Title: A Girl Like You Series: You couldn't pay me enough
Couple: Willow/Graham
Rating: M (Because I revel in nudity at one point)
Disclaimer: Sadly, all things B:TVS belong to Joss Whedon. If they was mine, Forrest wouldn't have become the complete schmuck he became, and he would still be among the living. The song belongs to Edwyn Collins (listen for it in "Empire Records"!).
Spoilers: Season Four Stuff, set between "The I in Team" and "Where The Wild Things Are"
Summary: Graham's got a girl... Willow's got a guy... neither group of friends realize it.
Note: I transcribed the song myself, but parts of it were hard to decipher, and well, I made my best educated guess.
Note 2: Yes, another one-off W/Gr songfic from me! I swear these things help me with overcoming my writer's block! Really, they do!
Note 3: As always, thoughts are within the
Note 4: Song lyrics were between the /
Dedication: To my friend Sara, who hired me as a web developer last week!

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A flash of red across the room drew his attention to her first. His jaw dropped, and he just stared, totally enraptured, as he watched her on the dance floor. While normally his stoicism would not be noticed by his friend, Forrest Gates, the way he was just staring at something... did.

"You alright man?" Forrest looked in the direction Graham was, and nearly spat out the beer he had just drank. "Holy shit! I thought she was the mousy one."

Graham managed to drag his gaze back to his friend. "What?"

"The red head, you know the one you've been staring at?"

"Yeah, what about her?"

"She's tight with the Slayer. You know, the woman responsible for all the troubles at the Initiative," Forrest's voice was laced with venom for the blond freshman as he talked about her.

"You've really got a hard-on about Buffy, don't you Forrest?" Graham grinned when Forrest shot him a deadly glare. "Besides, I thought that was Riley's department."

"What's my department?" Riley's voice came from behind Graham, and both occupants at the table turned to stare at their commanding officer. He sat in the empty chair at the table and looked at Graham. "I repeat, what's my department?"

Forrest, being Forrest, decided to insult his friend. Bastard deserves it. He chose a girl over us! He grinned maniacally and said, "Silent boy here," he shot a thumb at Graham, then he continued. "Claimed that I was attracted to Buffy."

Graham merely raised an eyebrow at Forrest, then he turned to look at Riley. "Actually, I accused him of having a hard-on for Buffy. Only way I can think of to explain his hatred of her. I'll leave you two here to discuss it. I've got to see about a girl," Graham said as he rose from his seat.

Riley looked over at Forrest, his face showing his confusion. "What girl?"

"The red head that hangs out with your girl."


"I guess. There isn't another one, is there?"

"No." Riley got a thoughtful look on his face. "Huh, I never would have pictured them together. Willow might be a bit too intense for Graham."

Forrest did not respond verbally, but raised an eyebrow as if questioning his commanding officer's mental health.

/Lyrics were here./

Graham walked up directly behind the red head, and pulled her against him. "I thought you weren't going to be here tonight. What changed your mind?" He asked as they began to dance to the song together.


Graham closed his eyes and then opened them, still dancing to the music pounding through the club. "What'd she do now?"

"She thinks that I've been pining over Oz too long, and that I should let her set me up with 'one of those nice commando guys Riley knows'. I told her to stay out of my business, and that I had honestly been over mutt-boy for awhile."

Graham turned Willow around so he could look into her eyes. "But, doesn't she still miss that ex of hers... Angel?" He waited for Willow to nod, and then continued. "So what makes her think that she should have the opportunity to wallow in misery, over six months later, when you've had, what two?"

Willow placed her head on his chest and sighed happily as a string of ballads began to play. Yummy! Graham arms! Can't get enough of those. She nuzzled her cheek into his right pectoral muscle, enjoying the slight groan he released at her action. "Yeah, but this is Buffy we're talking about. She's a great friend most of the time, but she's been real dense recently. I mean she didn't even notice that I haven't slept in my bed at the dorms anytime during the last week."

Graham began to trace small circles on her back, and Willow arched into his ministrations. Graham hissed as her action caused her to rub against him. He leaned down and whispered, "You want to get out of here?"

Willow licked her lips and looked up at him through half lowered eyelids. "I thought you'd never ask." She glanced over at the table of his friends, and then back to him. "You leave now, and I'll follow you in ten minutes."

Graham groaned at the raw lust shining at him from her eyes. "Do you want me to wait for you in the park?" He had to resist the urge to kiss her breathless when she beamed at him.

