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Epilogue- Six Months Later

"Peanut is your room clean?" Dean called out from the hallway. "Your Grandpa and Aunt are almost here."

"Uh huh." Tristan walked out of his room, teddy bear in hand.

"'Kay champ. C'mon let's go help Daddy with Jellybean." He held his hand out for Tristan. The two of them walked into the nursery.

Sam was in the middle of changing Adrianna's diaper. He looked over his shoulder and grinned at Dean.

"Man why do I always get stuck with the filled diapers." Dean pouted.

"It's your fault. You're the one who said we should take turns changing her." Sam chuckled.

"From now on whoever gets to her first changes her."

"If you say so." Sam shrugged and finished changing her. "Hey Peanut you wanna put her socks on her?"

The little boy nodded, "I's help."

Dean picked him up and sat him on the changing table, "Here ya' go champ." He handed his son one of the light green socks.

In little time the three of them got the little six month old baby dressed. Adrianna was gurgling and making cooing noises from her perch in Sam's arms. Her attention was on her big brother who was being carried by Dean.

Sam set her in her bassinet in the living room, "I'll be right back sweetheart I'm gonna heat up your bottle." Dean followed his brother to the kitchen.

Tristan sat down next to Adrianna's bassinet. He made funny faces to get her to laugh. He poked the baby girl's tummy which caused a giggle to break out from her.

"Yous like bein' tickled huh Jewybean." He giggled too.

Ever since he had become a big brother he was always glued to Adrianna's side. He was also just as overprotective of her as Dean was of Sam. The guys thought it was cute and loved that their son was like that with his sister.

"Hey Sammy we got a letter from Tris' school, we have to go meet his teacher next week." Dean placed said letter on the table.

"I can't believe he's starting kindergarten already." Sam checked the temperature of the formula before closing the bottle. "Our baby's growing up."

"Baby, school doesn't start for another four months. We're just going to meet his teacher. Either way he's still our baby and he's only five not eighteen. By then we'll lock him in his room so he can't leave." He grinned.

Sam had to laugh at that, "Okay De, whatever you say." He handed the bottle to Dean. "You feed her while I get started on lunch."

Dean headed back to the living room after kissing his brother. He set the bottle on the coffee table and picked up his daughter.

"Peanut ya' wanna give her, her bottle?"

Tristan nodded eagerly, "I's was pwayin' with Jewybean."

"I saw buddy. Get the bottle and come sit next to me." Dean smiled at him.

Tristan did as his father told him. Dean carefully placed Adrianna on Tristan's lap.

"Okay champ, remember to support her head. Just like that, good boy." He wrapped an arm around his son's shoulders.

"I's know how to do it Daddy De." Tristan placed the bottle at his sister's lips, greedily she began to drink.

He chuckled, "Just makin' sure little guy." He watched over his children. "I think Grandpa is bringing Imp."

"Really?" Tristan's eyes lit up. "Granpa says she bigger."

"I bet she is champ, but she's still a puppy."

Dean had just finished burping the baby when the doorbell rang.

"That must be them now." Dean placed the baby in her bassinet, Tristan stayed with her. "Hey Bobby, Ellen." He hugged the two of them.

Imp ran past the three of them and went straight to Tristan. The little boy stood in front of his sister so the puppy wouldn't accidentally run into her.

"Imp, I's missed yous!" He hugged his friend.

Imp barked happily and licked Tristan's face all over. The boy giggled and scratched behind her ears.

Bobby stood in front of the two, "Where's my hug?" He grinned when the two little ones stopped playing and looked at him.

"Hi Granpa!" Tristan let go of Imp and jumped into Bobby's arms.

He laughed. "Hey tiger how are ya'?"

"I's good, pwaying with Jewybean." Tristan smiled.

"He even gave her, her bottle just now." Dean added.

"You're a good big brother aren't ya' sweetheart, just like your Daddy Dean." Ellen took Tristan from Bobby and hugged him.

Dean blushed, "Peanut is always helpful with Jellybean." Sam walked into the living room and greeted Bobby and Ellen.

Bobby picked up the little girl, "Hey there sweetheart you've gotten so big." He placed a kiss on the top of her head.

Adrianna looked up at him and gurgled. She reached out to touch his beard. Bobby laughed at her attempt.

"Bobby you better trim, you remember what Tristan did." Sam chuckled.

"Boy how can I forget, that hurt bad." Bobby grimaced.

"Tris pulled on your beard, it's not even long." Dean laughed.

"Need I remind ya' that their fingers are tiny and can pull at anything." He glared. "He liked to tug on your brother's locks too."

Dean turned to look at Sam, "Did you cut your hair short?"

"A little. It was still semi long, but he didn't pull it as much." Sam shrugged.

"You gonna do it again?" Dean wanted to see his little brother with shorter hair for once.

"Maybe, I don't know. She hasn't really noticed my hair yet."

"You should do it, just in case…"

Sam knew what his brother getting at, "We'll see De."


"Stacey called, she and Ash are comin' over." Sam walked into their room and sat on the bed.

"Right now?" Dean came out of the bathroom and sat next to him.

"Yeah, they wanna see Bobby and Ellen."

"I'm gonna go wait for them at the door. I don't want them to ring the doorbell and wake Adri or the other two little trouble makers." Dean smirked.

