.) The mistress of Hinatasou, known as Aunt Haruka..or Haruka-san (Author's Note: Sorry….don't want to piss her off again… uh I may use Haruka-san a lot….well uh back to the story….) stared surprisingly as Shinobu raced off. Haruka-san just shook her head slightly and turned to watch the good show.

(Keitaro is becoming a man, all these girls really want him)

She gave a smile as she lit up another cigarette.

While she did that, a certain known fox was grinning slightly as she approached the two rivals.

*At the boundaries of a local town nearby Hinatasou*

A certain perverted manager was slowly trudging his way back to Hinatasou, while grappling on a stick he found in the forest. He slowly paced himself….actually more like dragging himself back. His clothes were coated with sticky juice from crushed berries and cuts from swipes of paws. He smelled like a goat. People stared at him and thought he was some mauled by some beast, which he was. They saw his dirty clothes and the bruises in his face and the large slits that appeared all over his clothes.

(Man, I can't believe I feel into that berry bush, then of course luck had to come and drop a goat by who basically bit my clothes and rammed me into a large boulder. After that I had to get chased by wolves as I was scented and I stank with goat odor…..gah…….what a life…..I hope when I get back to Hinatasou…everything will get better…..)

Little did he know that when he gets back, all hell would break loose?

*Back at Hinatasou, where hell is counting down*

"This is it you tomboy you, I challenge you to a duel. With ever defeats the other will go on a date with Keitaro!" Natsuko smirked as she stared at her hated rival.

(She is no worthy opponent. I don't even need to bring out my hammer. One swing of my fist and she be crying like a baby.)

Then she turned starry eyed as she pictured her triumph over the tomboy.

("Nat-chan!!" "Kei-kun!!" Both of them embrace as they slam into each other like fierce predators and slam their lips together to have an all out tonsil war, with their tongues deep into one another mouths. While they were in passionate kiss, Naru lays on the ground with massive bruises and concussions. Then before anything happens, Keitaro rips off Natsuko clothes to show all her glory and then Keitaro sinks his teeth into……………..(Author's Note: I don't know what you guys want, but this is definitely not a lemon you bakas!!)

"Wha…..what?!! A….a….date with Keitaro?!!" Naru eyes widen when she heard the challenged and a slight tinge of red appeared on her cheeks, recalling her date before with Keitaro.

"That's right!! I challenge you for the right of Keitaro!! That's if you are up to the challenge, unless you can't fight!" Natsuko shook her head out of her daydream and smirked as she clenched her fists together and then cocked her head to the left as if taunting Naru.

(What did this hussy say?!!! I'll kill her…..)

"What did you say?!! I'll wipe you off the floor! That's right! Fine, I accept and loser has to pay the tabs of the date. That means you going to wish that you didn't ever make that bet!!

Naru cracked her knuckle is anticipation to land a haymaker at Natsuko's unblemished face, forever marring her.

(I can already taste the sweetness of victory and then Keitaro is MINE!!! Uh…wait….Keitaro?!! Why would I want him?! He is such a baka and a hentai! I don't want him…..I'm….I'm just doing this to insure that the rest of the gang won't see Natsuko and Keitaro engage some lewd acts. That's RIGHT!! I will make sure Natsuko won't do anything to Keitaro!!)

"Fine with me, the beating I intend to give you and then a little dosage of some hammer swinging will make sure you will realize who is best for Keitaro!!!"

Naru grinned wicked knowing that she has the advantage.

(I have been trained in multiple forms of combat and also I have been toughening up my body under my mom's training. Not even a sledgehammer can hurt me…….I have been hit too many times with it, so it wouldn't matter….(Author Note: (sweatdrops)) I can take her on anytime!)

"Then let the battles begin!!!"

"Eh?………." The two rivals turn around and see Kitsune stand there dressed up in a ringmaster's outfit and was carrying a mike as if she was addressing an audience.

"Lets get ready to Ruuuuuummmmmbbblllle!!!!!!!!!"

Kitsune shouted those words and then turn to the rivals and they stared at her with disbelief and both of them had sweatdrops.

"WHAT?!! I always wanted to say that!"

Both Naru and Natsuko facefault.

"But before we do…………lets um….make sure you get some clothes……….."

