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Love Beat – Chapter 10

Kyoko knocked on Miki's door. Hearing her aunt's muffled, "Who is it?" Kyoko identified herself and then opened the door as she heard, "Come in!"

Kyoko followed the soft clanging sounds as she entered the apartment to find her aunt in the kitchen cleaning out her tea pot.

"It's good that you came today. I've been meaning to talk to you, but you've been so busy planning that party for Maria that I've barely seen you."

Kyoko smiled, her aunt cheerful attitude was always something that Kyoko enjoyed. Even going back and watching the video clips of her family had her smiling. Her otosan and aunt both had ways to cheer her up, even through recordings. "What's up?"

"Come, let's sit in the dining room," Miki finished drying off the tea pot only to set it up again on the stove full of water so she and Kyoko could share a fresh drink soon.

Kyoko frowned as she followed Miki to the living room, sitting down where not even an hour ago Ren had been sitting. Miki's uncharacteristic seriousness raising concerns in Kyoko.

"You don't much about your father professionally do you?" Miki asked.

"No," Kyoko's forehead wrinkling slightly at the question. "He was a successful singer and actor, I don't know much else."

"Well when we were younger, not long before he first started acting, he started his own talent agency for singers. He called it Mikiomi."


"Yes, he named it after me. Miki Mogami, Mikiomi. He meant it to mean 'Hopeful Outlook.' It was very well respected, he did a wonderful job setting it up and it flourished. When he died he left it in my care. Only… I didn't know how to run it. And Julia had also recently inherited Elite Modeling Agency. She'd been the favorite model of the founder, and he'd died without heirs and decided it should be hers. She hadn't known what to do and arranged for Lory to run it."

"You mean Mother and President?" Kyoko asked confused about where this was going.

"Mm hm. So I decided to ask Lory if he'd merge with Mikiomi too. At that time his agency was almost all acting. Mikiomi was located just next door to his agency, a lot of the people in both agency overlapped anyway. So he said yes. That's why the agency now is called LME. Lory, Mikiomi, and Elite. Don't know where the story that it's called Lory's Magnificent Emporium, or something like that anyway, came from."

"I don't understand," Kyoko stammered.

"Kyoko, when you turn 20, you'll own a third of LME. Julia and I've been content to let LME run however Lory wants it. I help out sometimes writing music, but… Not many people know that I officially 'own' the singing section, or that you'll inherit it. But if I'm going to come to the party… And people find out I'm your aunt… The people who do know will know that it's you that'll own part of LME in just a few short years."

"I… I'm going… to own LME?" Kyoko sat shocked staring at her aunt.

"Well the M in it anyway. That's part of why I'm so glad you joined LME, it would be very awkward later if you were in a different agency."

Kyoko and Miki both jumped at the sound of the whistle blowing in the kitchen announcing the water was hot enough to make tea. Miki smiled softly at the shell shocked look on Kyoko's face. "I'll go make the tea and then we can talk about this some more."

End – Chapter 10


I've been building up to this for awhile and I finally got to do it! I think it's possible that it could work this way in real life, I just don't know for sure, so let's pretend it can.

Mikiomi: promise, hope, outlook, view (from my Japanese dictionary).