Decieved Souls

They were the love of each others lives

Shows Jason and Sam in all their love and bliss

Their love was destroyed by lies

Shows sam getting injected with a needle by ric

She left before she could tell him the truth

Shows Sam and Jason talking and him threatening her

She returned to find out the truth

Shows sam at Nickolas and Nadines wedding talking to Nickalos

They meet again after years aoart from each other

Shows Jason and Sam arguing in the penthouse

She is determined to show him the truth

Shows Spinelli finding momumental imformation regarding jakes kidnapping and Elizabeth's attackers

He is starting to question his descions

Shows Jason throwing a glass against the wall when he sees a picture of him and Sam

WIll The Truth Come Out

Shows Jaason and Sam making Love

Will Lies be Found

SHows Elizabeth, Jason, Sam, Lucky, Spinelli and Jake in a courtroom

Find Out In The Real version Of General Hosptial

They Strory That Was Meant To Be Told

Find Out In Decieved Souls

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