"Eeep!!!!!" Naru stares at herself and realizes she been naked the whole time. She quickly used both of her hands to cover herself. She turned into a deep red that was totally darker than an apple. She used her right hand to cover her top, while her left hand to cover her bottom.

Kitsune shook her head slightly and turned to Kaolla.

"Su-chan, bring some clothes for Naru-chan and Natsuko"


In a flash, Kaolla lept off the ground to reach the balcony, defying all laws of gravity and raced off to grab some clothes for the two rivals.

While Naru tried to cover herself, Natsuko stood there, proud of her femininity. She just continued to grin as she anticipated the fight.

(This is going to be over in a matter of seconds. In the end, Shinobu is going to have to use a spatula to pick up this tomboy, once I'm through with her.)

Naru stared at her rival and saw her just stand there and not caring about her nakedness.

(What she standing there and not covering herself?! Oh right, this flat-chested bimbo has nothing to show, so it wouldn't matter……I'll punch her lights out….heck I got enough practice from Keitaro since that perv keeps peeking on me….)

Then Kaolla shows up and bounces up and down in anticipation to see the winner, while carrying clothes for Naru and Natsuko.

(I wonder who will win…..I know whoever wins is the strongest, so I'll ask the winner to teach me her moves. Then I'll go and practice it on Keitaro!!!!! This is going to be cool!)

She quickly hands the clothes to Naru who immediately puts on her clothes in a speed that makes DC hero Flash go to shame. Then Kaolla turned to hand the other clothes to Natsuko. Natusko looked down to see some of her belongings then shook her head.

"No….no…I won't need these articles of clothing."

Kitsune's eyes widens when she heard that. Heck Naru and Kaolla's eyes widen too as they heard that. While that happened, in the background you see Motoko still burning incense, while chanting some spell.

"You…you won't wear anything!!! But wh…..why?!!"

Natusko smirked as she looked at those three.

"Who says I need to? Once I beat this nobody, Kei-kun will be mine and the things we do, I won't need any clothes. So I might as well be naked. Saves me some time as we get down to the important things."

Natsuko smiled as she imagined her date with Keitaro.

(Keitaro's eyes widen to see Natsuko's naked body, his eyes harden into eyes of lust as he savagely threw her onto a bed. Before Natsuko can give a cry of pain from being thrown, Keitaro rips off his clothes and leaps onto Natsuko to…………..(Author's Note: Hehe…….don't even bother to push this even further…….))

All three girls facefault when they heard what she said. While they facefault, another facefault appears right after. Haruka-san slams her head onto the railing on the balcony when she heard what Natusko said. As they slowly get up, they noticed that Natsuko has a starry eye look as she dreamt about her erotic adventures with the manager.

"What?! Its not like you girls haven't wished to do things like that! What I will do will fulfill my fantasy and Kei-kun, I'll make a man out of him yet!!!"

Another facefault appears as Naru slams her head to the ground with a dozen arrows in her.

Kaolla and Kitsune sweat drop as they see Naru facefault.

"Eh…..right…..Anyways….please Natsuko, wear these clothes. You may catch cold and uh….yeah you may not do those things you want with Keitaro….."

(You owe me big time Naru, I hope you get enough money to pay for this.)

Kitsune grins evilly when she thought of this, while Kaolla stared at the motionless Naru as she laid on the ground with these arrows sticking to her.

(I wonder where these arrows come from?)

Natsuko eyes narrowed slightly and finally nodded her head in agreement.

"Alright, but I get to wear the clothes I want!"

With a blur that rivaled the most powerful martial artist, she was wearing clothes…..well….sort of wearing clothes….

Kaolla and Kitsune facefault instantly, lying right beside Naru, while Naru slowly stirred and slowly got up.

Natsuko smirked. "What?!! I'm wearing clothes aren't I?"

Kitsune sweat dropped as she starred at Natsuko.

(Damn it! Where does she get these kind of clothing? Even I'm not that lucky!!)

"Yes, you are wearing clothes, but I didn't expect you to wear a lingerie!!!"

