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Last February, his Guardians had shown up bright and early in the morning, each looking surly at each other and strangely expectant at him.

Then the Varia had shown up, then Dino and his father. They had loitered around his house, brooding moodily towards each other around mid-afternoon. Tsuna had been in hysterics wondering what they all wanted.

By evening, grumbling could be heard.

Then dinnertime was over, and then fights exploded.

All of them had to be carted off the premises on stretchers into ambulances called in by Tsuna. Then Reborn came home from a mission and when he'd heard about the commotion he'd hit Tsuna's head and told him to be more considerate next Valentines Day.

This Valentines Day, Tsuna had little bags full of chocolates, tagged and named and ribboned, all ready.

As usual, his Guardians showed up first, early. He gave them each one. They'd glared at each other. He wondered if he'd have to bandage injuries and soothe bruised egos again.

Then the Varia came in, and they too got a little bag of chocolates each.

Then Dino.

Then his father and mother.

Then even Reborn.

By evening, another huge fight had exploded, this time between his Guardians, the Varia, and strangely enough Dino. His father had watched avidly, chewing on the chocolates. Tsuna gave up on them.

Reborn had merely shaken his head at Tsuna and smacked him again.

"Dame-Tsuna needs to pick himself a boyfriend already, because his damn suitors crowd up everywhere he shows up."