The Cloud Covered Moon


People think seeing comes with your eyes. That the world cannot be viewed without sight. Though I know they are wrong they can't see that. To love the sunset you must feel the night air start to brush over your cheeks and the ground hard beneath you. You won't experience a natural disaster without feeling the wind across your face the ground shake every bone in your body. In a way being blind means I will see more than a person in their whole existence. I will know of the beings that live within our world that walk through our people every day. If anything those that rely on eyes are the blind.


That Night

"Mommy... Daddy...?" A soft voice called out. The voice of a child. This voice was my own. Just moments ago I was in the back seat of my car and singing songs with my mother. Then suddenly there were loud banging noises I could not make out what they were. In a panic to get away my father swerved on the water drenched road. Suddenly I was thrown from the car as we hit a streetlight at over 110 mph. The car was no longer in the shape of one anymore. I heard screams of pain one my own. When I got myself brought back to this world by pain I cried out again, "MOMMY...DADDY...?"

This time I was rewarded by a painful moan a few feet away. Painfully I dragged myself across the sharp pieces of glass and metal. I called to my mother again fear dripping in my voice. A hand grabbed my arm and I looked over to see my mother. She was under the heap of big sharp medal shards that used to be the car window. Blood was running down her face and from her mouth.

"Bella..." her voice was quiet and horse. "Go you must ru-". She coughed blood splattering the cold concrete. She took her breath in gasps trying to breath around the blood. "Mommy?" I asked scared. "Get aw-ay - from - here! The red eyes." She cried at me. I got up slowly and tried a few steps then started to keep a slow pace. That is when I heard my mother mutter her last words, "Go my angel Isabella. Go and don't get lost in the dark..."

I kept walking till my legs told me that walking was impossible. From there I dragged my lower body against the unforgivable concrete while it slowly took my skin. In the rain a river of red flowed from beneath me. I look around seeing everything start to fade from my sight then before it would go I looked at the moon the rain falling gently on my face I stared at the moon then as if a black cloud covered the only source of light my world went black with my mother's words echoing in my head I watched waiting for the cloud to move so I could see again. It has been years since that night still I hear my mothers words and at night I look towards the Cloud Covered Moon and think that I could not bless my mother's last wishes because no matter how hard I try I can never escape the dark.

Chapter one

I woke to the sound of rain and frowned. It was not as though I hated rain in fact I loved itbut it never rained in Phoenix Arizona. Then it hit me all my memories flooded into me. I was in Forks Washington with my uncle and aunt. Sorrow burst through me as I realized My Grandmother the one who raised me was at her own funeral today. I reached over and picked up the thick piece of paper. It was my Grandmother's will. I still remember her last words, "look out for the red eyes" she warned me. My grandmother was said to of lost it at the end but she was still as kind. She had embossed the letters so I could read them easier. Everything went to me. I put the paper down and walked out of the room and went to make breakfast.

Though I was blind I could see the vibrations as my stick taped the floor lightly. This let me see the world around me. I was in the middle of breakfast when I heard Travis or Tray my Uncle hit the floor as he fell but of bed I giggled. As he came down stairs he didn't see me or hear me. I was always quiet and why would I need a light? He walked past me by the stove. I bit my lip to not laugh. Travis slouched his way to the fridge.

"Holy Crap!" He jumped. "You scared the crap outta me!" He gasped out using his excellent sort of language.

"Sorry... I made breakfast. How's your head?" I asked innocently.

He was confused for a moment then blushed, "Fine." He muttered. Tray was young only 31. He had shaggy light hair he told me was a dirty blonde color and was well built with light green eyes. He was wearing a white T-shirt and striped p.j. pants. They were wrinkled from his sleep boxing I liked to call it. Travis was also full of his own humor. Travis was what you could call my father figure. He use to come and visit me every few months and on every holiday but starting yesterday I will be living with him. He also knew about my well-toned hearing and touch sight. I only told him about it knowing I could trust him. Travis even kept it from his wife Lydia. "Wow is this gourmet or what?" He asked looking at all the food I made making me blush.

