For the rest on the day she stayed in her room on her computer.

Fckoffff: No, I can't come today. My parents grounded me
BittteeMe: ROFL. Who gets grounded now a days? Ummmm....Sneak out
Fckoffff: Can't they're home today.
BittteeMe: U R so stupid. I can't believe u got caught.
Fckoffff: I didn't get caught. They have no idea wat Im doin
BittteeMe: They will soon.
Fckoffff: I h8 when my parents r home. They are either fucking or fighting.
BittteeMe: If that's all they do than you there is NO way ull get caught.
Fckoffff: Watever.

Meanwhile Nick was in the guest house turned office. He was online with his laptop while Dana was in the next room (her office) on her laptop. Her was browsing the internet while she was paying the bills online. Suddenly something caught popped into her mind.

"Dana!" he called.

"What?" she replied from the other room

"Come here." he said obviously. She got up went to into his room. "So I had this one patient yesterday who was a porn director slash producer slash writer..."

"Get to your point." Dana cut him off

"He told me he has an actress working for him with our last name. And I wanna know who it is."


"He gave me his website."


"Go check who it is for me."

"What? Hell no."

"Come on, what if it's my sister. I don't wanna see my sister on a porn site."

"Neither do I."

"It'll be less disturbing for you."


"Great." he got up so she can sit in front of his computer. He turned around to face the wall. "It's the first link on google. Press 'Actresses' then our last name. At least that's what he told me. " he directed.

"Sounds like you've never been to this site." she replied sarcastically. "There is no Biancavilla here, Nick."

"There isn't?"

"There is a Bianca Villa."

"Click on it." he commanded. "Is there a picture?"

"No, there is a video."

"Watch it."

"I'm not gonna watch a porn video with your sister in it."

"We don't know for a fact it's my sister, Dana. Just watch it!!"

"FINE." she said in an aggravated tone as she click on it. At first she couldn't tell exactly who was in the video. Then the camera zoomed in. Dana couldn't believe her eyes. "It's Jessica."

"What?!" he turned around and started at the screen. "No, it's not. That's a guy."

"No that one!" she said obviously. The camera shift. "That one."

"What the fuck!"

"Our 16 year old daughter has sex on film for a fucking living."

"Literally." Nick thought. He carefully watched to screen to make sure his eyes are not deceiving him. "What the fuck is she doing? You can't even do that."he pointed out. Dana closed the window and got up. It was evident that she was furious. She got up from her seat and walked toward the door. "Where are you going?" he asked

"Where am I going?" she screaming. "Are you serious? Did you not see what I saw? That's what she's doing every night. That's what she skipped school for. Our daughter is a fucking porn actress. Does that not bother you?"

"No comment." he answered. "You're gonna confront her?"

"No, Nick, I'm gonna congratulate her." she answered sarcastically. He followed her into the main house. They walked in through the back door into the kitchen. Jessica was standing by the counter waiting for her pop tart to pop out of the toaster. She turned around when she heard the door.

"Hi." she said uncomfortably. "What happen, you look.... mad."

"I look mad? Really? I wonder why. I'm not mad. I'm fine. Guess what?" she said optimistically.


"I was just reading about sexually transmitted diseases. You can not imagine painful that looked. The sad part is almost every teen who's had sex has one. But anyway, why would you worry about that? It's not like you've had sex."

"Yeah, you're right." Jessica answered and tried to go to her room. Dana reached out and grabbed her arm from the wrist and pulled her back.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" she screamed.

"What?" Jessica asked in confusion.

"Did you think we wouldn't find out? How long were you planning on hiding this?"

"Hiding what?"

"We saw your series of porn videos." Nick mentioned

"You did?" her voice sounded less arrogant all of a sudden. "Why were you watching porn?"

"What does it matter why we were watching it? We're adults we can watch anything we want. Why are you shooting porn?" Nick counter attacked.


"Do you realize how dangerous this is, Jessica or are you really stupid enough to believe that it's harmless? Do you realize what you could have been exposed to by fucking random idiots? You're 16. 16! What could have possibly urged you to become a porn star." Dana yelled.

"You wanna calm down, Dana?" Nick asked.

"No! I don't!" she screamed back.

"I'm sorry. It was a mistake." Jessica finally broke down and started crying.

"Sorry? You're sorry? You're not 3 anymore, Jessica. Saying 'Sorry' isn't gonna make anything better anymore. If it was ONE video I would have agreed with you. It was a phase, you wanted to rebel. You made a mistake and you realized it. But it's not ONE video, it's 14 videos. 14! That's not a mistake, that's a lifestyle."

"Please stop screaming at me." she begged in tears.

"I could kill you right now, Jessica, strangle you. My tone of voice should be you're least of concerns. I strongly recommend that you get the hell away from me until I come back to my senses. Because right now I am prepared to slaughter everyone around me." she warned. Jessica ran to her room in tears. Dana turned around to face Nick.

"I'm kinda afraid of you right now so... I'm gonna go."

"This isn't over. I wanna talk to you."

"About what?"

