Doctor Harleen Quinzel (Batman)

Harleen never quite understood why people liked jewelry. Maybe it was because no one in her family ever wore it, or maybe it was because on her first visit to Gotham at the age of six, she saw someone strangled by their own diamond necklace. The trips to the psychiatrist after had sparked her interest in the human mind - and possibly the fact that she might be able to solve her own.

Dr. Quinzel understood why some people liked jewelry. It gave them a sense of satisfaction, a compliment to their vanity. She even understood the magpie tendency in many kleptomaniacs - the shine was too much to resist. They simply had to take it, to posses it as their own.

Harley understood why she liked jewelry. She didn't wear it, as many liked to, and she couldn't care less about the shine that came from them. It was the look from the Joker's eyes as she passed her latest pickings to him that made her steal and kill again and again.

A/N: Just a drabble on ole Harley - I originally was going to do Mrs. Wayne for this prompt, but decided that this idea was too good to pass up...

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