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Love Beat – Chapter 1 (revised)

Kyoko walked through the halls of LME, she was on Love Me time. She was almost done filming Dark Moon and would start filming her new drama in a couple of days. She was excited about showing another facet of her acting skills to move away a bit from always playing the bad guy. As she rounded the corner to her desk, Mr. Sawara spoke up from where he sat talking to a co-worker.

"Kyoko you have a guest, she insisted on waiting for you."

Kyoko looked at the woman standing next to her desk. Kyoko's arms went limp and she let go of the files in her arms as she gasped, "Mother."

"Hello Kyoko, we need to talk," she said stiffly.

Kyoko reached down and piled up all the papers she'd dropped and turned to Mr. Sawara and asked, "Is it okay if I take a couple of hours off?"

"Sure," he replied. He watched in concern as a pale Kyoko placed her work on her desk and turned to lead her mother away.

They walked in silence to the karaoke bar and reserved a private room. Kyoko had always found that this was a good place for private conversations.

"What do you want Mother? I haven't seen you in years. I didn't think I'd ever see you again, since you don't care about me at all."

Saena paused for a moment, looked away from Kyoko for a moment before turning back, and spoke, "You were two when your father died. After that I couldn't bear to hold you Kyoko. Every time I did I was reminded of your father, of how he held you. You became a constant reminder of what I'd lost. I loved your father so much and when he died I realized you were his legacy. I wanted you to be as perfect as he was. … And believe me, he was perfect."

"I- I don't understand…"

"He would be so proud of you. I suppose I became blind-sided by trying to make you like him that I wasn't able to remember that he thought you were perfect as you were."


"Even without knowing your father, you're following so closely in his footsteps. You even debuted in a remake of Tsukigomori. It's ironic since he was filming that when I met him."


"Kyoko, your father is, was, Hiroki Mogami."

"… Who?"

"The actor who played Katsuki's best friend Yuki in the original Tsukigomori. That's how I knew you were acting. I had to watch Dark Moon. He was a legend, he's still remembered fondly as one of the most gifted singers ever in Japan. Tsukigomori was his acting debut. They were filming scenes in Kyoto, near our home. I met him there, we fell in love. We could never tell the world about our relationship. He wanted to protect both of us from the paparazzi. He would have told everyone eventually, when you were older. But he died. … He left you almost everything, in trust for when you turn 20. It's quite a legacy now. I wasn't going to tell you everything until then, when I turned it all over to you, but this seemed fitting since you're in show biz now."

"I… I don't know what to say Mother," Kyoko watched her mother, as they both became lost in memories of the past.

"Here," Saena said as she reached into her purse and pulled out a disc. "It has home videos and video letters your father sent you when he was away. It even has copies of written letters we wrote each other. I had them all placed on DVD years ago."

Kyoko took the case from her mother and stared at it in her hands.

"Don't live in the past Kyoko, embrace the fond memories and go on with your life, like I couldn't. … For what it's worth, I won't interfere in your career at all. Live your life as you choose, like your father did." Saena left the room and Kyoko's life again.

End – Chapter 1


I was planning this to be a one-shot but I think I'll write a couple more chapters of this! I was inspired by the Skip Beat anime to re-read the manga once again. You can watch the anime on youtube! I had to write this when the idea hit me. I suppose I still had Kyoko's dad on my mind after writing Stargate LME and I was re-reading the manga. I originally wrote this with Shuhei Hozu as Kyoko's father, having forgotten/not known that it was Ren's father's stage name. I'm making up the name of Kyoko's Dad and the character name from Dark Moon. I'm assuming that the other young actor in Dark Moon was playing Katsuki's friend.