"The Economy?!" she replied sarcastically in an angry tone. "What the fuck would I wanna talk to you about?"

"What about the economy?" he replied in effort to try to lighten the mood. She punched his arm. He knew she was only trying to take her anger out on him.

"This is your fault. You were suppose to be keeping track of where she was while I wasn't home. The least you could have done was enforce some limitation." she yelled as her eyes begun tearing. He didn't say anything because he didn't wanna make her anymore upset than she already was. A tear rolled down her cheek leaving a dark streak of mascara and eyeliner. He went forward to wrapped his arms around her shoulders. "Stop." she pulled out of the embrace and walked away.

An hour later Dana opened Jessica's bedroom door. She was in the fetal position on her bed crying.

"Jess?" she went into the room and stood in front.

"Go away." she sobbed.

"Seriously, do you understand the risk of what you're doing?" she asked with her arms crossed.

"What does it matter?"

"I seriously wanna understand your point of view, Jessica."

"You honestly wanna know?"


"I did it because I had to."

"Oh here we go with your bullshit again."

"It's not bull shit! I'm serious. I just had too. You don't understand, you can't understand. People like you just can't understand."

"People like me? What exactly is your definition of 'people like me'?"

"You just can't understand. You have everything you ever wanted."

"Actually, I wanted to have children who didn't have any porn videos to their name."

"Ha ha ha." Jessica laugh sarcastically. "I'm being serious, you have everything anyone can ask for. All the money in the world, fancy car, big house. Your hot, your smart, your successful, you have everything . I don't."

"There is a difference in lifestyles between 16 year old and 36 year old." she reminded as she sat on the chair in front of Jessica's desk.

"See?! You don't understand!"

"No, sorry. Continue. Explain."

"I'm not attractive, I'm not smart, I have money, I have no future and I'm not happy."

"If you think I'm attractive then genealogically you would be attractive because your dominant genes are from the maternal chromosomes."

"Okay, I didn't ask for the discover channel explanation of the matter."

"Forget it, go one with the story."

"So this guy came up to me, he was like 60 or 70, something along those lines and he flirted for a while and he asked me to go to his office and yeah..."

"And yeah.... what? Took you to his office and what."

"And I had sex with him, okay? I had sex with him! He offered me a lot of money to shoot one 15 minute video."

"How much is a lot of money?"

"A grand."

"That's not a lot of money. Your car payment are more than a grand, your monthly tuition is like double that. How could you agree to..."

"One video became two. Two became five. Five became fourteen. One grand became five. Five grand became twenty. Twenty became fifty."

"And what did you do with all this money?"

"Bought stuff."

"Like what?"

"Crack, heroine, pot, angel dust..." she listed anything that came to mind. Dana's forehead was against her hand. Her arm was the only thing keep her head up. I t was as if time had frozen and everything had become a blur.

"You took thousands of dollars worth of drugs?" she said

"No, I didn't take all of it. I shared. Tried a little of everything. I umm.....used a lot of it for an abortion." she said with fear. Dana's entire body went numb, she couldn't believe what she was hearing. Her mind wasn't able to process it. For a few seconds she just sat there trying to process everything."

"You had an abortion?" she finally asked. "When, where?"

"Yesterday in Mexico."

"You had an abortion in Mexico?" she asked in utter shock. "Why would you have gone to Mexico?"

"What's wrong with that? I thought you were pro choice."

"I am. Chances are, if you had come to me I would have suggested an abortion, BUT NOT IN MEXICO."

"I did it in Mexico so you wouldn't find out."

"You could have gotten to LA. I wouldn't know if you were in LA getting an abortion and it would have been a lot safer."

"Grandma lives in LA, she would have found out from one of her Hollywood sources. Everybody in LA knows I'm Lenore Biancavilla's granddaughter." she said referring to Nick's mother, a famous talk show host.

"You could have gone to New York or Canada."

"Yeah, and be caught by Steven, the guy in charge of every fucking hospital in town and he happens to be your brother. I don't think that would have worked. And I honestly forgot about Canada."

"Was it a legit place you went to? Was whoever did it a doctor?"

"I don't know! I didn't care. I just did it. I just did it!" she screamed and begun balling.

"Let me get this straight. You had sex with a man double MY age. You made porn for him which I assume if what led to a pregnancy. You used the money he gave you to get high and abort the fetus which was inside you because of him in the first place." Dana recapped. Jessica nodded. "And this all happened in what, like two months?"

"6 weeks. I stopped making porn 4 weeks ago. I only did it for 2 weeks. One 15 minute segment a day."

"So why have you been coming home so late these past few weeks."

"Cause I need to get high. I need my fix. I can't stop, Mom. I can't stop. You don't know what it feels like. It makes you numb. You forget everything. Nothing matters. And I need it, I can't live without it. I need to my fix. "

Dana looked into Jessica's eyes. She didn't know what to say. She sat there in shock as watch her daughter cry in desperation seeking a way out of her misery. And yet there was nothing she could do. She watched her daughter suffer in silence while the indignity of addiction and vulnerability took over her thriving life.

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