I had made a lot of food to clear my mind. It was something I liked to do.

"Well I used to always cook for my Grandma... so..." I said answering him.

"Well it looks great better than Lydia's cook'n" What he didn't know was that Lydia just walked up behind him. He got a smack on the back of the head. "OWW!"

"That's what you get!" She glared at him then turned to me smiling her sweet smile though she thought I didn't see it. "Morning Bella thank you for making breakfast!"

"Good morning Lydia. Your welcome." I returned the smile.

"Have you eaten?" She asked though she new the answer.

"No. I'm going to get in the shower first if you don't mind?" I asked afraid I might offend her. I didn't want to ruin my last place for me to live.

"Oh, of course not!" She laughed happily. "Take your time." She offered lightly brushing my long strait black hair from my side to behind my back. I smiled then walked up the stairs grabbing my materials and walking across the hall into the bathroom.

I sat in front of the mirror not seeing the reflection but knowing the person. She had strait black hair that went to her thighs. Her curves were not small or large just there. They rounded her giving her small frail body a shape. Her arms and legs were thin. Her stomach was a shape of an hourglass widening at her hips and chest. Then there were her eyes. Her eyes are a blue with a clouded cover by her blindness. They looked so hazy and sad. She knew this from the description she got from people. This person is I. Sad with the cruel world. I sighed at myself jumping in the shower. I used the strawberry shampoo I always used. It took me a while to wash all of my thigh length hair. When I was done I hoped out putting on my Blue sweater and dark jeans

When I walked down stairs they were about to head out " Goodbye have a good day." I said and the both jumped at my sudden silent arrival.

"DITTO!" They said at the same time. "HA! You owe me a coke!" Lydia smiled. "Crap! That's the third time this week!!" he complained. They both hugged me and wished me a good first day of school.

I gathered all my things and headed to the door. I sighed thinking about my long walk to school. As I stepped from the porch I could see. I saw everything as the rain hit the floor. I saw every drop that fell from the sky. It was breath taking even though it was just a few houses down the street. I gasped at the glory and ran through the rain towards the school.

Forks High was not a big school. In fact it was the size of my elementary school in Phoenix. But this school had six different buildings. I walked to the office with a hood on over my blue sweater that went perfect with my jeans. The rain soaked me and I was in my own bliss. The world was at my fingertips. Suddenly a car came by me splashing me with water. I jumped in surprise. The car stopped a few feet away then the driver came out and ran toward me. Crap! I try to get through the day unnoticed and this is what happens! I thought to myself. I could see the driver was a very very attractive male. His hair was a shaggy halo above his head that covered his eyes as he stepped out into the rain. He had to have worked out to. Not that I was looking. "Are you alright?" Sounding sincere in his low angelic voice.

" U-Um y-yeah." I stuttered back not use to having conversation. "I-if y-you will e-excuse m-me." I said politely not wanting to talk to some popular boy every girl swoons on. He looked surprised that I turned him down. Yeah I thought I bet that he has never been turned down.

"Yes." He said sounding confused. He stared at me trying to understand me. Then I realized I was not looking at him with my eyes my head looking past him. I turned red. I didn't even realize. Now he thinks I'm a freak. This is why no one ever talked to me. Tears threatened to spill over my closed lids.

"Oh! I-I'm so s-sorry!" I told him in my quiet voice.

"About what?" He smiled down at me. His smile seemed so sad. Like he had never saw life.

"Not talking to you with looking at you..." I trailed off apologetically. Knowing that I must look stupid. I was in a panic. What are you suppose to do when you talk to them? What do you say? My hands were shaking.

"Then why don't you?" He asked innocently. Not knowing the pain it caused me. Tears slid down my face. I straitened up and pulled out the stick from my side.

"Because... I can't." I whispered hearing my own sorrow in my voice.

