This was written in a somewhat altered state, because it's the end of 2008.

And because Jess asked nicely ;)


WELCOME TO 2009!!!


Dean stood in the shower, the hot water cascading down his back.

He turned the cold off, jacked the hot up, and shuddered as the temperature went up in seconds.

He stepped forward, out of the spray, and leaned against the shower wall.

Bent over slightly, he inhaled the hot steam, trying to force the congestion to break up.

He took a breath in, and instantly felt it loosen, the mucus rumbling forth up his throat like a train.

Dean gagged a little, for it was thick, and clogging his throat.

He coughed hard, pounding on his chest to help it along.

He felt it in his mouth before he saw it.

The slimy, sweet honey taste of an infection encased in mucilage, pooling in the small of his mouth.

He spit it down into the tub, not wanting to look, but knowing he had to.

The green, gelatinous mucus mixed with the shower water, slowly running towards the drain.

Dean gagged again, willing himself not to puke.

He stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel, fighting off the shivers that were wracking his body.

He quickly dried himself off and opened the door to the bedroom.

"Sammy, I think we've got a problem."

Fini...or is it?

*evil laugh*