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Dreams Do Come True

Chapter One: Announcements

Dean was still in shock, "Our baby." He whispered.

Sam smiled, "Yea' De, our baby."

Dean finally snapped out of his trance. He had tears in his eyes. He walked up to Sam and kissed him. Then he kneeled down in front of him and lifted up his shirts to expose his stomach.

He smiled and kissed Sam's flat stomach, "Hi baby, it's your Daddy De." He placed a hand on the stomach and looked up at his brother, "I love you Sammy."

Sam had tears running down his cheeks, "I love you too Dean." He ran a hand through Dean's hair.

Dean stood back up and gave Sam another kiss then went over to Tristan and picked him up. He spun him around in circles, while Sam laughed at them.

Dean hugged his son tight, "Thank you for the surprise baby boy. I loved it and I love you. You should wear this shirt for when we see Grandpa Bob in a couple of days."

"Wuv you Daddies." Tristan smiled. "I's hungry Daddy." He looked at Sam with puppy eyes.

Sam chuckled, "You're just like your Daddy De you know that? C'mon let's eat. I'm gonna have to heat it up first. I think it might be cold."

Dean grinned, "Of course he is, he's a mini me. You get Tris on his seat and I'll heat up the food. Don't want you to overwork yourself." He handed Tristan to Sam.

Sam rolled his eyes, "Your Daddy De is silly isn't he Peanut? How can food overwork me?" He and Tristan laughed while Dean waved them off.


The next day Sam had to work, Dean was off and was taking care of Tristan. They decided to tell all of their friends about their engagement and the new baby when Dean and Tristan would stop by later on. Mike and Stacey had congratulated Sam when they saw him. He smiled and said thank you, but didn't tell them about the baby. He wanted to wait for Dean.

Throughout the whole morning Sam got dizzy and nauseous. He did his best to hide it, but Adam asked him if he was alright on more than one occasion. He would reassure him that he was okay.

By the time it was his lunch break, Sam was relieved. He felt like he was about to collapse. He had just plopped down in a booth when Dean and Tristan walked in. Sam's face brightened when he saw them.

Tristan ran up to him, "Daddy!"

Sam helped him onto to the booth and sat him on his lap, "Hey Peanut, how are ya'?"

"I's good Daddy." Tristan smiled and gave him a kiss.

Dean chuckled, "Hey baby. How are you feeling?" He gave Sam a kiss then sat across from him and Tristan.

"I'm okay." Sam still looked a little pale and worn out, but tried to hide it.

Dean saw right through him as always, "No you're not. You're pale and need to be resting. I'm gonna talk to Adam, you're overworking yourself…" Dean began to stand up, but Sam stopped him.

"Dean it's alright. I was like this when I was pregnant with Tristan. I just have to get used to it again." Sam assured.

"That's where you're wrong Sammy. I'm here now, so you don't have to get used to anything. When you need a day off or time to rest, you're takin' it. I'm gonna talk to Adam." Dean argued.

Sam smiled at Dean's over protectiveness, he knew there was no changing his brother's mind, "Fine Dean."

"After we eat our lunch all three of us are goin' home and you're going straight to bed." He stole one of Sam's fries.

Tristan looked at Sam, "Can I's have some?"

Sam chuckled and cut the burger into pieces, "You two can have it, I'm not really hungry."

Dean took half of the burger, "At least have some fries and when are we telling everyone?"

"No to the fries, I just know that I'll bring them back up. Finish eating first, then we'll do it."

Dean ate his share while Sam fed Tristan his. Their friends would stop by the table and say hi. Mike passed by them and said hi, Sam stopped him and told him to tell everybody that he and Dean had news to tell. Mike smiled and said okay.

After five minutes everyone who worked at the diner stood around their booth. Sam and Dean got out of said booth and Dean held Tristan in his arms.

Elias asked, "So what's goin' on guys?" Everyone else nodded.

Sam and Dean looked at each other and grinned, "We're engaged!"

All the girls screamed and jumped on them, "Oh my God! When's the wedding?" The guys clapped them on the shoulder and some hugged them.

Sam, Dean, and Tristan were smothered. Sam replied, "We haven't come up with a date yet. Dean proposed two days ago."

"Well ya' guys better pick a date soon. I'm makin' the food." Rachel volunteered herself.

"It's no problem with me, I love your cooking!" Dean laughed. "Oh and that's not the only news that we have." He had everyone's attention.