"Tris and Imp wore themselves out running around the yard." Sam smiled. "She really loves Peanut."

"They're best buddies. I think we should take them to the park tomorrow."

"We could have a picnic and invite Stacey, Ash, Mike, and Alex."

"You're such a girl Sammy." Dean grinned. "Okay we'll tell them."

"You're such a jerk." Sam elbowed him.

"Whatever bitch." He pulled Sam towards him and kissed him heatedly, then got up and headed downstairs.

Sam wanted to smack his brother after he looked over his shoulder and grinned cheekily at his dazed look, "I'll get him back later." He went to check on the kids.


"Where're TJ and Adri?" Ash held two month old Mikaila.

"They're napping." Sam took Chase from Stacey. "Hey little guy." He smiled down at the baby and stroked his cheek. "You look more like your Mommy everyday."

"They have Ash's eyes though." She said as she was hugged by Ellen and Bobby.

"How's your hand Ash?" Dean looked smug.

Ash rolled his eyes, "The cast comes off hopefully next week. Don't look so smug dude, your hand was sore for a few days."

"Yeah, but Sammy didn't break my hand. I did warn ya' about labor." He grinned.

"Yeah, yeah…"

"Boys behave, don't make me call Missouri." Ellen warned.

"Yes Mother." The two men chorused.

Stacey, Sam, and Bobby laughed at the three of them. Ellen mock glared at everybody.

Ash and Stacey stayed over dinner. All of them making plans for the next day. Tristan and Impala played with Ash after the two woke up. Stacey cradled Adrianna and talked about how their daughters will be best friends in the future.


Later that night Dean was downstairs preparing a bottle for Adrianna. Sam was getting blankets and pillows for Ellen. Tristan went into his sister's nursery with one of her books. He was already in his pajamas. The little boy pushed the rocking chair nearer to the crib and sat down.

"I's gonna reads yous a stowy Adwi. It's about Moon Cake."

Adrianna looked at him through the railings. Tristan opened the book and began to read the short story. Sam and Dean watched from the doorway surprised. That had been the first time their son had read to Adrianna. The little boy stumbled with a few words, but did a great job reading the whole book. He would always turn the book to show his sister the pictures. By the end Sam was teary eyed. The sight of their children overwhelmed him a little. Next to him Dean poked his head out into the hallway and coughed. He muttered about having dust in his eyes.

"Night night Jewybean, I's hopes yous liked the stowy." He reached in between the railings and patted her tummy gently.

"Ya' wanna give her a goodnight kiss Peanut?" Dean walked into the room followed by Sam.

"I's reads to Jewybean." Tristan stated proudly.

"We saw baby. You were amazing, we're so proud of ya'." Sam praised. He moved the rocking chair back to its spot and picked up the baby.

"Here ya' go Sammy." Dean handed his husband the warm bottle and lifted Tristan into his arms. "Say goodnight baby boy."

He leaned down and kissed Adrianna's forehead, "Night Jewybean." Next he gave a kiss to Sam. "Night Daddy."

"Night baby, sweet dreams." Sam smiled then began to feed Adrianna.

"Okay champ time for bed." Dean carried him to his room and tucked him in. He kissed his forehead. "G'night buddy."

"G'night Daddy De." Tristan yawned and quickly fell asleep.

Dean watched Tristan for a few minutes then headed back to the nursery. He kneeled down next to Sam and watched his brother give their daughter her bottle.

"Peanut go down okay?" Sam looked down at him.

"Yeah, he was out like a light. All the excitement of today made him crash."

He smiled, "I'm about to drop myself."

"So am I."


"Daddies we's goin' to the park today?" Tristan layed in between his parents in their big bed.

"Yup. Also Aunt Stacey and Uncles Ash, Mike, and Alex are goin' too. You'll be able to play fetch with Imp." Dean had Adrianna lying on his chest.

The little boy cheered, but then frowned, "I…"

"What is it baby?" Sam rubbed Tristan's arm.

"I's no want's Biwy to be there. I's no likes him." He pouted.

Sam looked at Dean with concern, then back down at Tristan, "Peanut if he is there you can ignore him. If he bothers you, you can come to us and we'll talk to his mom."

"Or you can…" Dean was cut off by Sam, who knew what he was about to say.

"Dean…" He warned.

He sighed, "Okay. Don't be scared to come to us okay champ. That boy is just jealous of ya'." He smiled reassuringly at his son and kept rubbing the baby's back. He really wanted to tell Tristan to try the fighting moves he had taught him.

"Okie…I's could tells Imp to scare him." He smirked, so similar to Dean's.

"Oh no you don't mister." Sam pulled him to his side and tickled him. "Impala will not be scaring anybody."

Tristan laughed and tried to wriggle away from the tickle attack, "D-daddy…s-stop. I's be…good."

Sam laughed, "I know you will." He finally took pity and stopped tickling.

A squeal and a chuckle could be heard next to them, "I think someone's feelin' left out." Dean placed the baby next to her big brother.

Tristan wrapped an arm around her as he settled down. The brother's knew they had to get up soon to get everything ready for that day, but they wanted to extend their family time a little longer. They loved being together like this in the mornings.

The End

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