The unexpected always happens to the those who least expected it. Adolescence is the only time in life where the most innocent situation can become the most dangerous problem. Jessica Biancavilla was the very epitome of this. She was like any other 16 year old. She found a way to use her parents hectic work schedules against them.

Nicholas Biancavilla (37, a semi tall well built man with blue eyes and dark brown hair). He was the head of the ER and trauma surgery department of Rittenhouse Hospital. Dana Stowe (36, slightly shorter than Nick when wearing heals. Great figured with blue eyes and red hair) She worked at the same hospital. She was their Women's health specialist, a partner in the RWHC and the head of pediatric medicine. Both of them worked long shifts and got home at different times. Jessica (16, blue eyes, auburn hair. Looked very similar to Dana.) and her sister, Alexa (13, blue eyes, brown hair. A perfect blend of both parents) were left to take care of themselves.

They lived in a mega mansion which was found on a 4 acre property which overlook all of Philadelphia. Indoor and outdoor pool, tennis court over 20 bedrooms. It was the perfect house to get lost it, and Jessica used this to her advantage.

"I'm going out." she yelled from the front door to her sister.

"When will you be back?"

"Before midnight"

"What am I suppose to tell Dad when he gets home?" Alexa answered

"Tell him I'm studying with Becca."

"Should I tell mom the same thing?"

"Do you honestly believe Mom is gonna get home before me?" she scoffed and left. She got into the Benz S550 which her parents bought her for her 16th birthday, and she drove away.

Hours later Nick got home. He went straight upstairs to shower but before he did that he went into Alexa's bedroom.

She was sitting on her bed reading a text book.

"Hey, is your sister home?"

"No, she's studying for a test at Becca's house."

"Has she been gone long?"


"I'm gonna shower and I got to bed. Your mother won't be home for a while."

"I didn't expect her to be." Alexa answered.

Jessica got home 15 minutes before her mother. His gave her a chance to shower, change and get into bed. Dana got home and put her purse and her brief case in the coat closet. She went into her bedroom without checking on her daughter, assuming they were asleep. The next morning she got up after everyone had left the house. The day went on as usual.

Jessica drove in through the gate of their massive property and continued to the underground parking. Alexa got down and rushed into the house. Jessica got her backpack out of the car and went into the house. She went up to her room and changed her clothes and made her make up darker. That's when she realized she was running late and ran down the stairs. "I'm leaving. Dad has a double shift today so you don't have to lie to him for me."

"Ok." Alexa yelled back. Jessica went down to the underground garage and got in her car. She put the key in the ignition and drove away.

Meanwhile: Dana walked toward Lana's desk. She handed her a file.

"I've been meaning to ask you. How are your kids? Haven't seen them for a couple days and Alexa had some problem that was stressing her."

"I haven't seen them in about a month. I honestly have no idea what the hell is going on with them."

"Seriously? You live in the same house with them and you haven't seen them in a month?"

"I get home after midnight and their asleep and I wake up after they leave for school."

"Here's an idea. Leave early today."

"Yeah... um ok." she answered sarcastically.

"Your patient is upstairs. Went into labor and she's waiting for you."

"K, thanks." she walked away.

Jessica had planned everything perfectly. Her father didn't care when she got home but her mother did. She knew her mother always got home after 12 am. If she was to get home at 11:30 than her mother would never suspect that she was out. It was about 11: 33 when she opened the gate and drove down the driveway onto the massive property and into the garage. She got out of the car and locked the door. As she walked toward the door that linked the kitchen to the garage she saw her mother's Aston Martin pull in and park. Her heart sank, she knew she would be in trouble but she couldn't think of an excuse. Dana got out of the car and walked toward the door.

"Hey, Jess."

"Um... Hi." she said hoping her mother didn't realize what was going on. They both walked into the house.

"Where were you?"


"Out where?"

"Out... side."

"What the hell are you wearing? You look like hooker."

"So do you." Jessica answered with her eye brow raised.

"Excuse me?" Dana replied in an ambivalent tone. "You're grounded , go to your room."

"When did you earn the right to ground me?"

"Umm... let's see. I think it was that time I carried you inside me for almost 8 months then pushed you out of my body."

"Big fucking deal! You did that ONE time sixteen years ago." she reminded and ran up the stairs. Dana sighed as she walked over to the bar to pour herself a glass of wine. Holding the glass in one hand she went up the stairs into her room. Nick was in bed watching TV.

"Are you aware of the fact that Jessica just got home?"

"She's home already?"

"You knew?!"

"Yeah. Why?"

"Nick it's almost 12.She's 16."

"Exactly. Let her enjoy it. You did the same thing when you were 16."

"That was different. I was different."

"No it wasn't. Dana, listen to me. She's 16 with an 80 thousand dollar car under her ass and credit cards in her wallet."

"Have you seen how she was dressed?"

"How bad could it have been?"

"She looked like a hooker." she raised her tone and took a sip of her wine. "I grounded her."

"What? Why? Why would you do that? What give you the idea that you can do that?"

"I'm her mother and I can!" she yelled. "She did something that she knew she wasn't suppose to do and I grounded her."

"You haven't spent more than 5 seconds with her in the past 3 weeks and you ground her."

"I've been very preoccupied these past few weeks. Does that give her permission to take advantage of my absence?"

"Do you hear yourself? You sound ridiculous. You sound like those mothers you swore you would never become. Get over. I told her it was okay. She had my permission. It's not right to ground her."

"You could have asked me before your made that decision."

"You weren't home to ask." he replied. "Dana, this conversation is over. It's fine. She can come home whenever she feels like it. Period, end of story. No questions asked." he yelled. She drank the entire contents of the glass and put it down. Nick changed the channel. Dana stared at the screen.

"Can you please explain why you're watching porn right in front on me?"

"Because I can." he replied in sarcastic tone. Dana walked toward the bathroom to shower when she realized what she had seen. She turned around and went back.

"Why are you watching porn, Dana?" he asked with a mocking tone.

"How old are these idiots? They can't be any older than like 18."

"What's your point?"

To Be Continued...
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