I ran off leaving him behind not looking for his expression. I did hear a low voice of a girl scold him asking what he did. "Nothing Alice..." he trailed off in a heartbroken voice. I made no stop as I ran to the office trying to get a far away from him as possible. When I got in there the lady gave me a few pieces of paper that I didn't take time to try to shake and read that would make me look stupid but she offered to show me around after seeing I was blind. I thanked her and told her no and reassured her I memorized the school.

After that I headed to my first class in building three. Most people stared at me. I could see them when they breathed their bodies moving the air causing them to vibrate slowly allowing me to see all of them. All my morning classes were like that. I felt I had a fever because of my never-ending blush. Then unfortunately the lunch bell rang and I sighed. Making my way to the lunchroom I tripped but before I could hit the ground two ice-cold hands caught me.

"Are you okay?" It was the boy from this morning! I blushed like I never had before feeling it on my shoulders. "Your warm. Do you have a fever?" The question was not for me but himself. He sat there a few seconds thinking something as I tried to speak but I couldn't find my voice. Then suddenly I was in the air. A high sharp gasp left my lips. He was holding me close to his body. He started to walk in the opposite direction of the lunchroom. I was terrified. I had no memories that were of me being picked up. Everyone acted as if they touched me I would crumble. Why was he carrying me? I was trying to find out where we were going as every fast footstep of his showed me fast flashes of the world around me. "We are going to the nurse." He informed me. We were away from most people.

"W-why?" I asked my voice still almost a whisper. The nurse?

"You are warm." He said with concern.

"I-i-i w-was b-blushing." I stuttered blushing again.

"Oh! Okay. I'm sorry," He sounded relieved. He set me down on my feet carefully and took a step back. I was still red from my last confession. YOU'RE SO STUPID! I thought to myself. STOP BLUSHING! In the middle of my argument with myself my knees gave out. He stepped forward to catch me. "Is this a habit of yours?" he asked teasing. "What is wrong?" To answer his question my stomach of it's own accord growl at him. He chuckled. "You stay here while I go get you some food." he told me as he led me to a bench under a tree shading me against the mist. I nodded and he walked away toward the lunchroom.

My head was spinning. Why was he helping me? I curled in a ball pulling my knees to my chest and laying my head on them. My hair flowed passed my feet flowing of the edge of the stone bench. I kicked of my dreaded shoes and felt the world as the rain started to fall. I breathed in the scent lifting my face to the rain getting lost in the world around me that I jumped as I felt him sit down next to me.

He chuckled at my sudden bring back to reality. "Sorry." He whispered smiling. "I brought you so gourmet food from the cafeteria." He chuckled and slid me a tray of food. I sat still not able to move my limbs in surprise. He got this for me? "Do you not want it?" he frowned.

"N-n-no I d-do!" I said turning to sit cross-legged in front of the food grabbing an apple and taking a little bite. He smiled at this.

" So... What is your name?"

"B-Bella..." I answered.

"Mine is Edward. Why did you move here and from where?" He asked me softly as though he thought I would run if he talked any louder. Which he might be right?

I looked at his eyes and suddenly talking to him without fear shaking my voice. "I moved here from Phoenix Arizona. I am now living with my Uncle Travis and Aunt Lydia. I left for... my grandmother's funeral was yesterday." I said sadly stopping myself before I cried.

"I'm sorry...," he sounded apologetic. He swiftly pulled my hair out of my face and behind my ear his hand caressing my cheek as he pulled his hand away. I just nodded not trusting myself to speak. I ate in silence as he studied me carefully. I was self conscious as I sat in front of his never wavering gaze. " We should go to class," he said to me breaking the silence. He stood taking the now empty plastic tray and walked a few steps to the trash and dropped it in and walks to me again and held out his hand beaconing me to go with him. I stood holding his hand. "Where is your next class?"

"M-Mr. Banner." I stuttered to answer him.