"That's very noble of you, Tiger. But I've got all my slaying tools handy, and it's a very short walk to my parent's house."

"I'd still feel safer having you met me in the park."

"Fine, you big baby!" She stood on her tiptoes and put her lips just millimeters from his right ear. "I'll see you in ten." She nipped his earlobe as she pulled away.

"Yes, Ma'am!" He turned and walked back to his table, and soon after left the Bronze.

Goddess! I thought for a minute there he was going to salute me or something. He's got the best butt. Why did I avoid the jocks before now? Duh. Computer Nerd, at least that's better than Band Geek. Willow watched him go and smiled as she threw herself back into the dancing.

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Willow happened to glance over in time to see Xander, Buffy, and Anya enter the Bronze. Oh Goddess! What are they doing here? I thought they were going to a movie tonight. That's why I came here, so I could be a little more me. Willow sighed, left the dance floor, grabbed her coat, and left by the back entrance. Glancing down at her watch, she smiled, Well, it's nearly time to meet Graham anyway.

Willow arrived in the park a few minutes later and spotted Graham lazily sitting on the swings, letting his toes drag in the sand. Willow smiled at him, "It's not safe to be out alone at night, young man. Didn't your mother teach you anything?" She accused as she placed her fists on her hips, glaring at him.

Graham chuckled and got up from the swing he was sitting in and moved towards her. In a lightening quick move, he grabbed her about the waist and pulled her to his chest. He immediately locked lips with her, and proceeded to ravish her mouth. Willow lips. Missed this too much. I don't understand why she still thinks we can't go public with our relationship. He pulled out of the kiss and smiled at the dazed look on the face of the woman in front of him. "Like I told Forrest and Riley, 'I've got to see about a girl'."

Willow rolled her eyes, and placed her hands around his face, lightly caressing his cheekbones. "I knew letting you rent 'Good Will Hunting' was a mistake of phenomenal proportions. Next you'll be packing up everything you own to follow some girl across the country."

Graham reached up with his own hands, removed hers from his face, and then held them cradled to his chest, between their bodies. "Not just some girl, but you, Scarlett."

Willow smiled then, and twined her fingers with his. "Good save there, Miller. I nearly believed you."

Graham suddenly pulled her to him and kissed her once more. Willow felt her knees almost buckle, then Graham released her from the kiss. Their foreheads met and between pants for breath, Graham whispered, "What you do to me, Scarlett, it's just not normal."

Willow looked into his eyes and sees mostly lust and desire, with the first sparks of love thrown in. Goddess! He feels the same way about me as I feel about him. Hard to believe we were virtual strangers a few weeks ago. "This is the Hellmouth, Tiger. Nothing is ever really normal."

Graham caressed her body through her clothing and smirked at her low moans. "What do you say, Scarlett? Shall we engage in acts of debauchery, preferably somewhere safe from the things that go bump in the night?"

Willow smiled up at him, and began leading him to her parent's house. "Why not. I've already drank and danced, debauchery would just make this a 3-D night."

Graham wrapped an arm around her waist and began moving her quicker towards the house. "You and your ways of thinking about life."

She turned up to look at him, her eyes wide with innocence. "I thought my outlook on life was one of the many things you admired about me, Tiger."

Graham leaned down and kissed her nose. "It is Scarlett... but not when we're going to your parents' house to become thoroughly debauched."

"Okay. Shag now, talk later?"

"Of course." With that Graham scooped her into his arms, threw her over his shoulder, and ran the rest of the way to her parents' house. Her laughter rang out along the empty streets as he did so.

Neither lover noticed the cigarette smoke curling into the sky from the nearby bushes. And they definitely didn't see the bleach blond that stepped out from behind them. Spike, Childe of Angelus and formerly known as William the Bloody, simply watched the two humans as they left for a night of love. "He better treat you better than the mutt did, Red. Or I'll find a way to torture him, even with this chip in my head." He turned for Giles' place and lights another cigarette. Wonder if the Watcher has restocked on Whet-a-bix yet? Oh, well, still get in a chance to annoy the git.

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Willow felt the morning rays warm her back as she woke up. She just relaxed into her pillows, enjoying the sunlight. Sunlight? Oh Goddess! Her eyes sprang open and she sat up, clutching the sheet to her chest. My naked chest! Oh Goddess! She turned to look into the amused face of her lover and she glared at him. "I suppose you think this is funny?"

