Samurai Deeper Kyo: The Five Senses

A/N: So…I have no idea how the series actually ends at the moment. I'm caught up on all of the mangas released in Enlish (bought No. 30 just this week), but I can't read Japanese so I really have no idea what is coming next in the series.

When I wrote this short-story, I tried to keep everything vague to a point so however the series ends I don't have to change anything (god, I hope).

I also have no idea if I kept Kyo in character. Yuya is pretty easy to write because she's so straight forward, but as Kyo has so many more freaking layers than she does (combined with a damn good sense of humor I have problems writing) I get a little worried. If something seems horribly off, let me know and I'll see if I can fix it…maybe.



She would always remember the first time Kyo touched her. It wasn't really the first time he had actually touched her, but she wouldn't call his groping her, as he had the first time or the many time afterwards, touching. Nor did she count the times all the times he carried her, grabbed her to pull her from danger, or general moments of pushing and shoving. To him they were more of an instinct – something she knew had saved her life without any real thought on his part.

It had been three months since the fight that took place in the Mibu land. She didn't remember the first three weeks following the fight, manly due to wound inflicted on her by Nozomu that had nearly killed her. She would always retain the scar that was so close to her heart; she had been told several times that it was pure luck that the blade had missed both her heart and left lung. Still, the wound had left her incapacitated for another month before she finally forced the villagers to let her move before she went crazy from lying down for so long.

It had been Yukimura who had tracked her down in the small village of relocated samurai she had met with Kyoshiro so many months ago. They had happily taken her in when Kyoshiro had shown up with her barely alive and soaked in blood and treated her like royalty. She had been having tea with Mika when she heard the cry of 'Nee-san!' and had been at the door in an instant, seeing Sasuke standing in front of the house panting. She didn't realize how worried she had been until she felt the tears falling down her face as she hugged the small ninja who allowed it for a second before pulling away blushing. Soon after Saizo and Yukimura appeared, walking casually as if they had all the time in the world to reach her.

They left the village the next day. Yuya had thanked the village profoundly for taking care of her, but resisted any pleas that she stay a while longer. She wanted to be back on the road, could not deny her want to see Kyo. Yukimura had given a few details about what had transpired since her departure, including Kyoshiro's interference in the matter. It took a week of traveling by main roads to reach their destination, the abandoned Muramasa house. She had paused with Sasuke as the clearing above the house before slowly making her way down the soft slope.

The first person to spot her was Akira who was sitting on the walkway outside the hut. He got up and said something she didn't catch into the house and was quickly joined by Akari and Bontemaru. The three came forward to greet her with smiles and in the midst of it she even spotted Hotaru in the back ground. Their eyes met only briefly before the orange-blond gave a quick nod and left. She was talking with Akari about her wounds when she felt someone watching her and instantly found Kyo looking at her from where he was leaning against the door.

He was wearing a black kimono similar to the one he had worn during their journey together, his left arm resting on the inside of the kimono as she knew he was prone to do. It was weird to see him with long hair after seeing him in Kyoshiro's body for so long, yet at the same time familiar. He didn't move until everyone left them alone, Akari being restrained by Bontemaru and Akira to do so. Once that happened he slowly approached her and she fought back the tears that threatened to fall.

"You've lost weight," he murmured and Yuya snapped her gaze up from where she had been staring at the ground to see him studying her. She braced herself for a nasty comment about how she looked like a hanged dog or how it had caused her breasts to shrink.

Instead, her breath caught in her throat as she felt a gentle hand on her face, tracing along her cheekbone before trailing downward. She couldn't stop the shiver that ran through her at the gentle caress, couldn't pull her gaze from his face as he scanned over her. There was something dark and unknown in his eyes as he looked over her before tugging down a portion of her kimono so that her newest scar was visible.

He traced the jagged scar before pulling away completely and she stared up at him in confusion. Never had she experienced such a gentle touch from Kyo before, even when Shinrei's waterwyrms were about to kill her. As she thought about it, she realized then it was the first time Kyo willingly touched her in that way.

She would never forget it.

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