"Me too." He answered softly smiling seeming pleased that we had more time together. This confused me. I wasn't even remotely interesting. I looked at him confused but the only reply I got was his hand barely touching my back as he led me to our class. Edward's touch shot me through with an unknown emotion like lighting. I shivered for his hands were like the ice that trimmed the walk. I also noticed the people staring at Edward and I as we walked to the classroom.

When we reached our table he held the chair for me but instead I walked to the front of the class and I gave the slip to the teacher. He took the slip openmouthed and I explained I was blind he just nodded. I walked over to my seat next to Edward and lowered my head so that it was facing the long veil of hair that went passed my knees. It was impossible not to notice Edward face turn to me. He looked at me as if I was his lifeline or something. My long hair fell over my thin shoulder and hides my face.

Trying as I may I couldn't concentrate at all on the teacher's lesson. There was something missing. I couldn't place it but something was wrong with Edward. As the bell rang I realized that there was no heartbeat. Without thinking I placed my hand on his heart and whispered. "Is it lonely without it? Will you wait for it? Will it beat ever again?" My voice was sad. He stiffened a look of shock and horror crossed his face. He got up swiftly and his face turned expressionless as he exited the room not looking back.

I sat still regretting my actions toward Edward and his reaction running through my head. As I was gathering my stuff a boy came up to me. His hair was a surfer cut spiked in a mess above his head. His face was a rounded baby boy face growing to a teens that made him attractive like an Abercrombie model. "Hi I'm Mike you must be Isabella." he was smiling at me.

"B-Bella please." I told him shyly.

"Bella...that's pretty." He said trying it out. "What class do you have now?" He looked a little over curious.

"Coach Clap in Gym." I recited from memory. He smiled impossibly wider and told me that we had the same class together. He grabbed my things stacking it upon his own and led me to our torturing gym class.

"So..." Mike started as we walked into the gym. "What did you do to Cullen at the end of our class? He looked like you just stabbed him with your pencil."

I flushed, "I'm not sure..." I answered his question thinking about the rude impulse that came over me. What was I doing? I couldn't even control myself.

"That's alright he's a jerk that doesn't think anyone is good enough to talk him. He needs to get knocked of his high horse." His grimace also said he hated Edward. I wondered why that was. Because Edward had a better chance of getting the girl? I nodded a goodbye and headed to the girl's locker room.

Seeing as it was my first day Coach Clap didn't make me dress up in the little spunky shorts and the shirt to go with it. She informed me that I needed to bring something to do for this class clearly thinking about how to coach the blind. It wouldn't be a good sight to see me trying to hit a volleyball that I couldn't hit. The up side was I didn't have to do gym. So for today I sat with my sketchpad and drew.

It was hard for people to believe that I could draw. I could draw all kinds of things and make them look like a photo in black and white sketch mode. Every time I made a stroke it would shake the pad to show me the picture I was drawling. I would also do this to read the words on a page. The vibrations showed me the darker areas on the paper. This let me read or see anything I wanted on paper. I was just finishing up a ruffled tulip Flower in a limp hand when the bell rang. I picked up my bag, pad, and cane and headed out the door.

I was in the parking lot when I suddenly dropped my open sketchpad. I leaned down to grab it but someone got there before me. I straitened up in shock. It was Edward. He picked it up and his face once stone hard now was full with surprise and wonder. He examined the picture of the ruffled tulip from gym. His eyes sparkled with amazement.

"Is this yours?" He glanced at me. I blushed and nodded. "Did you draw this?" He asked in wonder. I nodded again. He stood there for a moment as his hand lightly brushed across the page. Then as if he realized whom he was talking to his face got defensive and he swiftly handed me my sketchpad back. I could feel the hurt on my face. He looked down at me with frustration of something. I felt my head lower a bit.

"I-i-i am so s-sorry." I felt a tear run down my face. I turned my head to the side and faced the ground. His face filled with shock and regret. "I had no right t-to s-say those th-things to y-you E-Edward." I took a deep breath. " I'm so s-sorry." I whispered. He looked down in sadness at my covered face.