Graham tucked a strand of hair behind her ear as he smiled at her. "Of course I do, Scarlett. You've reacted almost exactly the same way every morning. It's fun to watch you panic a little."

She whacked him on the chest as he began to laugh. "It's not that funny, Tiger!"

"Yes, yes it is. You demanded that I stay last night, then you wake up panicky this morning." He lay on his back and wrapped his arms around her, dragging her to lie partially on top of him.

She traced patterns on his chest with her fingertips, and the two remained quiet for a few minutes. Finally, Willow spoke, "What time is it, anyway?"

"A little after 0600 hours. I should be running with the guys."

Willow moved until she was lying completely on top of him, her legs on either side of his hips. "You want to run with them? I wouldn't be offended if you did."

Graham cradled her face between his hands and ran a thumb along her cheekbone. "Yes, you would, Scarlett. You'd just be a little more quiet than usual the next time we met up."

Willow made a disgusted sound in the back of her throat. "I would not!" She thumped him on the chest, satisfied when he grunted. "I'd just flirt outrageously with Forrest, and then claim to be possessed for the night. Maybe a succubi..."

Her voice trailed off as he suddenly reversed their positions, and she was pinned beneath him. "There will be no talk of Forrest or any other man while we are in bed together. Do you understand, Scarlett?" He lowered his head and began to assault her lips with his own.

When he finally allowed her to come up for air, he had to shake his head at the slightly glazed, yet triumphant, look on her face. He lay fully on top of her, cradling her face between his hands again. "You said that on purpose, didn't you?"

Willow wrapped her arms around his neck, and nibbled her way up his jaw to his ear. Once there, she whispered, "Of course I did. You get all possessive, which I have to admit turns me on quite a bit." She thrust into him and pulled back to look into his eyes. "It seems to have the same effect on you."

Graham lowered his head and nipped at her lips. "Yeah, I guess it does. You ready for a little morning exercise?"

Willow's left eyebrow arched up her forehead and she smirked at him. "Always, Tiger."

Graham's head swooped down and captured her lips. Before they can get further than that, his beeper sounded and they pull apart, groaning. Willow sat up to admire his lithe form stalk across her room to his jeans, and the pager in them. He checked the number and silently groaned at who was paging him. He moved to sit on the bed, grabbing the phone from Willow's bedside table. As he began to dial in the numbers, she moved behind him and began to lightly caress his back with both her fingers and teasing kisses.

"This is Agent Miller. I just got a page." He's silent as he listened to what the other person had to say. "That's fine. I can be there in an hour." He waited for the other person to hang up first, and turned to look at Willow. "I'd have to say our plans for spending the day together in bed, or even out of it, are not going to happen."

She let herself be pulled onto his lap, not caring that they were both naked and both were still semi-aroused. "What happened?"

"The new Commander arrived. He wants to inspect us all at 0800 hours."

"How are you going to explain arriving back at the house at this time of the day?" She cocked her head slightly, while waiting for his answer.

"Both Riley and Forrest knew I was probably going to meet up with some girl last night. But I think that only Riley realized when I left that I was going to meet up with you."

Willow moaned and placed her head on his chest. "Make sure you threaten them both a lot if they say anything to Buffy. I don't want to have to share you with my friends yet. That's what Tara is for."

Graham rolled his eyes at her statement. "I can't believe you! You do know that Tara is attracted to you, right?"

"Yeah, I do. Plus, I can honestly claim that if you and I hadn't met just before that whole Gentlemen thing, I might have considered her. But we did, so the whole point is kinda moot now. Don't you think?"

"I think your brain moves too fast for this time of the morning, without my first cup of coffee to deal with your patented Willow-babbles." He leaned forward and kissed her again, pulling back before it could deepen. "How about we conserve the water and then get some breakfast?"

"Sounds good, Tiger. But I wouldn't be too sure that us showering together conserves water," her green eyes twinkled at him, revealing her amusement.

Graham stood up and marched into her bathroom, still holding her in his arms. He lowered her to the ground and leaned past her to turn on the shower. She began to collect towels and her bath stuff as the water warmed up. Once he was sure the water was warm enough, he pulled her into the shower stall with him.

/Lyrics were here./

Graham walked out of the elevator after the briefing and inspection from the new Commander, his ears ringing. No involvement with the Slayer or her group. No patrols larger than three agents. God! How am I supposed to break it to Willow that we have to keep our relationship in the secret, despite me pushing for going public for the last week. He started banging his head against the nearby wall.

