Deceived Souls

He smiled and looked at Andrea's bright eyes as she squirmed in his grasp and pointed over to another boat.

"That boats really big!" looking out into the harbor he nodded and bounced her in his arms a little making her giggle and wrap her little arms around his neck.

He couldn't even begin to describe what he was feeling. He was overjoyed…here he was, with his daughter. He'd been staring at her all afternoon.

He'd studied every little thing about her and every little thing she'd say. She was a perfect blend of him and Sam. His eyes, but Sam's dark rich hair and features.

She also seemed to study everything before she said or did anything, something she'd obviously gotten from both him and Sam.

Then there was the way she loved to talk…that was all Sam.

He smiled as she pointed at another boat. She was perfect and he didn't have a doubt that if anyone ever tried to harm her, he would rip them apart with his bare hands.

He snapped out of his thoughts when she tugged at his shirt.

Looking down at her, he found her eyes on him…a thoughtful look on her face.

"Yes?" she pursed her little lips together and stared at him for a couple moments before furrowing her brows. He tiled his head and rubbed his hand on her back.

"What's wrong?" she didn't say anything but instead reached her little hands up and put them on either side of his face. She leaned up and narrowed her eyes looking at him closely in the eyes.

He stared back a little confused and more than a little unnerved. Finally she tilted her head and brought her hands back to her face.

"Your eyes are just like mine" he blinked a couple times and swallowed thickly not sure what to say to that. Smiling slightly he tilted his head.

"Are they?" she nodded and pointed to her eyes then back to his as if that would explain everything.

"How come you din't answered my question?" he furrowed his brows this time.

"What question?" she squirmed in his grasp and he set her down. She caught his hand and tugged him over towards the bench. Once they were seated she started swinging her feet.

"Yesterday, at dinner…I askeded you if you were my daddy" he swallowed thickly and slowly nodded.

"Yes…you did ask me that, didn't you?" she nodded and he looked out at the water and took a deep breath.

"Well…I'm sure your mother would have liked to be here…so we could tell you together…" he knew Sam would probably be a little irked but she couldn't really be mad at him for telling Andrea when she asked him.

Lying wasn't any better.

"But…yes…" he looked back at her and gave her a small smile.

"Yeah, I am your dad" she blinked a couple times before a smile broke out on her face and she buried her face into his stomach, her little arms going around him.

"I knew it!" he chuckled at her words and pulled her into his lap and pressed a kiss to the top of her head. Pulling out his cell phone he checked the time.

Putting it away he stood with Andrea. She looked up at him expectantly and he smiled.

"We've got to pick up someone" she tilted her head with a curious expression on her face.

"Who?" he smiled and started walking.

"Your brother"


He chuckled and patted Andrea's shoulder. She'd been bombarding him with questions non stop since he'd said the words your brother.

She was obviously a little nervous but excited since she'd never had a brother or sister up until now.

"Is Jake's mommy home?" he jerked in response to her question. Why would she be asking about Elizabeth?

"Yeah, why?" she looked down at her hands and clamped them tightly together.

"Can I stay in the car?" he furrowed his brows. He didn't like the way Andrea looked uncomfortable.

"Is something wrong?" she shook her head but kept her eyes down.

"I don't think she likes me" this time his eyes widened. She'd mentioned meeting Jake and Elizabeth at the Metro Court but what had Elizabeth done to make Andrea think that she didn't like her?

He decided to drop it and ask Sam about it later.

"Sure, I'll be right back" she smiled up at him in relief and he quickly got out of the car and headed up to the front door.

He stepped back after he knocked and a couple seconds later Elizabeth opened the door. A smile spread across her face as soon as she saw him.

"Jason…", "I'm kind of in a hurry Elizabeth I'm just here to pick up Jake" she blinked a couple times obviously not expecting to be shut down. Her eyes narrowed a little.

"I heard that you were having dinner with-", "Dad!" the rest of what she was going to say was cut off. Crouching down he caught Jake as he hugged him. He shared a grin with his son.

"Put your shoes on" Elizabeth stood stiffly at the door, he could care less.

"Alright, lets go buddy" he turned and pulled Jake towards the car. He paused and turned to look at Elizabeth.

"I won't have him home to late" she pursed her lips before shutting the door. He felt Jake pause and realized he'd spotted Andrea. Andrea stared back and waved shyly.

He watched a small smile appear on Jakes face as he waved back. As they got closer to the car Andrea quickly jumped into the back, freeing the front passenger seat for Jake.

Well…that was really…cute. He shook his head, man he was going soft. Of course he would never admit that he even had the word cute in his vocabulary to anyone.

Once they were in the car he watched Jake peer back at Andrea and he noticed the way she ducked her head and gave him another shy smile. She glanced over at him and smiled widely.

"He's gots the same eyes too" he chuckled and threw the car into reverse. He glanced at Jake and gave him a smile.

"We got some news to tell you bud"

Guys i am so sorry about the long ass wait. I have been so stressed out with school and everything. But i promise i will try to update every couple weeks. Hope you liked the new chapter. Well enjoy and dont stop believing.