Similar Rebellions

(Each woman is a rebel, and usually in wild revolt against herself – Oscar Wilde)


Jenny Blake (The Rocketeer)

It's a few days after the fiasco with Sinclair and the rocket pack, and Jenny doesn't know how ready she is to go back to normality. Those at the boarding house, and the girls who she's more acquaintances with then friends, think she was in an accident, a unfortunate date with Neville Sinclair.

Of course those down at the air field now the truth, and so does Cliff – and that's what matters. But the truth of the matter is that Jenny isn't sure if she's ready to go back to the life that was hers not more than a few days ago, still chasing her dreams the same way – hopelessly.

Cliff is closer than ever, even without his old plane. If Jenny wouldn't know better, she'd say that the government would give him some form of a thanks – and Peewee wouldn't be able to go too long without inventing something again. Cliff probably will win that race of his, one day soon – he's already got the vibe to kick himself off of the ground.

But then there's Jenny, still grounded by the words of those around her. Sorry sweetie, but we're looking for blondes these days. The thing is that you're too old, we're looking for the next Shirley Temple, not Greta Garbo. – Jesus Christ do you have any references?

And of course Sinclair's words – "It wasn't lies, it was acting."

Did that make her a liar then? By her logic Sinclair was one – if that was even his name. But if lying equaled acting, and she was an actress (no matter what anyone said, she was one – wasn't she?) – was she a liar like him?

Jenny nearly wished for it everything to stay the same as it always had, never changing on her and leaving her in oblivion.

But…if Jenny had never realized what Sinclair really was, he might have gotten to rocket pack. Or she'd still be stuck as an extra while some vapid girl tried to act her way through a scene.

Tried. See that was the thing – Jenny wasn't trying, was she? She was just sitting here, letting the words get to her while Cliff waited down below before they hit the movie theater as tradition dictated…

"Hey, Jenny!" came the shout of Cliff from outside her window. "Are you coming?"

It took her a moment, but then a smile spread across her face. "Yeah, I'm coming," she shouted back. "Give me a moment – I need a sweater!" She spun away, grabbing her purse and sweater and dashing out.

She was ready for whatever came for her next, as long as she let herself.

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