Flower Boy 7.

Zack Pwnzage.

Zack Fair hummed happily as he waved to his girlfriend. After three hours, five chewings out, and a distinct lack of silver hair, he had been sent to find his CO and bring him back to the office. And no one said anything when he stopped off at Aerith's to kiss her silly and ask where her brother was. He had looked around uneasily when he said this, prompting more of her laugh.

He had discovered early on his girlfriends' zany sense of humor. The slightest thing would send her into fits of giggling, and he quite liked that. She had this infectious laugh that made everyone feel better who heard it. And he enjoyed being the one to make her laugh for real. And it was also where Cloud got his rather dry sense of humor as well.

Back to finding his boss. No more getting sidetracked. No, not even for Aerith's cookies. And now he knew where his favorite little devious flower boy had hidden his General. A smile smeared itself across his face, and he set off, a spring in his step and a pocketful of cookies.

Now to get to the old church.

'' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' ''

Cloud smiled. After their…foreplay was really the only word for it, at the Seventh Heaven, he had pulled a willing and horny Sephiroth through the sector seven train yard to his last surprise of the night. His church, his and Aerith's garden, was awash in silver moonlight.

He watched Sephiroth as he stepped through the silver maze, hands brushing over the tops of his blood red tulips. In the morning he would clip one of his roses, an even brighter scarlet, for the new Turk. But that was later. Right now, though, he only had eyes for the silver god trailing at his heels. It was laughable really…he was only a slums rat. What right did he have to steal the generals heart and hide it away inside his own?

Every goddamn right in the world. And when Sephiroth followed him into the moonlit flowers, he could only smile, kissing him tenderly, before falling back.

It had been perfect. And the time after that, and the time after that. Moving from flowers to futon to shower and back, it had been an adventure through his home. And now, sprawled naked and sated across his lover, he could only sigh in happiness.

And revel in the knowledge that Sephiroth was a lush when it came to sleep. He had pulled Cloud on top of him, kissed him deeply, and dropped off. Even now he had Cloud snuggled to his chest, cuddling. And the nakedness helped too. Cloud had stoked up a good purr in the silver generals chest when the door banged open.

"General? Cloudy?" a familiar voice called, and Cloud wanted to smack him. Zack bounced over, looked at his futon, and screamed. Sephiroth groaned and pulled Cloud closer, prompting one of Clouds little giggles.

Yes, the SiC was straight. Yes that was a terror induced yell. Yes, he was going to murder the brunette next chance he got. He was sure he had some nightshade growing in his garden SOMEwhere….

"Zack, you have five seconds to shut up or get out. After that, all bets are off." okay, so Sephiroth was more awake than he had previously thought. The tall man sat up, glaring death at his whimpering friend who had his eyes covered and was cowering behind a pillar. Cloud was inclined to agree with him as he settled against him again.

"Dude! I did NOT need to see you two naked in that bed." Zack wailed, still scrubbing out his eyes. Cloud rolled his own blues, and grabbed Sephiroths gray shirt from the night before, pulling it on. It fell to the middle of his thighs, and he grinned at Seph, who was giving him an appreciative look.

"Not naked anymore, Zack. Get your big, hairy ass out here." the blond groused as he snagged Sephiroth for a kiss before heading for his kitchenette. The sound of a gas stove broke the terse silence as he hummed, making coffee.

"What time is it?" Sephiroth asked as he pulled on his pants over his boxers. Zack had ventured out at the smell of coffee, and was even now gathering his thoughts for his report.

"Seph, your secretary is a dragon. She nearly roasted my ass for not having you this morning, a first by the way. It is nearly three in the afternoon, and the Shinra brass is freaking out. And I only spent four hours at Aeriths house, not six." he said, ticking off on his cookie covered fingers. Cloud laughed at that, coming over with a tray.

"So you found us. Good for you. Now you can tell Shinra I'm safe. Do NOT tell them where I am. I went through a lot of trouble to not be found." Sephiroth groused, standing up and taking the tray from his smaller lover. Cloud pecked him on the cheek as he sashayed over to his flowers, snips in hand.

"But…Greta was throwing a fit yanno? She's got executives breathing down her neck and now she's prolly hiding under her desk." Zack said, trying to play his sympathy card. Sephiroth, however, had no fondness for the gargoyle Shinra stuck him with.

"So? For all the hassle she puts me through it's a wonder I haven't thrown her out yet." he said, rolling his eyes as he took a cup of coffee. He sighed in bliss at the taste, humming as he settled on the bed again, watching Cloud come over after doing something with a rose.

