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First Week of this Month

Dear Diary, (uh... no)

Dear Journal, (nah)


Diary sounds so...prepubescent. Let me just call you DJ and I can pretend that I'm just writing to a friend who I'm just sending letters to, who knows every deep dark secret about me. ...Sweet Kami-sama, what am i doing?!

...ahem sorry about that. Minor panic attack, don't worry. I don't do those in real life very often, so this might be the place where i freak out. ...mmm. I seriously hope it doesn't happen alot. Anyway, down to business.

First off, let me say that I DON'T give off the impression that I'm a girl who would be talking to you, DJ. No offence. But I grew up around boys. Strong boys. Scary boys. A girl who had to toughen herself up to stand with them. Tough girls don't do diaries.  Besides, if they ever found out about you, I would never hear the end of it. I can just see Kanku...um...i mean K holding you out of reach of me while he reads long paragraphs of my entries letters out loud at an annoyingly earsplitting volume.

So, before this goes any further, let me set some ground rules and background.

I will NOT be revealing anyone's real name. Not because I'm paranoid, but because some of my friends have really long names and I can't be bothered. I will be using my personal nicknames for them or just their initals. And of course to maintain their privacy. No really, I'm not paranoid.

Whatever happens, I plan to fully disclose my thoughts and details of my life. At least once ...a day ...every other ...a week. Completely uncensored and unguarded me. That's almost scarier than one of Gaar um...I mean GiGi's most terrifying rages. Yeah. I know.

I have 2 brothers, K and GiGi. K's the older one. His thing is puppets. He's been doing this puppet thing since as long as I can remember. And K, if you're reading this, so help me Kami-sama, I am telling GiGi what you were really doing that time he caught you alone with your puppets. New technique, my ass.

GiGi is the youngest of my siblings. Ironically enough, for the longest time, he was also the scariest out of all three of us. I may tell you all about it one day but not tonight.  Let me just say that he was in a dark and lonely place for a long, long time. But now, he's one of the strongest shinobi I know. I trust him with my life, just like he should trust me with his. Ok enuff mushy stuff.

Being from the land of sand and growing up with these boys, I have been trained with the best of them and can withstand anything you can throw at me. I can hold my own. But sometimes, I like being a girl. I like doing girly things. Hence, this is where you come in, DJ. Thank you for handling my girly outbursts and for keeping my secrets safe.

I am a shinobi. I regularly go on missions. So if you get a little beat up in the process, my apologies. I'll try to keep you as pristine as I can, for as long as I can.

As it stands, my love life is non-existent. Between missions, my tough/scary exterior and my even tougher/scarier brothers, who has time to fall in love?

...Or who would fall in love with me? ...erm forget I said that.

I've just been selected as the Sand dignitary recently. I'll be acting as a Goodwill Ambassador going to the Hidden Leaf within the next couple of days in an attempt to rebuild relationships between the Sand and the Leaf. This'll be interesting.

I've been to the Leaf once before for the Chunin Exams. It was a nice town. I would have like to see more of it, but I was working on a mission at the time. And afterwards, let's just say that saying the Sand and the Leaf weren't the best of friends would be the understatment of the millenium. Which was too bad, I met a few interesting people there. Some more interesting than others.

Too bad about that kid, uh...Uchi. He was really good looking. I wouldn't have minded him being my guide around the Leaf. The last I heard, Uchi flipped out and went batshit crazy before he defected. I say he went about it the wrong way. I understand it's hard and i don't know all the details or everything he's gone through. But nearly killing his best friend and turning his back on the village that raised him just so he could chase after a creepy old man who wants to "teach" him things?

For finally coming out the closet, the reaction was a bit much. But to each his own i guess. ...I know there is so much more to this story then what I'm covering here but you want a different spin, DJ, then watch the Leaf news.

Anyway, it's getting late and GiGi said that I have to head out early tomorrow. Man. It's going to be a long day. I'm hitting the hay.

Night DJ,


ps. hee hee. Gigi.  I wonder how he would respond if I called him that in public.  Lol. LOL. ah. That's funny...

pss. Yeah. That'll NEVER happen. I value my breathing.