Natsuko grinned and spun around to show off her curves that are well placed around her body. If any guys were able to see this, they would have died and gone to heaven. She wore a black nightgown that went down to her waist, while wearing matching panties with a small patch to cover her feminine body. She wore no bra so her breasts bounced nicely while she twirled and they were tight enough to not even need a bra. She had two small patches covering her nipples, though it seemed to leave a lot imagined. (Author's Note: If you were getting a nosebleed, I would understand. (WHAM!!!)…ite……(Natsuko waves a hammer)……geh….back……to..the..story……)

"So?! Your said I needed to wear clothes, but you didn't specify. Anyways, once I'm done with this hussy, I'll make Kei-kun a man and much more…."

(Nothing will stop me from making him the Prince I always dreamed about)

She went starry-eyed and smiled as she dreamt about her Prince.

Kitsune groaned.

(Damn..ah wells….wait a minute?!!)


Kaolla turned to her leader with a wince from her facefaulting.

"Yes Kitsune?"

"Are we still recording?"

Kaolla nodded her head slightly, while trying to nurse her bruise.

(Ah…wells nothing like what a banana won't cure)

Soon she was eating a banana while getting up.

Kitsune's eyes widen, then gleaned while she grinned her fox-like grin.

(I'll be rich with that tape……wait a minute? I'll corner the Playboy Market!!! With this tape I can dominate the world…muahahaha!!!!)

Kitsune shot up into the air and laughed manically as stared at the sky.

In the back at Hinatasou, you could sort of feel the sweatdrops emanating from Haruka-san and Shinobu.

Motoko quickly leaped into the air and slapped wards around Kitsune.

"Kitsune is possessed! She must have come in contact with the demons in Naru and Natsuko. I must hurry and cleanse them."

She rushed to her fire pit and dumped a barrel full of oil and let the flames reach to new heights. Then she recanted her mantra as threw a bunch of wards into the flames. The flames grew stronger by the minute.

Naru was finally able to rip off the remaining arrows stuck to her. She flickered her hair back and raised her fist up in anger.

"That's it! I will take you down right here! Right NOW!!!"

She lunged at Natsuko swinging her fist in rage. A dark battle aura floated around her and was concentrated at her fist. Natusko back flipped and dodged the attack as the fist slammed into the ground to create a 5 foot crater.

"Feh…With your skills and all that fat on you…I'll take you down in a minute..Naru-san." Natsuko smirked and added that san in a feeling of disgust.

Naru-san quickly pulled her arm back and launched her fist again, while roaring at Natsuko.

Kitsune waved her hands in the air like a cheerleader and just grinned.

(Now the fun begins………….)

*Meanwhile in the town nearby Hinatasou*

Keitaro slowly dragged himself and looked around.

"Just a feel more miles…….I wish someone can give me a ride."

Then when those words were let loose, the deity in Heaven decided to answer his plea.

Keitaro walked in the crosswalk when the sign came up to walk, but while he walked a van to his right sped up, totally ignoring the red light.

Keitaro turned his head to the right and his eyes became the size of saucers.


Keitaro tried to spring into action, but his body was so tired and worn out that he could barely skip his way to the crosswalk.


The van was doing 70 mph, but then luck seem to hit Keitaro and it hit a manhole that was uncovered and had signs post all around it to avoid it. Somehow the driver ignored it and ran over the signs. The van's right front tire went into the manhole, which basically caused the massive structure to flip into the air. Though it defied gravity while flipping in the air, gravity decided to have revenge and push it down into the center of the intersection. The plummet forced the van to slam right into the middle of the intersection. Luckily there were no cars going by, or there would have been a major incident that were appear all over the newspapers in Japan.

Keitaro sweatdropped when he saw the van flip by. Then as his eyes grew wide again when he saw the plummeting of the van, his mouth dropped wide as he saw a recognizable fellow get out of the van with a bleeding gash on his face. He wore glasses and sported a white trench coat just like doctors would wear though he wasn't a doctor.


The man turned around and saw Keitaro in the middle of the street, he grinned and waved hi.

"Ah….Keitaro!! Good to see you. Boy you look like a mess. What happened?!"

Keitaro sweat dropped again as he stared at Seta-san again.

(He says I look like a mess, and after what he went through, he calls me a mess?!!)

"Uh…nothing that sleep won't cure…….uh Seta-san you okay?!"

Seta-san nodded as he applied a band-aid onto his head.

"Of course."

