Samurai Deeper Kyo: The Five Senses

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The Five Senses


She had always enjoyed watching Kyo, ever since that first time she had met him. It also had nothing to do with his body, which had surprised her because at first it had been. Kyoshiro had been attractive to a young girl of sixteen who until then had her experience with the opposite sex was limited to thugs and her brother, and Kyo had simply added to it when he inhabited the body. That first time she had seen his real body encased in ice, his long dark hair falling over the scowl that was so familiar to her by then she had been left speechless in a rather disconcerting combination of shock, awe, and lust.

Still, in the end it was how Kyo moved that constantly caught her attention, always pulling her gaze back to him even when she was determined to ignore him. At first she thought it was because he was lazy, the way he ordered her and Benitora around to fetch things for him. Eventually she realized it was because he didn't believe in wasted movement, in both fights and regular life. Because of that, each time he did commit himself to act it was flawless and amazingly graceful in way most people never reached. He even walked different than the rest of their group she had noticed during their travels, seemingly moving without anyone seeing it.

Only the Four Elders, the Former Crimson King, and Kyoshiro moved with the same grace, but even then it was different. They didn't have the same energy behind them like Kyo did that would leave her and the others watching him fight with baited breaths. Even the Four Emperors, who had all fought with Kyo before, would eagerly watch him even if for them it was both the combination of Kyo's fighting and their inherent bloodlust that drove them.

Back in his real body, she found herself watching him more and more which gained her nothing but teasing from him as he continually caught her staring. She would deny it, of course, knowing his ego didn't need any more boasting that what was already given to him and would walk off to hide the blush on her cheeks. She stopped however, once they started traveling alone then became lovers and she had the right to watch him. By then the results of her staring ended up with them finding the closest private area and her pulling twigs and leaves from her hair shortly afterwards on the days they were traveling.

A few years after she and Kyo were reunited she left him behind in their room in some nameless little town to go to the bathhouse located next door. It had been a while since they had gotten a room or had the luxury of a hot bath so she was more than happy to take her time in the warm water after she had scrubbed herself clean. She also got the bath to herself that night it seemed and she left without seeing another woman come in. Refreshed and dressed in her favorite green and pink kimono she was happily making her way back to their rooms when a group of the town's men approached her.

In the end it didn't matter that she was still one of the best bounty hunters and knew how to defend herself when the four men ganged up on her. The streets were empty and they silenced her quickly before she could do more than get out a short yell, pulling her away from her room, from Kyo.

The cold air had barely touched her still slightly damp skin from them pulling open her kimono when the first one had fallen in a flash of silver in the moonlight. With one arm free she had been able to grab one of her knives and stabbed the man pinning her down onto the ground in the neck, piercing his artery with the sharp blade. He had barely had the chance to gurgle around the blood flooding his throat before his head was missing and Yuya shoved him off as her kimono was soaked with his blood.

The others were dead, but she didn't care as she looked up at Kyo from where she knelt on the ground. He had removed his haori and armor before she had left to bathe so he was only wearing his hakama, his chest bare in the moonlight where his hair – it was unfair how beautiful his hair was, she thought dimly – didn't cover it. His eyes were hidden until a brief wind passed through the alley way they were in, when they suddenly appeared almost glowing in the silver light around them and the mere sight of him left her breathless.

"K-Kyo," she heard herself stammer, not out of any fear of the sudden and merciless killing spree that had just occurred, but out of some unknown feeling that always had her calling out to him. With the grace she both admired and envied he had closed the distance between them, pulling her deeper into the shadows of the alleyway. It wasn't until they were a few blocks away that she finally gathered herself together and forced out the words she didn't always like saying. "Thank you, Kyo."

He was silent long enough that she figured he hadn't heard her before she gasped as she found herself pinned to the wall, staring up at Kyo in surprise. Even carrying Tenro in one hand he kept her pinned as he gazed down at her in the moonlight, hiding his expression and making her shiver slightly.

