Pie through my Eyes

Crust – check. Sauce – check. Pepperonis – check. Cheese – check. Twenty minutes at 350 degrees – check. One family dinner – priceless.

Disclaimer: The Turtles and all their friends are the property of Mirage Studios. I do not own them, but am grateful for the opportunity to use them in the unleashing of my own imagination.

Rating: This story is rated K

Pizza is a family food. Sure, you could eat it on your own, but it's a lot better when you share it. Pizza says a lot about my family and not just 'cause we eat it as often as possible since, you know, it is one of the major food groups. But it says something about us on a much deeper level too.

Take the crust for example. It holds everything together in one neat little pie. It sets the boundaries. And even though the ingredients sometimes leak over the side, the crust never lets them get too far. It's strong and steady and you can always fall back on it if things get too spicy. You see where I'm going here? Leo is the crust in our family.

It makes sense! I swear it does.

Now Donnie; he's totally the tomato sauce – smooth and rich and yet so often overlooked. I guess people tend to take the sauce for granted because it's always there; hiding somewhere beneath the toppings and never taking center stage. But really, what would a pizza be without the sauce? It'd be a grilled cheese sandwich, that's what it'd be. But hey, even a grilled cheese sandwich tastes its best alongside a bowl of tomato soup. You know?

Alright, who's next? Raph, right! Now, when it comes to toppings, I'm the sort to try anything – veggies, pineapple, chicken, marshmallows, chocolate sauce, frosted flakes, skittles – you get the picture. But even with all the choices available, there is one topping I'll always fall back on. That's right – pepperoni. Spicy and fierce, making itself known from the first bite. But there's also something sweet to it; like, disguised under all that fire is something warm and… yeah sweet. You know what I mean? And that's Raph, through and through.

Me? I'm the cheese, obviously! All melted and gooey and stringy and irresistibly delicious, you can't help but love me! …err, it. The cheese is totally the life of the party. And it really grows on you too. You know, 'cause cheese is a mold (well Donnie says it is) so it 'grows' on you? Get it? He he… Okay, so that was lame. But hey, it's the cheese's prerogative to be lame.

All that's left now is something to bring it all together, something to take all the ingredients and turn them into a pizza. And that takes an oven. Splinter is our oven. He brought us together and brought us up. He turned us into a family.

"Mikey! Hey, shell-fer-brains, the timer's beeping."

"What?" I look up from where I've been sitting, staring into the oven. Has it been twenty minutes already? I flip the timer off and grab an oven mitt.

"Sheesh, Mike. The way you were staring at that pie, you'd think it held the answer to the meaning of life or something." I glance over at Raph, leaning back in his chair and casually twirling a fork between his fingers. His words sink in and I grin as the rest of our family files into the kitchen, drawn by the smell of a fresh baked pizza.

"Maybe it does."