Keitaro stared at Seta-san as he turned to the van and put his hands onto the side of the van. With a grunt and a massive heave, the van flopped back and was back to its original driving way.

Keitaro looked at Seta-san.

"Uh….Seta-san you should be more careful on your driving. You crashed into that uncovered manhole."

Seta-san stared at Keitaro.

"There was an uncovered manhole?"

Keitaro facefaulted.

"Yes…..there were orange and yellow signs posted all around it to avoid it.

Seta-san cocked his head and then nodded.

"Ah! Now I remember, I thought those signs were for some commercial for some drinking product though………."

Keitaro slowly got up, but then slammed his face to the floor again when he heard what Seta-san said. He sported a large bruise on his head when he got up.

Seta-san watched Keitaro as he got up.

"What's wrong Keitaro?"

Keitaro shook his head slowly to clear out the ringing in his ear.

Seta-san watched this then shrugged. He opens the door to his van and climbed in to his comfortable seat and buckled his seat belt that saved his life constantly.

"Hey Keitaro, I'm heading to Hinatasou, you want a lift?"

Keitaro snapped his head up and nodded graciously.

"YES!!! ARIGATO Seta-san!"

Keitaro quickly hopped to the passenger side and got in. He slid into the seat and closed the door. Once he did that, he attached his seat belt.

(Uh…wait a minute…..why do these seat belts look like racing car seat belts?!!)



"Uh..why are these seat belts like this?"

"OH….that's because I wanted to make sure I don't sail out of the van like I use to back when I had this van during my college years.

Keitaro eyes widened as he sweat dropped.


Seta-san smiled and slammed his foot to the accelerator.

"Well we will get there in no time…."

The van lurched off at the speed of a bullet, while you hear a ear- shattering scream…..


The deity of mischief laughed insanely as he played with his pupil in Heaven.

(Back at Hinatasou)

The front of Hinatasou was in shambles. Massive craters are appearing all over while two young ladies duke it out in a royal rumble. Both sides are sweating profusely and exhausted from chasing each other, but neither of them wants to back down. Both want the same man that they love though one hides it and the other admits it openly…..well maybe a bit too openly….. Anyways while that happens, two other females are basically watching the battle and taping the fight. A young female with a katana crouches by the fire pit and plays with fire, while chanting a mantra. In the building, especially on the second story balcony, a lady counts the damage of the place, while another girl works her style of cooking in preparation for a feast.

All in all, a day of destruction, mayhem and insanity, well…it gets worse…….cause someone is coming home…….

"Man….how long have they been at it Su-chan?"

Kaolla eats another banana as she tosses into her mountain pile of peeled bananas.

"About 1 hour Kitsune…."

Kitsune sweat drops as she watched those two fighters constantly trading blows after blows to end this challenge.

(I will beat this hussy…I will win Kei-kun and he will be my husband!!!!!!!)

Natsuko back flipped to dodge the haymaker created by Naru. Natusko smirked and finally decided to end this. With a blur of her hands, a hammer materialized.

(Hehe….this is a good technique….also good to undress Keitaro for a quickie..)

Natsuko grinned and her nose started to bleed slightly when she day dreamed her fantasy.

("Oh..Kei-kun…" Natsuko moaned as she saw Keitaro's clothes disappear to show his birthday suit. "Now now..Nats-chan, you have to take off your clothes…and well….(smiles) we can get down and dirty….hehe…….." Natsuko's head bobbed up and down in happiness and she ripped off her clothes. Then before any guy can erupt in nosebleeds by Natsuko's naked glory, both slammed themselves into each other to unearth all those earthly passions. Natsuko grinned and brought her mouth onto………)


Natsuko's head snapped back with the punch landed by Naru. Natsuko saw stars floated all around her, but she then shook herself awake.

(Damn!! Got to focus…that distraction was nice..but I can do that later…in real life..after I end this fight!)

Naru brought her hands back into fighting position and she dropped into a crouch to lunge at Natsuko again.

(Baka..pervert Natsuko…I bet he was thinking something perverted of my Keitaro!!! I'm going to end her right here right now!!!!!!)

Natsuko continued to flip backwards until she got to a pile of rocks.

"Ha…an opening!!"

Natsuko used her sledgehammer and started swinging it as a golf club. The hammer connected to the rocks and they were launched with deadly accuracy.

