To Whom it may concern

Psyc Eval

To Whom it may concern.

For more than 18 months I have been trying to get someone to see reason about Colonel Jonathan (Jack) O'Neill 299 36 6812. I have just completed the yearly review and mandatory psychological evaluation on the team designated SG1 and had to strongly reiterate my findings.

Since the Stargate first opened Colonel O'Neill has demonstrated a willingness to sacrifice himself beyond what should be classed as 'normal' added to which comments made by himself and his team mates have led various professionals over the years, of whom I am just the latest, to believe he actually intentionally goaded certain enemies and made punishment worse than it had to be.

No one disputes the fact that the man was wholly responsible for saving the planet, more than once, however since the death of Daniel Jackson, the implantation of a Tok'ra symbiote and then his subsequent torture by Ba'al it had got to the stage where he seems to actively be trying to get himself (and maybe his team) killed.

When Dr Jackson returned from the dead, the Colonel for a time seemed to improve, however from a conversation described to me by more than one person between the Colonel and Anubis' first prime on the planet formally known as Kelowan, (which happened over 5 months ago, and the team did not report it until now) I am submitting that he is no longer fit for active duty.

In Laymans terms, the man is on the edge and is about to cause his own death. The closest term most people would recognise would be suicide by cop.

Any dispute of my findings will result in the next psychologist of the SGC being given access to all my records, and I very much doubt that they will find anything different, given the facts and testimonies of the people involved.

Dr J G Louis MD Phs D

George Hammond looked at the paper passed up to his office by Elizabeth Weir. It always astonished him how these so-called professionals could miss what was right in front of their noses. OK, Jack had been suicidal when the 'gate had first opened, and for the year after had not really 'lived' he had just existed.

But the things the physc eval missed were the reasons behind his behaviour the last 6 years or so. George knew damn well why Jack threw himself at the baddies, he also knew that the last thing the man wanted was for his team to suffer, especially one certain member.

George had seen the pain Jack had tried to hide when he had heard about the cop Sam dated. He knew that the reason Jack was now even more acerbic than before was… Jack O'Neill had lost the will to live.

The eval was right in that respect, Jack was hoping he could goad one of the enemies to the point where they would put him out of his pain. He craved release, but couldn't bring himself to suicide while ever Samantha Carter was travelling through the ring and needed him to watch out for her. He felt the need to protect her, even though she was the reason he no longer cared for his own life.

The only thing he could think of was to take Jack out of the equation, stop him from being put into positions that could eventually lead to him getting himself killed, but he knew that there was no way the Stargate programme could afford to lose his expertise.

He looked at the rest of the pile of papers Elizabeth had sent… she was requesting to be allowed to negotiate the Antarctic outpost… something she was supremely qualified for.

Hmm… glimmering of an idea, two birds with one stone? Scrubbing a hand over his bald head George picked up the phone and contacted his old friend.

"Mr President…we have a problem"