"It wasn't your fault. You just..." He stopped and his face turned hard. I sat there and watched Edward walk away towards his car. I lifted my head a little and walked home tears being born and died on my cheeks. When I got home I made everyone dinner and crawled to my room. My room was new to me but it was still covered.

I loved to draw and hang them upon every surface in my room. They flapped in the air of the fan letting me see my work. The walls were a dark almost black blue. The bed was a blue to match the walls. It sat next to the window and on the other side of the window was the closet. I had a computer in one corner with a dark wood short desk. In another corner lied my rocking chair.

It was out of place being the only piece of furniture that has lightwood. It's added padding was a faded yellow. It was a new addition to my room. I brought it with me everywhere I lived. That little chair held my memories of my lost loved ones. My lovely mother, my loving Father, and my Grandmother the one who did all to raise me and protect me from those who look down on me because of my difference. Tears slid down my face. Did Edward think that? Did he look down on me?

I threw myself on to the bed. My always closed eyes dripping with hurt. Of course he doesn't even like you your just some plain old girl that can't even see right! I thought. It was dark and I lay in the moonlight that shone on my bed. I lay there scolding myself for being so stupid. Then Travis walked in. he saw that my eyes were closed like always but tears dripped from them. "Are you sleeping?" He whispered.

I shook my head. Travis came and sat on the bed. "What's wrong Bells? Bad day at school?"

"Something like that." I answered quietly. His face was sympathetic. "You don't have to feel bad you didn't do it." He smiled knowing I had seen his expression.

"Just because it isn't my fault doesn't mean I won't feel sad about it. It's in my nature to be that loving." He shrugged pretending he was serious. It worked I giggled. He smiled at me placing a hand on my shoulder. "Tell me what happened." he suggested.

I sighed. Lifting my closed eyes to his I explained, "Your gonna think it is the oh so rare teen in me but..." I trailed off waiting for response. He did a fake gasp. "But it was weird... and he was different I got scared and excited..." He looked at me his expression soft.

"So do you...like him? Because that is what I just got out of that." He looked at me questioning.

I flushed. He thought I liked him? I just met him! There was no way I liked him I barely knew him! Well I did think he was cute and. I just met him. "I can't like him I just met him!"

He raised his eyebrows. "Who is he?" he asked curious.

"His name is Edward Cullen." I said shyly. His eyes widened and his mouth dropped open.

"A Cullen talked to you and Edward at fact?" I nodded. I gave him a confused expression. "The Cullen kids stick to themselves for the most part but Edward never talks to anyone but his family and the teachers for the most part. Do you get it?" I shook my head. Edward was the most beautiful boy I had ever seen. He just had to fit in with the crowd. Why was he so isolate. Why did he look so sad? "Are you okay Bells?" Travis asked worried and I nodded. "Then why are you crying?" I lifted my hands in surprise and felt tears. Sure I was sad that Edward was sad and lonely but why did I let tears fall?

"He's so lonely his smile covered in sorrows of the past. I want to help him but he probably hates me after having a class together." My voice shook as I said these words. Travis's face understood.

"It is hard to help those who don't ask for help or even rebel against it. Though it is not impossible. You will have to try hard but knowing it is you and every thing you have been through I don't think it will stop you at all." By the end of his speech he was smiling down at me. I looked at him and smiled a small smile.

"Thank you Travis. We should go down stairs Lydia is about to pull into the driveway." This time I returned a real smile as his face was covered in shock at my hearing.

Composing himself he said," Alright kid-do lets go and eat that there dinner." With a mocked accent.

Lydia came home with good news of work. She had gotten a raise. She also thanked me nonstop through dinner about my food making. After dinner I went upstairs with my homework. In the middle Lydia and Travis told me their goodnights and went to bed. An hour later I finished my homework. It was always more time consuming seeing that I had to shake the paper to see. When I lived at my grandmother's house she would always read the work to me. I crawled into my bed wishing she were here. She would also know what to do about Edward. After a few hours of thinking I trailed into unconsciousness.