"No one else," he finally said and Yuya blinked up at him in surprise before sucking in a quick breath as Kyo used his one free hand to graze the skin still exposed by her gaping kimono. Unlike the men that attacked her, Kyo's always gently touch only stirred her desire, not even caring that they were in a smelly back alley.

"Kyo?" she finally gasped out before biting back a moan.

"No one else gets to see you like this," he told her softly as he bent his head towards her. "Got that?"

"I don't…I don't want anyone else," she whispered before all coherent thought fled in that back alley.


Really, he didn't like how she looked.

He didn't go for scrawny girls with such dog-like appearances and really, who would think she was attractive in the first place?

Her legs (no matter how nicely they wrapped around his hips) were too short, which led to her complaining about the pace he set when traveling.

Her hair (a shade of gold he had never seen before, but was more than just one color – irritably) was lank, and who wore it in such a boring style anyway?

Her breasts (which fit the palm of his hand perfectly) were too small; he preferred them busty and overflowing from their clothing.

Her mouth (begging to be kissed and a shade of pink no one else seemed to match) was always talking so it's not like he ever got to enjoy it.

Her size (just short enough for her head to rest on his shoulder when she got tired), while not as tall as Akari, was too short for his preference.

And her eyes. He really didn't like her eyes.

It wasn't often you found someone with eyes as green as her without there being something wrong with that person's heritage. They were wide (innocent), even after all their years together, but there were moments when that eerily bright shade of green would darken to match that of emeralds and it looked like she could see his soul. When she gazed at him like that, a soft fierceness came over her looks that made her seem older, even if she was twelve years his junior.

The one thing that bugged him the most about her looks is that is always drew the attention of the men around her. Couldn't they tell how unnatural she was amongst the black hair and dark eyes? Still, he could see the lust that filled their eyes when they gazed at her, which quickly dissipated when he glared at them, but it was a hassle to have to do so in the first place.

Just because he didn't like her looks (even if he was constantly looking at her – for her own protection of course), didn't mean he wanted other people to realize how beautiful she was.


Ending A/N: Did you like it? I realize horribly that the two parts (Yuya's vs. Kyo's) are in two completely different styles, but I had written Yuya's months ago, but I brainstormed tonight on Kyo's and had to get the idea on paper and just decided to use both for the final chapter.

I hope you got what I was going for on Kyo's. I wanted it to be kinda comical because of all his denials about Yuya despite everything.

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Bonus Read (Script Style?):

Set: Kyo, Yuya, the four emperors, Tora, Sasuke

Tora: Hey, has anyone noticed Kyo's preferences?

Sasuke: What are you talking about moron?

Yuya: Eh? Preferences? In what?

Akira: Yes, you poorly educated monkey, what observation have you pieced together about Kyo?

Kyo: …

Akari: Poor Kyo, talking like you aren't even here…

Bontenmaru to Hotaru: This sounds kinky, doesn't it?

Hotaru: What are we talking about?

Tora: Well, looking around, it looks like Kyo has a thing for blonds.

*Shocked silence*

Akari: Heathen! (Punches Tora)

Yuya: Blonds…Kyo like blonds? I have to change my hair color now!

Akira: I don't understand the problem. What's wrong with Kyo liking blonds? It simply shows his rather good taste in the people he chooses to be around him.

Bontenmaru: Well, now that you mention it, almost half our group is in the 'blond' category… Hey, Kyo, maybe you should hook up with Akira or Hotaru rather than Akari!!

Akira, Akari: Die! (Lets just say Bon doesn't get out whole after they get done with him, yes?)

Hotaru: I like being blond…Kyo? Do you like blonds?

Kyo: … Morons…

Sasuke: You do seem to collect them them.

Tora (recovering from the previous attack): Remember, even Muramasa was a blond!

Kyo: Shut up before I slice your tonsil outs.

Yuya: My hair...


Odd, but seemed like a good idea to post as a little something extra, cause when you really think about it there's Yuya, Akira, Muramasa, Hotaru, and Bon even looks blond on the covers.

Heh … even Tora would be called a "strawberry-blond" from the TV show coloring… Kyo knows how to pick 'em!