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Andrew was an angel, The Angel of Death patience was practically built into him for the Father's sake… but he was beginning to understand the frustration
humans felt when there were too many questions and few too answers.

It had been two weeks since the blast and they had remained in the town to bring comfort to the survivors to remind them of God's goodness and love for them.

Monica had not talked much about her ordeal, not to Gloria or him, not even to Tess.

All he knew, all she had been willing to share was that she had gone into the desert; she was tempted by the devil with images and by God's grace had not fallen off the cliff into Satan's waiting arms.

He was proud of her strength; Andrew continually gave thanks to God that she was not lost to him.

Yet, he was her best friend… at least he believed he was. How could he help her if she continued to keep him at a distance?
Maybe it was selfish… he knew she had God, the Spirit to comfort her but that did not mean he didn't want her to know he was there for her as well.

He saw Monica in the children's ward with a kid, a smile on her face. She had always been good with children, but something about her lately had seemed to make her even more so.

He was drawn to her; as she left the room she turned around and watched a young boy named Billy as he drifted off to sleep.

He walked towards her and stood behind her.

Even without him announcing himself, she could sense him, ever since the vision she was becoming ever more aware of his presence and it was more than a little unnerving to her.

They stood there together silent for some time, usually silence would be comfortable for them.

Monica could not bear it anymore, and struggled to for something to say, "Billy lost his mother in the explosion."

Andrew replied, "I know, I had the honor of escorting her home. I'm sure she is thankful; you have been so great and so kind with him."

Monica fought against the soft tears that threatened to fall but it was no use, "A child like Billy is such a gift; I've cherished this time with him.
He has relatives; I know God will keep him safe. But I will miss him so much Andrew."

He didn't know what compelled him but he hugged her from behind wanting to provide comfort for her as immediately as he could.

"I'm right here for you always. It will be okay, everything will be. You have such a beautiful heart, I see you…"

He continued in a whisper, "Angel girl, you look more beautiful every time I see you."

Monica's breath caught in her throat at those words, those haunting words.
His voice caused an ache in her soul.
Her heart began to pound so franticly against her chest; she could even hear it loudly in her ears.
She was afraid wondering if Andrew could hear it as well.

And his hands on hers, on her stomach… it was like fire to her, he caused a burning flame whenever he touched her, wherever she felt his skin on hers.

'Oh God…' Monica thought, 'What is this? Am I being tested? What is he doing to me?'

It physically pained Monica but she shook his hands off of hers, his arms from around her waist and said, "Andrew, stop please. I can't…"

"Monica, I'm sorry. What did I do? Talk to me." Andrew asked hurt and confused.

Before Monica could respond, Tess came to them.

Monica and Andrew composed themselves.

Tess noticed their close proximity; she'd been keeping a close eye on her two angel babies ever since Monica's return.
She'd been praying to God for them, hoping they would realize what was happening before they wounded each other beyond repair.
She wanted desperately to give them all the answers, help them as she always had but the Father had told her they would have to figure it out on their own.
He would guide them, if they only let Him.

"Angel babies, God has an assignment for you both."

Monica replied, "Tess what about the survivors? I'd like to stay longer…"

"You know that we don't get to pick and choose; we follow His will Ms. Wings.
The Father may allow you to return later, but Gloria and I can handle things here."

"You won't be coming with us Tess?" Andrew questioned.

"Not this time baby. God meant this for you two."

"I see." Andrew acquiesced.

"What can you tell us Tess?" Monica asked.

"I can say that you two are the perfect ones for this assignment."

Monica choked backed tears, "I'll miss you Tess."

"I'm always with you; in your heart … it won't be for long. I love you both." Tess replied hugging Monica and Andrew,

"It's time for you to go… remember the Father has a plan for everything."