Dean grinned and whispered in Tristan's ear. Tristan giggled and looked at his aunts and uncles, "I's gonna be a big Brother!"

There were more screams and hugs. Sam winced, he was going to be coddled once again and to top it off Dean was going to be the biggest mother hen. He wouldn't change it for anything in the world.

Eventually everyone calmed down and went back to their jobs. Dean had followed Adam to tell him about what he had told Sam. Adam agreed with him fully and said that Sam didn't even need to work a lot anymore since Dean was there with him and had a job. He was going to put Sam back on the counter just like he did when he was first pregnant. He even gave Sam the rest of the day off. Dean smiled and said his thanks, he headed back over to Sam and Tristan.

"Let's go home." Dean said as soon as he reached them.

"What?! Dean I can't leave I'm still working." Sam argued.

"Uh no. I talked to Adam and he agreed with everything that I said. He also gave you the rest of the day off. He's putting you to work the counter from now on, just like you did when you were pregnant with this little tyke." He ruffled his son's hair.

Sam sighed, but got his things together. If he was honest with himself, he really did want to go home and rest, "Let's go then."

The three of them said bye to everybody then headed home. Sam in his car and Dean and Tristan in the Impala.


At home Dean made Sam go to bed as soon as they had walked in. Sam had grumbled, but did what his brother said. Tristan followed Sam, he was sleepy and wanted to sleep with his daddy and the baby. Sam changed into comfortable clothes and took off Tristan's shoes and jacket so he could be comfortable also. They layed in bed and waited for Dean to join them. He was talking to his boss to see if he could get a couple of days off. The guys wanted to go visit Bobby to tell him about his new grandchild. Tristan kissed Sam's stomach and layed his head there. Sam smiled at the actions, he ran his hand through his son's hair. He knew that Tristan was going to be the best big brother just like Dean was. Tristan was falling asleep under Sam's ministrations.

Dean's smile brightened when he saw Tristan's head on Sam's stomach. He had already fallen asleep. Sam was almost there himself.

Dean joined them on the bed, "He looks so cute like that." He whispered.

Sam smiled, "You missed him earlier. He first kissed my stomach and then layed his head on it…He's gonna be exactly like you. The overprotective big Brother."

He grinned, "Of 'course. That's in the manual of every big Brother…I got the days off and so do you. We can head for Bobby's tomorrow. He's goin' to flip when he finds out about the baby."

He yawned, "Yeah he is. We gotta call Ellen too and we still have to tell Ash. He's the only one here that doesn't know about the baby."

"We'll tell them later, right now you need to rest. I'll even take a nap with you two."

The small family woke up two hours later. Sam felt better than he had earlier, he was going to have to go back to his daily naps again. Tristan had gone off to play with his toys and Dean started on dinner. Once in a while he would cook, but he liked his little brother's cooking better.

Sam sat on the counter near Dean and took out his phone, he dialed Ellen's number. Dean stopped what he was doing and stood in between Sam's legs. Ellen picked up on the third ring.


"Hey Ellen it's Sam and Dean." Sam had put the phone on speaker, both of them said hello.

She laughed, "Hey boys what's goin' on?"

"Well we have big news to tell you." Dean replied.

"Okay, hit me."

Dean spoke first, "We're engaged!"

"Really?! Congratulations!" She was excited for them.

"Thanks." Both of them replied.

"That's not the only news though." Sam said.

"There's more?!" Ellen's eyes were wide.

"Yeah there is…I'm pregnant."

"Oh my God! That's amazin' you two. I'm so happy for ya' boys. Tristan must be excited." Everyone in the bar looked at Ellen.

"He is. He can't wait to be a big Brother." Dean smiled.

"I bet." She grinned.

The guys talked to her for a while longer then hung up. Next they called Ash to tell him about the baby.

"Hey Uncle Ash we have some news for ya'." Dean sing-songed.


"We're having another baby. Sammy's pregnant!" Dean said excitedly.

"Oh shit! That's awesome. I get to have another Nephew or Niece! Congrats on that and on the engagement." Ash was happy and excited for his friends.

"Thanks dude. We'll talk more later or Dean'll burn dinner." Sam chuckled.

"'Kay man." Ash laughed and they hung up.

After dinner Dean and Sam got their bags ready for the next day. All three of them went to bed early. It was harder for Tristan to fall asleep since his nap was pretty long. Dean told him two stories and the little boy was finally out like a light.


Bobby was surprised to see the Impala park in front of him. He wasn't expecting the boys. He knew something had to be up.