Luckily Naru was good at dodging from perverts like Keitaro and swayed back and forth to dodge them……However….Kitsune wasn't so lucky…


"Nani…….ugh…..Su-chan..u k?!!"

Koalla Su just smiled and hefted her missile launcher. She launched her missiles with an auto-targeting system and they systematically shot down each rock coming her way.


She swallowed another banana as she continued to target the rocks.

Kitsune sweatdropped and in the Hinatasou, a certain figure facefaulted.

"Even I wasn't that bad…." Haruka-san smashed her cigarette into the ground as she facefaulted.

Suddenly you see a female warrior leapt into the air while clutching her katana, which was bathe in the flame and was glowing red from the heat.

"At last……I am done with the casting….Now I will rid the evil of them three…..Bwahahahahahaa!!!!"

Kitsune and Su-chan sweat dropped when they heard that laugh.

"Hey…Kitsune…who is worse? Motoko? Naru? Or Natsuko?

"Eh…….hehe…..i have no….clue…………"

Now up above the God of Mischief looks down into the Hinatasou and watched as Natsuko jumped behind a boulder the size of her and was about to swing as Naru cocked her fist back to launch her most devastating punch. While in the background you see Kitsune and Su-chan watching and taping this while at the same time, Motoko was about to launch a powerful attack that exorcist demons.

"BWAHAHAHAAHAHA…..this will be interesting."

Urd turns to the God of Mischief and stared at him.

(Even I don't laugh that bad……)

In the background where the Gods and Goddess hang out, you hear a collective facefault and a massive groan from that statement.

The God of Mischief wiped a tear out of his eye as he turned to Urd.

"Ah don't worry, I bet you this is gonna end in a matter of 10 seconds."

Urd, the silver bombshell turned to him as she uncrossed her legs to expose her small purple thong and then crossed it again. She stroked her luxuriant hair she grinned at him.

"The usual stakes?"

"Yep!" The God of Mischief drooled at her while she wore her skintight outfit and her breasts almost seemed to spill out of her dress as she just gave that lusty grin.

"Okay!!! Let's see if your timing is still good as it was before."

( have no idea Urd….you have no idea…..)

The God of Mischief took out a giant digital clock and pressed the start button to activate it.

While the girls at Hinatasou were going to launch their explosive climax, in the background where the streets are, you see an unmarked van race across the streets, ignoring all traffic signs. Pedestrians leaped out of the way, praying not to get hit by the madman behind the wheel of that van.

"AIEEEEE!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna die!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Keitaro grabbed onto the handle bar on top of the of the side passenger door.

"Anyways, like I said, there is much work in archeology…….."

Seta-san droned on while facing Keitaro, totally ignoring the road while Keitaro's eyes were glued to the outside world, knowing one mistake would mean his life.

(I'm going to die…..without being with Naru…..Nooooo!!!!!!!!!)

Keitaro eyes widen as the Hinatasou's stairs come closer.

"AIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Watch out for the stairs!!!!"

Keitaro points in front of him, hoping that Seta-san can hear and see him, but of course the luck of Keitaro shows that Seta-san is rambling on about the fossils.

The gods above sweatdrop as they see the van bounce up the stairs.

(I am GOING to DIE!!!!!!! AIEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

His mental voice screams out and while that happens the clock ticks activates.

The God of Mischief just smirks and hits the digital clock.

"Let the party begin!!!!!!!!"

Urd can only smile as she crosses her luscious legs again and stare at the giant screen of the world of Keitaro


(T-MINUS ……….10)

The van bounces up the stairs and the girls' plans go into action.


Naru swings her hands forth and smirks.

"I am going to win TOMBOY!!!"


Motoko swings her sword up as she runs at the two girls.

(Foul infestations! I would rid of thee….prepare to die demons!!!!!)


Kitsune grins like mad and rubs her hands together.

"Su-chan get all this. I want this in DVD!!!"

"ROGER!!!" Kaolla films this while eats her customary banana.


The God of Reason slaps his head in misery as the scene unfolds while the God of Fate and Destiny rolls on the floor laughing insanely, knowing the future of Keitaro.


As the groove of the last stair approaches, Keitaro sees it and screams knowing the van will flip.

