Chapter 1

He rolled his eyes for what felt like the hundredth time in the past ten minutes, as he stifled a yawn. It was official, Ronald Weasley was quite possibly the most annoying, not to mention dimwitted human being to plague the planet. He really knew how to waste the Order's time. Currently, he was going on about his new suspicion regarding Snape's supposed plot to kill them all by forcing them to ingest the potions they prepared in class. Apparently, this of course was all part of Voldemort's master plan of world domination, hence he could not be trusted as being part of the Order.


As per usual, Sunday morning had found Draco Malfoy in a foul mood. You may be wondering why this is. The answer is rather simple, really. You see dear reader, instead of being allowed to sleep in, the young Mr. Malfoy was forced to attend the weekly meeting of the Order of the Phoenix.

The secret meeting mind you. Insert eye roll here.

Thus there he was, at nine in the bloody morning, a splitting headache reminding him of memories from the previous night's activities or rather lack thereof. He still wondered who had produced those damn scratch marks on his back. Apparently even when drunk beyond measure, Draco Malfoy was still quite able to please the women.

The thought caused a smirk to appear on his lips, earning him a rather strange look from the witch facing him across the table, none other than the famed Hermione Granger. He raised a blonde eyebrow in return, and licked his lips suggestively earning a small gasp accompanied by the reddening of her cheeks.

Typical prude behaviour.

Draco's thoughts were once again focused on the matter at hand as Weasely made a rather ridiculous point in his prolonged and utterly useless monologue. Apparently, to support his point in regards to Snape, Weasely believed that the former had indeed tried to poison him when he was forced to test the lucidity potion that they had to make in the previous class. Draco had really had enough.

"Tell me Weasel, if Snape's plot is indeed to kill us all, how is it that only you and Longbottom are on the receiving end?" he questioned in a condescending voice. In mock astonishment he continued, "Did it ever cross your mind that perhaps you're such crap at potions that you inflict said results upon yourself? If I remember correctly you were the person who stupidly used toad's blood instead of frog's blood in the shrinking potion and had it blow up in your face."

This of course elicited a laugh from the crowd, even uptight Granger, and also caused the wizard in question to turn tomato red in anger.

"Now then, I feel that I am correct in assuming that the pointless subject of this meeting has been more than established. Shall we leave it at that before Weasely makes any more accusations fuelled by his own incompetence?"

People around the room nodded in agreement, even Potter reluctantly, and began standing to exit.

Draco immediately stood, already planning on a hot shower and perhaps a potion for his headache. Before he was able to bolt out of the room though, he was cornered by Granger.

"You know you could try being a bit nicer to him," she stated with a look of annoyance marring her features.

"Aw standing up for your boyfriend, how cute," he mocked.

"He's not my boyfriend, and I'm simply standing up for him because you always seem to pick on him when you're in a foul mood. Stop acting so high and mighty Malfoy, it was your choice to be part of this, no one forced you," she replied angrily before stomping off.

Malfoy regarded her retreating figure for a few seconds, before making his was in the opposite direction.

By this point you may be fairly confused dear reader. You may ask, why in Merlin's name would Draco Malfoy willing join and be accepted in the Order of the Phoenix, dark background, death eater father and such.

The answer is simple: for spying purposes of course. You see, the skull tattoo on his upper arm indicated that he is indeed a Death Eater, as is the popular belief. A childish mistake on his behalf. However, it allows entrance to the elite group and their secretive meetings, which of course grants him access to a great deal of knowledge that would undoubtedly help the Order. Though risky, he loved the thrill of it.

Also, his status as member of the Order provided him with plenty useful information to report back to Voldemort.

A double agent you may say.

Though now you may be wondering as to where his true allegiances really are. Truthfully, that's a rather ambiguous notion, for they lie to whichever side brings him most advantage. It's a rather simple notion. Why ever should he bother with silly loyalties, when he can wait it out and know that either way he is secure? The key to his plan is simply staying out of the true limelight and providing information when absolutely necessary. That way he would not arise any suspicion. He would definitely remember to bring up that bit about Snape trying to poison everyone at the next Death Eater meeting.

Draco Malfoy did however have a second, more important goal to accomplish that was catered particularly to his own needs and desires. Usually, what Draco Malfoy wanted he got, yet this particular matter would take longer than initially believed.

You see, for the better half of his years at Hogwarts, particularly staring in his third year, Draco Malfoy has had a rather unhealthy obsession with a certain muggleborn, and Gryffindor's one and only Princess, Hermione Granger. Odd indeed, however, it has been something that has tormented him day and night. The fact that she had subtly changed over the years didn't help either.

Though not conventionally beautiful, she held a certain appeal to him. Her long legs were accentuated by her tall, slim figure. Though she continued to wear abnormally long skirts and baggy oxford shirts, he could still imagine what she looked like naked. Her hair though still a mess of wild curls gave her the image of just having gotten out of bed, following a series of rather naughty activities. Her skin, or at least the exposed parts of it, was creamy pale contrasting sharply with her amber coloured eyes, and lustrous red lips.

He could practically picture those particular lips sucking his cock as she kneeled before him. He definitely planned to see to it as soon as possible. As soon as he made her his that is, four our young miss Granger had not even the slightest idea as to Draco Malfoy's unhealthy obsession.

But that was no problem at all for his plan covered every aspect of the dilemma. You see, it was all fairly simple yet clever. He had clawed his way into the Order, burrowing deep enough to establish their trust, including that of Granger. Though he didn't get along with most of the Gryfindorks, they still trusted him fully, thus it was an appropriate time to act.

What he planned to do is corner young miss Granger within the next few days, if not hours, and set his plan in motion. What he intended to do was manipulate the situation towards his own advantage, and suggest that if she did not do as told, he would divulge every bit of information to Voldemort, who would have them all cornered before the night's end. Being the Gryfindor that she was, he was more than certain that she would not refuse, nor would she tell anyone. But in order to secure that point, he would of course place a charm on her that would immediately inform him if she were to tell anyone so that he could of course act to save his own skin. Or maybe he'd look up a charm that did not permit her to speak a word.

Either way it was rather ingenious. Some may call it barbaric blackmail, but he called it cunning.

That thought in mind, Draco Malfoy swiftly proceeded towards his room to get started on the morning's activities, and plan his first move. A reassured smirk was confidently placed on his lips, with the effect of leaving those around rather unsettled as to its cause.

If only the certain witch in question knew, she would certainly have to be if only a bit worried, for after all, a Malfoy always got what he wanted.

Hello everyone, so this idea has been plaguing me for a while so I decided to put it on paper, or rather on Microsoft Word. This is purely the first chapter, and I know it's rather short but the upcoming ones I promise will be much longer. So please, do drop me a line or two to tell me whether I should continue with this or not, your input is of great importance to me.