Tristan ran up to him when he was out of the car, "Granpa, granpa!"

Bobby caught him, "Hey TJ, I missed ya' buddy." He hugged him tight.

"I's miss you too." Tristan had a jacket covering his shirt.

Bobby smiled then looked at the guys, "Hey you two. What's goin' on?"

Dean looked at Tristan then at Bobby and grinned, "Nothin' really. We just wanted to stop by and visit."

"Bull. Ya' guys don't just stop by without callin' me first. Oh and congratulations." He smiled at them.

Dean and Sam returned the smile, "Thanks Bobby."

"Let's go inside, I was about to start dinner." He started to walk towards the house.

The guys got their things and followed Bobby inside. Dean took their bags and placed them in their rooms. Then he joined everybody in the kitchen. Sam was sitting in his usual spot at the kitchen table. He stood behind his little brother and massaged his shoulders. Sam looked up at him and smiled.

"Sit, you've been driving all day." Sam patted the seat next to him.

Dean kissed the top of his head, "Ya' feeling better than earlier?"

"Yea' baby. It goes away after a while." He smiled.

"'Kay." Dean finally sat down.

While Bobby made dinner everyone was quiet. Sam helped Bobby cook while Dean colored with Tristan. Tristan asked Dean when he could take off his jacket. He replied with not yet.

After eating and talking for a while Tristan started to complain about his jacket.

"Daddy I's wanna take it off." He pulled at the jacket.

Sam felt bad, "C'mere Peanut." He helped his son take off the jacket.

Sam and Dean let Tristan walk off and play with his toys. They hoped that Bobby would notice the shirt. Tristan sat down in front of Bobby and kept playing with his toy cars. Bobby kept talking to Sam and Dean like nothing until he looked down at Tristan. He did a double take when he read the shirt properly.

He looked at Sam and Dean, "Is it true what TJ's shirt says? Am I gettin' another Grandchild?"

Dean grinned, "That's why we came to visit."

"I'm seven weeks along." Sam placed a hand on his stomach.

Bobby laughed, "I guess that's double the congratulations!" He held up his beer. "I'm gonna be a Grandpa again. I can't wait to see who this one looks like more."

The guys chuckled, "We'll see."

A little while later Tristan went up to Sam and Dean. He held his arms out. Dean picked him up and settled him on his lap.

"What's up baby boy? You're sleepy?" Dean rubbed his back.

Tristan nodded, "Sleepy." He rested his head against Dean's chest.

Sam stood up and held out his arms, "C'mon sleepyhead it's your bedtime. Let's get you ready for bed." Tristan left his teddy bear with Dean and went to Sam.

Dean and Bobby watched them go upstairs. Bobby chuckled as he looked at Dean.

Dean looked at him confused, "What's so funny?"

"You're gonna be overprotective of him aren't ya'?"

Dean chuckled, "I've always been like that with him."

"That's true, but he's pregnant and I know ya'. You're gonna mother hen him."

"Hey I have a right to be. I'm new to this and I'm making up for the first time." Dean smiled. His wish was coming true.

"I know and that's why Sam is gonna tolerate it as best as he can. He really missed ya' when he was pregnant with TJ." Bobby agreed.

Later on that night Dean and Sam were in bed and still awake. Dean held Sam close to him, he had a hand on Sam's stomach. He was rubbing small circles absentmindedly while he was deep in thought. Sam relaxed under the caress.

Dean broke the silence, "I can't believe that we're gonna have another baby…I can't wait to see your stomach grow as our baby grows within you. I get to be here every step of the way." He got a little choked up.

Sam looked up at Dean and kissed him, "Wait til' you feel the baby kick. I wanna see your reaction to that…I'm happy that you're here with me this time around."

"I hope this one looks like you. Can you imagine a little baby girl with your features and with brown hair all nice and wavy?" He smiled as he pictured their second baby.

"I imagined how Tristan would look like and I was really close. I got my wish, I wanted him to look like you…I can't wait. I'm gonna be just as anxious as I was waiting for Tristan."

Dean smiled brightly as he heard Sam's little confession, "That makes two of us." He chuckled. "Plus Tris is gonna be asking everyday when is the baby coming."

"I know. I hope the two of them are inseparable. I have a feeling that they will."

Dean smiled, "I know they will."

They fell asleep after a while. Dean's hand was still on Sam's stomach and Sam's hand had joined his by the end of their conversation. Both of the guys had smiles on their faces.


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