("Nani?!!! I'm too young to die!!! I haven't even bed Naru yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nor Natsuko!!!!!!!" And why did I think of that?!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!)

At that moment Seta-san slams onto the brakes and grins.

"AH! I installed new brakes too for this moment!!"


Technically that means Keitaro is saved. The van lurches to an instant stop and Keitaro does not need to ride the crazy van anymore. Though he was saved from the van, there was one little thing left. It seems the God of Luck was not there to save him. The gravity kicked into overdrive and as the van halted it grabbed Keitaro and threw him right through the front window, ejecting him like a cannonball, while ripping the belt apart from the force of Keitaro's body flying.



Keitaro soared through the window of the van and sailed to Natsuko. At that time, Natsuko swung her hammer, her muscles were bunched up to deliver this tremendous blow onto Naru, but Naru was not there, it was Keitaro's head instead.


The force of the blow caused Keitaro to have a concussion.



The force of the blow force Keitaro to fly off and come into the direct path of Naru who had her fist cocked back. A blazing aura was around her as her punch went straight and true, to deliver a knockout blow that would make all boxers go to shame. A punch that would make a mountain crack, the blow for………..Keitaro?!!


The punch went straight and true and mashed Keitaro's poor nose while snapping back his head. The punch was so strong that Keitaro's poor body flew off………

(NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Motoko raised her katana while her eyes blazed with determination.

(This will cleanse them. Begone foul demons!!!!!)

Zen Ken Sen Revised Ni Ken Tachi Ryu!!!!!!!!!!!!


A blazing arch of power leapt from the blade. It was a searing red blast of ki, that can eradicate demons just like that or humans……….Because of this, this move is a really dangerous move and is forbidden to do so, unless it's the last move to be used. Motoko wanted the demons to leave and as the ki-blast roared in fury and plowed through the air, breaking up the concrete underneath them and parting the debris like Moses parting the Red Sea. The ki-blast howled in fury and went straight into… guessed it……..Keitaro's flying body.


(ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MY BODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The gods and goddesses winced at Keitaro, showing some sympathy except a few, especially the God of Mischief and the god of Fate and Destiny. They are having a hell of a time. (Author's Note: Pardon the pun………whoops…..hell and heaven don't work well together……hehe……………..)


Keitaro now scorched, battered, and bruised by the most powerful women in the world goes sailing off with his body in flames. He has a flame trail licking around him as he sails out of Hinatasou………….

(NOT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

While that happens a Su-chan stares in awe as she sees Keitaro flying away.

(Truly….Keitaro must be a demi-god if he survives this………..)

Kitsune smirks and takes the camera to follow Keitaro flying off into the stratosphere.

(This will make a wonderful movie. I got to send it to Funniest Home Videos. That cool cash is mine……BWHAHAHAHA…..not to mention the money I can make from the nudity!!!!!!!!!!! Alright!!!!!!!!!!)

Natsuko and Naru looks at each other in shock and then looks up to see Keitaro flying off.

"KEITARO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Both yell as they saw him fly off.

Motoko stands there, her eyes widen in shock for what she did.

Haruka-san drops her cigarette out of her mouth and her eyes widen like dinner saucers when she saw this.

(This……this is not possible……….)

Motoko drops her katana and says this wonderful word.

"Oops……my bad……"

Haruka-san, Su-chan, and Kitsune facefault when they heard that.

Natsuko looks into the air and then stares at Naru.

"This is all your fault!! You the one to make Keitaro in pain!"

Naru eyes were in shock, but when she heard this, it quickly changed to eyes of anger, if looks could kill, she would have skewed Natsuko a thousand times already.

"ME?!!! NANI?!!! I didn't do anything. You're the one that hits him with that hammer!"

"I do this in the matter of love for my Keitaro, that's why I hit him," Natsuko smirks when she replied with that answer.

Everyone except Natsuko who were in the front of Hinatasou facefaults, all their heads were in the floor and massive concussions were forming.

Natsuko smirked, but then went to a deep, ugly smile, a smile so deadly, even a poisonous snake would run. Little horns appeared on top of her head and a fiery red battle aura erupted around her.

"This is not over you hear me?!! NARU!!! I will end this and claim my beloved Keitaro soon enough! JUST YOU WAIT!!!"