Riley Finn and Forrest Gates rounded the corner, just in time to observe Graham beginning his head thumping. Forrest walked up to him and placed a hand on his shoulder, patting it a little. "Hate to break this to you, my man, but that is not the way to get the knowledge into your head."

Graham turned his gaze onto his friend, and nearly smirked when his friends happen to notice the large hickey starting to form on his neck. You'd think they'd never seen a hickey before or something. He rolled his eyes and looked at Forrest. "I was actually trying to injure myself, so I wouldn't have to deal with my girl's anger later."

Riley's forehead scrunched up in confusion. "Your girl?"

"Yeah, I have a girlfriend, Finn. Get the shocked tone out of your voice."

Riley's hands shot up in a conciliatory manner. "Hey, no harm, no foul. It's just you usually let us know when you have a new lady in your life is all."

Graham closed his eyes and took in a deep breath before he opened them again. "Yeah, I guess. But she's different than all the others."

Forrest noticed the look on his friend's face, and slapped him on the back of his head. "Not you too! It's bad enough we've got the Slayer's whipped boyfriend, now we've got you being all loved starved too!"

Riley turned to Forrest and shoved him against the wall. "What was that, Agent Gates?"

Graham ducked out of the hallway, knowing that the matter was best left alone between those two. If I didn't know they were both extremely straight, I'd say they were experiencing some major UST. Graham shook his head and headed out the main door, to locate Willow before she heard about the latest happenings via Buffy and Riley.

/Lyrics were here./

Willow sat staring into the sunset, not caring that it would be dark soon. Not even caring that she was in an isolated spot, her blood singing to those that walked the night. She just admired the beauty of nature, her head cradled on her knees.

This was how Graham found her, after looking everywhere he could think of. He sat down beside her, and pulled her into his lap, while keeping her facing the sunset. "I've been looking for you all day, Willow."

Not looking away from the sunset, she whispered, "I know you have, Graham. But I wasn't ready to hear what you said just yet."

Graham's forehead scrunched up in confusion and he nuzzled into her hair, placing his chin on her shoulder. "You know what happened at the compound?"

"No, but I can guess. Your new Commander probably put a ban on Buffy and her friends, of which I am one." She turned at his quickly in taken breath. "I'm right, aren't I?"

"Yeah, Scarlett, you are. But that won't stop me. I care for you too much to suddenly stop seeing you now."

Willow twisted around to look at him, a smile crossing her face. "How long do you think we'd last, Tiger? Especially if we had to sneak around even more than we do now?"

Graham pulled her into a tight embrace, as if trying to imprint the feel of her body into himself. "I don't care what Colonel McNamara says, I'm not giving you up, Willow!"

She managed to extract one hand from his embrace, and placed it along his jaw. "You have to, Graham. At least for a little while."

"I won't Willow! This is my personal life, and the government does not own me! I work for them, I am not their slave!" His eyes began to blaze with his anger.

Willow shut her eyes for a moment and reopened them. "Listen to yourself, Tiger. You're saying stuff you normally wouldn't. You and I both know that being a Marine means too much to you to give it up now, especially for me."

"Willow... I..."

Willow stopped him with a fingertip across his lips. "No, Graham. I won't hear those words from you yet. When the time is right, I'll let you say them and I'll probably reciprocate." She released herself from his embrace and stood up. She pulled him to his feet and laid her head on his chest, sighing as he wrapped his arms around her. "I will see you soon, Tiger. Don't forget to wear that hickey of yours with pride."

Graham tightened his arms around the woman in front of him, nuzzling her hair with his cheek. "Always, Scarlett. When will I see you again?"

"Next party Lowell House has. Next weekend, right?" She looked up at him, her eyes filling with tears.

Graham raised her head and kissed her until they were both panting for breath. "That's to remind you who you belong to, Willow Rosenberg! If I didn't know you'd get crap for it from the Slayer I'd give you a hickey to match mine!"

She smiled up at him then. "I'll always belong to you, Graham. I just won't always be at your side." She kissed him one last time, then ran down the hill.

Graham watched as the last rays of the sun seemed to kiss her hair, giving it molten highlights. I love you, Willow. And you better believe I'll find a way to get you alone at the party. He walked down the hill, remembering the times they'd shared together.