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She made him want. Want until he was craving for just a glimpse of her short brown hair or that damnable school uniform which outlined her perfect figure. It made him want to kill her so long as he wouldn't have to hear her voice or hear some idiot so much as whisper her name.

This is what Anzu Mazaki did to him without even knowing and he hated her for it.

His dark blue eyes scanned the perimeter, gaze falling on the pretentious brunette who occupied his thoughts every single waking minute. She was reading (most likely a romance novel) under the towering cherry tree in the school's courtyard. He briefly wondered how she was able to detach herself from her loser friends who seemed glued at the hip at times.

That was probably one of the many things he hated about her. She had a sick dependency on her friends and sometimes couldn't shut up about how important friends were or how you couldn't go through life living alone. 'Bah! Pathetic!'

His sneer alone could describe what he felt about that load of shit. Yet why was he the only one she lectured? He hadn't seen her spouting off to anyone else besides the crazed duelists who opposed the spiky-haired midget she considered as her best friend.

The warm spring breeze blew and he watched as her hair flew carelessly in the wind and he briefly forgot his mental banter about friends and friendship. Deeming it was more pleasant to watch her than think about less enticing matters he hid himself from her line of vision. Then feeling like a stalker he shook his head feeling like one of those morons he was forced to associate with.

With a graceful shrug he left his 'cover' and sauntered to the one female who could make him hate her and mildly like her at the same time. He stopped in mid-stride. Did he just say he sort of liked the annoying cheerleader? He shuddered inwardly. The thought alone scared the crap out of him. Things like that never entered his mind and it was another reason he had to hate the skinny friendship obsessed harpy.

The image of walking up to her and strangling the life out of her body was the only thing that kept him moving forward and as he neared her sitting form he briefly admired her body. Because really that was the only thing besides her intelligence that drew his attention to her. From her long swan-like neck to her amply blessed chest, tiny waist and mile long legs he had to admit she was a fine example of the perfect female specimen.

Yes, she was blessed with outrageously good looks that even he had to stop and appreciate her beauty. And those skimpy skirts and shorts she wore definitely garnered her a lot of attention.

She sensed his presence and slowly drew her eyes from his feet all the way to his impassive face. It was amusing to watch the little spots of pink appear on her cheeks. Her blue eyes looked clear as the Minnewater lake in Bruges and the nagging thought that it was known as the Lake of Lovers teased his mind distastefully.

"Is there something you needed Kaiba-kun?" Her voice was amicable and she seemed almost happy to be speaking to him and he wanted nothing more than to shout 'Yes I need you!' But that might draw unwanted attention. He couldn't help but notice in dismay that the book she held in her hands was not a romance novel but one of William Shakespeare's great plays. At least she's not like most sniveling females he thought distractedly.

"As a matter of fact Mazaki there is." She looked at him with one eyebrow crooked obviously confused or perhaps interested by his response. It was probably both. "I need you to get out of my spot." Okay so it wasn't his spot and quite frankly if he didn't like seeing her get riled up he wouldn't have said such an obvious lie. Seto Kaiba didn't venture outside his classroom to recline on the disgusting grass.

"Excuse me?" Clearly she was upset by his demand and it made him smirk. Ahh sweet victory. She really did have a range of facial expressions and her most attractive (if only to him) was her thoroughly vexed one. "I have been coming here since the semester started and I haven't seen you here once!"


He didn't know that. But it didn't hinder his plan to (maybe) eradicate her from his life. Shrugging he sat down next to her aware of her exotic perfume of chaconias and orchids. A tropical blend which teased his nose pleasantly. Her gaze on him sported a mixture of shock, weary and confusion and he fully intended on leaving her in her current state.

"What are you doing?" Her voice shook slightly but he didn't pay it any mind.

"What does it look like?" His clipped response would have anyone screaming in frustration and Anzu was no different, although she didn't quite scream as he would have liked.

"I was here first so would you please leave and go somewhere else!" Seto just looked at her boredly, half lidded eyes practically smirking at her.

"No." He shifted himself to a more comfortable position so he was lying on the grass, briefcase under his head and ankles crossed. Lunch wouldn't be over for another forty minutes and he would savor every minute of it. If only she didn't make him want her so much then he would have been in the library working on future plans for his company. "I have been coming here before this semester and I don't see why we can't share." She looked stupefied and he closed his eyes feeling triumphant.

"Don't you have work or something?" Her tone was almost desperate and he figured she must really like this spot since she hadn't made a move to leave...yet.

"It's not like I've been getting any done lately." Damn. Why the hell did he divulge personal information to her like that? Anzu Mazaki was going to be the death of him!

"Huh? Why haven't you?"

"None of your business." She made a 'humph' sound and turned back to her book, hand clutching the metallic page holder in an angry fist. It was the only reaction she gave to signify her dislike for having him here and he was fine with that. His own blue eyes wandered over the back cover of the book and he smirked. "Interesting choice Mazaki." She looked at him with narrowed eyes and his smirk widened.

"What are you talking about now?" Seto folded his arms behind his head and stared straight into those crystal eyes of hers which seemed to have darkened desirably in her irritation.

"I talking about your book. 'Taming of the Shrew'? Maybe I should be the one reading it." Her face flushed and she seemed to have interpreted his meaning correctly. Closing the book with a solid thwack she tilted her chin in defiance.

"I'm leaving." Anzu didn't have time to make a single move when a large body pressed her to the ground. Struggling she grunted, "Get off me Kaiba!"

"What? No honorary suffix?" Seto taunted keeping her wrists pinned to the ground while his eyes scanned for anyone who could be watching. Finding no one, he redirected his gaze to the brunette below him taking in every action she initiated. Feeling daring Seto lowered his head to her neck taking a quick whiff of her scent coupled with the light perfume she wore.


It was the only word which came to his mind and he supposed it did her justice. To be so close to her experiencing these weird emotions and he thought finally he would gut himself of her. No longer would he be thinking about this woman and he would be able to live his life without remembering her existence. Too bad things weren't ever so damn easy.

Her lips looked so tempting the way they trembled, the lower one especially and he couldn't control his inane urges. Not one know to give up something he truly wanted, Seto took possession of her sweet strawberry flavored lips ignoring her stiffening body as he pried the fleshy folds apart with his tongue, seeping into those lush depths. She tasted better than he'd imagined and he faintly felt her response until it was impossible to ignore.

She responded with such carnal intensity that it made him groan with the intention of wanting more. His hands left her wrists traveling to the firm swell of her breasts, coming to rest on her hips as her own hands tangled in his hair, tugging the silky strands with a need he couldn't refuse. Oxygen was in dire need for both brunettes and Seto released Anzu reluctantly, his breath warm against her face and he continued to breathed heavily as did she.

Holding her gaze he whispered fiercely to her, "I want you Anzu, more than anything. I want to be the only man you think about. The only man you let touch you." To punctuate his meaning he grasped her chin bringing her close for yet another kiss, his hands roaming across her frame. "Do you understand?" Seto asked staring into blue eyes which mirrored his.

"No I don't. Why are you behaving like this?"

"Call it a strong desire for something more. More of you that is." He smirked and he saw a smile bloom on her bruised pink lips. She laughed out loud and pulled him closer for a kiss of her own and he supposed her answer came in that soft caress.

She. Was. His.

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