Sasuke's Grief

Neji let go of his cousin and picked up the paper. It read:

Sasuke Uchiha

Lived not five minutes after the news of Naruto's death. He drew his sword and stabbed himself and instructed us to bring his ashes here. His final words: "I'll never get to where he's going. Not if I begged forgiveness. That should be punishment enough."

Neji ripped the paper into pieces. His face expressionless he set the urn atop the marker and used his chakra to fuse the two kinds of stone together. It welded the urn in place. Hinata stood next to him helping support him on his unstable legs, "That's big of you."

"It's like you said... There's to much hate and suffering in this world."

That's the funny thing about 'grief'. We all handle it differently. Some people move on easily. They bounce back like a ball...

The Leaf Village moved on. Sakura hooked up with Lee and had two kids; Izumi and Rock Lee Jr. Kiba and Hinata married, staying on as ninjas for the remainder of their lives, having many children together. Tsunade pasted the title on to Konohamaru after marrying Jiraya. Kakashi had two more sets of students. They all remember Naruto fondly, but the heart ache slowly faded, as they learned to celebrate their memories of him.

And then there are others...

Neji became the head of the Hyuuga house hold. Soon after his night at Naruto's grave he appealed to Tsunade to be released from duty as a shinobi. Neji never had another lover. Naruto was the love of his life and no matter how much time went by, he always knew deep in his heart he'd never love that much again. He tried to live each day with as much life to it as he could. He was, after all, living for two. On his death bed, his last request was to be buried along side Naruto. To the day he died he carried around that pain. His last words, whispered as his cousin held his hand, "I hope he's waiting for me..."