"Seeeeeeph! She'll skewer me on her boobs if you don't come in!" Zack whined, and Sephiroth shook his head.

"Zack, I have not taken a day off in nine years. This includes all federal holidays and my birthday. Shinra can spare me for nine fucking hours this once." he snarled, making Zack back up a step. Cloud laughed. His General was not a morning…er, afternoon person. The silver haired General was staring down his First, who was secretly delighted.

He'd been trying to get Sephiroth to take a day off for four years now. If it was little Cloud who got him to do that then he'd let the blond have him. His grin was unholy as he plopped on the bed beside him. He violently didn't think about what the pair had done on that bed.

"Great! I'll tell Tseng. He'n Reno can tell Shinra what they want to hear." He said happily, before chocking on Clouds coffee. "What is this stuff? Liquid caffeine?" he asked, looking again at the cup and adding cream and sugar.

"Nope! My rather personal blend." Cloud said cheekily, nodding over to his 'utility' patch. There, nestled over his dark loving herbs, was five tall coffee plants. Sephiroth laughed softly, resting his chin lovingly on Clouds head. His hands-full version of a hug. Cloud thought it was sweet.

"Fuck, Cloud." Zack said, and Cloud giggled.

"That's his job." He said, thumbing over to Sephiroth, who looked rather pleased at that. Despite his blush, which was also a first for the tall man. Zack realized something then about the pair, and something big about Sephiroth.

Cloud, as a Cetra, or at least half, had this effect on Sephiroth, who he was pretty sure was also at least a little bit Cetra. Sephiroth, normally so cold and emotionless, had warmed up. Around cloud he was like an open book, especially to the brunette, who was so good at reading his stone face the rest of the time. It made Zack feel all warm and fuzzy to know that he could see Sephiroth this unguarded.

"I'll remember that, Cloudy. Just make sure no other guys make a move on your big sis, okay? Otherwise I'd have to stomp 'em." Zack said, and Cloud laughed at that, shaking his head. Blond spikes flew everywhere, once he did that, shaken from their half wet sleepy flatness.

"I will never understand how you do that." Zack said, and Sephiroth chuckled at that one, wrapping one arm around his lover.

"It just…Is, I guess. Maybe I was a chocobo in a past life." Cloud joked, well aware that he looked like one of the birds. Zack howled, falling back as he laughed. Sephiroth even was snorting back his own guffaw.

"You two can stay for a little while…but I'm going to have business in a few hours with Rude, Rod, and Reno. There's…something to be done." he said, and smiled. Zack was looking at Sephiroth with a raised eyebrow, and Sephiroth nodded.

"Cloud is the only real reason that we have any Turks at all, Zack. Veld…you knew him a long time ago, but anyways, he was Clouds father. And if rumors were right, he was at laest part Aincient." he said, and Cloud nodded at the explanation. He had never known his mother, only Aerith.

"Wow…." Zack said, awed a little. He had known Aerith was a Cetra, but this…..

"looks like they're here sooner than I expected." Cloud sighed, pulling on a pair of large pajama pants. The door had creaked only a little bit, and he walked over to his roses. The largest bloom, a Scarlet Lady, was snipped neatly, and Zack was hushed by Sephiroth, who nodded. They sat on the bed, and the door swung open. Cloud looked so pretty, standing in the sunshine.

Reno sauntered in, all grin and lankiness. Rude followed, his hand on their little cadet's shoulder. Rod looked like he hadn't slept in days, his head hung low. Cloud remembered how Reno had looked, five years ago. He'd been twelve then, and Reno thirteen.

"It was a rough hit?" he asked softly, picking Rod's chin up delicately. The redhead nodded, softening a little. Turks took care of their own, and Cloud might as well be a Turk.

"Yeah. Guy was a wuss, broke down." he said, and Cloud nodded. He turned back to Rod, who was looking at him broken heartedly. The blond only smiled at him, pecking his forehead softly. The brunette seemed to relax, and he blinked at Cloud, who smiled at him.

"It'll be okay." the red bloom was tucked into his hands, and he looked over to the two Soldiers, who nodded solemnly as well. In that moment it was like something that had been about break stood back up, resolute again.

"Thank you." and with that, Cloud turned, offering coffee to the pair. Reno accepted, bouncing joyously at the treat, while Rude and Rod declined. Reno was a notorious coffee whore, and had been known to drink it ice cold and four days old from Tsengs desk when the machine in the office was busted.

Ten minutes later Zack landed on Rude who had landed on Reno who had landed on Rod on the steps of the church, heavy door slammed in their faces as the pair inside flew at each other again, enjoying the afternoon sunshine on newly naked skin.

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