A/N Ok here is the break down of the situation; I got the idea after reading Before There was Venom 1 and 2, so if Jaden Ink w

A/N Ok here is the break down of the situation; I got the idea after reading Before There was Venom 1 and 2, so if Jaden Ink wants me to take this down I will, ok, I don't want to make anyone mad. It is somewhat like her story but it is different I and I think it is going to go in a different direction and also I am using the breaking dawn way of making babies vamp/ human but the baby is all human!! Ok understand!! PEACE!! P.S. takes place in 2025 but has everything in style now not vintage but like things stood still just the same as 2008. Comrade? And everything is the same up until the whole vampire/human baby it is just a normal pregnancy and no Volturi!!

Ok, my name is Jaspard Mason Cullen, weird right? Here is the break down of my "family" history.

My dad was born June 20,1901, my mom September 13,1989 and they met October 22, 2006 and I was born, October 31st 2008 on a full moon creepy right well also just add in the factor that my father was and is a vampire along with my whole family. My mom and dad conceived me on their honeymoon; not knowing my dad could make a human child with my human (at the time) well long story sort, my mom and dad had a complicated relationship, but in the end its all good!!

They are both vamps now and I am there Jaspard it is a mix of my uncle Jasper and my dad Edwards's names and Mason was my dads last name before he was changed.

I am 17, my mom calls me her little Eddie because I look a lot like my dad and not like my mom. I have bronze hair, green eyes and I have my dads jaw line, I am tall 6'2 just an inch under my dad but I do have the pale skin my mom used to have. I do have my dad's temper too, but it is not very easily released, and embarrassingly enough like my mother used to do I get tears when I get angry or flustered!! Ugh.

Living In a house of vampires has its ups and downs some ups is that they are a lot of fun to play with and they are all young and playful, and are really helpful with homework.

There are a lot of downs though, like they can hear everything, Aunt Alice 'sees' everything, uncle Jasper can feel you and my dad can hear my thoughts, but I can decide when I want him to hear my thoughts if I concentrate I can keep him out.

We were going to High school, in Superior WI, cloudy and cold. Our cover is that my dad and I are brothers adopted by grandma and grandpa. My mom and Emmett are brother and sister adopted also and Alice was adopted alone. Then Carlisle's older brother died with is wife in a mugging and left there twins Jasper and Rosalie with him,

Emmett, Jasper, and Rosalie are seniors; Dad, Mom and Alice are juniors. And I am a sophomore though I am 17 since I was born later in the year I am a grade 'behind'.