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Chapter 1: 'Cos that's just how things are…

Kyoko's head was spinning, but in a good way. She felt like laughing out loud, and she did, the laughter tumbling out of her mouth. Everything around her felt warm and fuzzy….even the shot glass in her hand seemed soft. She dropped it just to see if it would break when it hit the floor, but someone caught it before it could.

"Kyoko, don't do that."

The next thing she saw was a diamond ring, with a diamond that must be like, what? 12 carats?

"Kyoko…will you marry me?"

She looked past the ring, and saw the face that belonged to the guy who had spoken. Tsuruga Ren. Kyoko hesitated, but only for a split second.

"Yeah, sure!" she giggled. She saw Ren smile, and a moment later, felt the rin slide, solid and heavy, onto her finger before the floor loomed up to greet her face.


"Ngh…."Kyoko's head felt like someone had smashed a watermelon with it. She opened her eyes, but immediately shut them. The room was bright. Glaringly bright. As she reached up to close the curtains, she recalled the dream that she had been having…a dream that was actually pleasant, one in which Tsuruga Ren had proposed to her. She knew that it was silly, but she checked her left hand just in case.

A huge diamond glinted up at her.

"KYAAAAAHHHH!!" Kyoko screamed, a sound that made the lady boss rush in to check on her. "Kyoko-chan, are you all right? You came home all drunk last night, that Ren-san had to carry you…"

"Tsuruga Ren." The mention of that name made Kyoko stop in her tracks, and Kyoko demons begin to materialise. The lady boss felt them, and immediately beat a hasty retreat. "I'll be downstairs at the shop if you need me."

Kyoko rummaged around for her phone, and when she found it, punched in that familiar number. She waited impatiently for him to pick up, grinding her teeth as she did.

"Hello, Kyoko? I'm in the middle of a photo shoot, so—"

"Tsuruga REN." She cut him off, emanating Kyoko demons through the phone.

"What? What are you so annoyed about?" Ren could sense her aura of vengeance through the phone.

"You KNOW what I'm annoyed about!! What's wrong with this ring? What did you do to it?! It won't come off!!" She frantically tugged at the silver band, but it wouldn't budge.

"It's all part of my plan to make you marry me, Kyoko."

"Why, you…!" she was lost for words. She should've known….! When he brought her to that swanky bar to celebrate the completion of Dark Moon….Dammit!! How could he say something like that so blatantly?!

"Um…Ren-san….we need to resume the photo shoot now…." Kyoko heard someone's voice in the background.

"I've got to get back to work now. Drop by my place later in the evening…..fiancee." and the line went dead before Kyoko could respond.

"Damn you, Tsuruga Ren!!" Kyoko's cry could be heard three blocks down.


Ren smiled briefly as he snapped shut his phone. He had never met a girl like Kyoko before, and probably never would again. She was so determined and headstrong, but that was what made her even more feminine and vulnerable….plus she was the hardest to get hold off. So he had to make use of the edge he had now. His face still contained traces of a smile as he headed off to work, his head filled with thoughts of her….

…because that was how things were.

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