Naru smoldered her anger and looked at her.

"You won't have him…….as long as I am here!!!

(Wait? Why am I saying this? Why do I want him to stay? Isn't he a pervert?!!)

If Keitaro heard this, he would have facefaulted.

Kitsune just smiled and continued videotaping the scene that was unfolding.

(This is love I tell you, Love! I'm definitely going to rake in the dough with this!!!)

Then fox ears appeared on top of her head when she realized something.

(I just remembered….if this continues their will be a sequel!!!!!)

"BWHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!" Kitsune laughed hysterically as she realized what may happen.

Everyone sweatdropped when then saw Kitsune laughed likes a maniac.

Kaolla Su just giggled a little when she saw the episode happen.

(WOW?!! Look at this! Motoko is just as strong as Naru and Natsuko! This is awesome! I must have all three teach me. Though I also need to study Keitaro. Surely he must be the greatest man in history to take on all those hits!!)

As all this happens, Naru and Natsuko still stare at each other, as if they were going to go at it again.

While that happens, Shinobu cooks the meal, wondering where Keitaro is.

(Where is Urashima-sempai? I'm sure he would love this meal.)

She giggled slightly as she resumed her cooking

*Back in Heaven*

The God of Mischief smirked knowing that he won the bet. He quickly turned to Urd who was getting up and stretching, but had a small smile on her face from the episode that happened at Earth.

"So Urd? I guess I won the bet. Now where is my prize?"

Urd, the Norn goddess of Past and sometimes goddess of Love, smiled and stroked her silky, silver hair.

"Alright, you win. I will get them delivered to you by tonight."

Urd just smirks slightly and bends downwards, giving the God of Mischief a really nice view of her cleavage. It looked like they were going to spill out if she bent any further.

"Uh……..of course…..actually….uh can I have the ones u have rite now?!" The God of Mischief had a massive nosebleed while he was staring at Urd.

"Well….well….you are a naughty boy," Urd said that in a husky tone that makes all men would beg on their knees to hear that voice again. "Very well, I will give them to you."

Urd winks at the god and uses her hands to go under her miniskirt that clung to her body like a second skin. She slowly pulled down her purple thong that was almost see through, but hid enough to entice any man or……god.

Urd just smiled and handed it to the god, but he wasn't sitting. He was on the ground with a nosebleed that was gushing forth like an erupted geyser. His eyes were round and starry and drool came out of his mouth down to his cheek.

"Oh…seems that naughty boy couldn't handle it..oh wells." Urd leaned over to him to set the thong in his hand then stepped out of the room, she looked quite cheerful as she left.

"I hope Keitaro will get the one he loves…because if he doesn't maybe I'll help him out……….." Urd fades away.

*In HALO (High Altitude and Low Orbit)*

Keitaro sails off into the sky as he burns with a flame wracking all over his body. He truly lives up to his name as the Immortal Pervert.

(I'm gonna DIE!!!!!!!!!!)


While he sails off, another girl approaches Hinatasou, a young female with was a good friend of Keitaro and Naru. The third ronin who took the test to get into Toudai, as she approaches, a new contest will form. A sequel to the challenge of Love…………

"ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!! I'M BURNING UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

and a sequel to Pain………(Author sweatdrops.)

Author's Note: And that's it on this chapter. I hope you people enjoyed it. I am sorry about the lateness of this chapter. With school and projects and during the holidays I spent time with my family, so I didn't have much time to work on it. I hope it was up to the standards you wanted. PLEASE R&R. Oh and there was tardiness because of my editor…he didn't edit it (sweatdrops), so I decided to just post it. Ah wells..oh their may be a chance of Urd coming back..who knows? It all depends how all this turns out. Anyways an old companion is returning to visit, while Natsuko is there. What will happen? Pay attention and put some reviews if you want to know. Thank you for reading. And actually I think…uh….(whispers) Haruka is really old…that aunt…..bwhahahahaha….uh oh……….(turns around to see a fuming Haruka-san, she is clad in combat fatigues and carries a M-16)……….Why me………uh laterz and see you soon!!!!! (RUNS AWAY) "Come back here author! I have to have a word with you!!!!! (Charges at the author with the M-16 in hand)…………………and the chase continues!