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March 30, 1925

Berlin, Germany

"Mama, are we almost there?" Sakura Haruno had just turned five, and her parents were taking her to a ranch just outside of Berlin for her to take horse-riding lessons, "Almost. Sit down, Sakura! It's not safe to stand up in one of these things!" her mother scolded, "But mama! It's so pretty out here! I wanna see!"

"You can see just fine from your seat, now sit down." Her father spoke musedly. The Harunos had just bought a new automobile (1) from America, and were using it to go to the ranch. "Poppa, look! A horse! And there's another one!" The small girl was absolutely ecstatic by the time the car pulled into the ranch driveway.

The family pulled up to the small farmhouse, and climbed out of the car, "Sakura, stay close." The pinkette's mother grabbed her hand as the ranch owners came out of the house. There was a man with long dirty-blonde hair, a pregnant woman with short brown hair, and a small girl around Sakura's age with short platinum-blonde hair.

"Herr Haruno?" The man shook Sakura's father's hand, "And I assume this lovely young girl is the one here for the riding lessons?" he smiled down at Sakura, who was getting aquanted with the other girl, "Ja (2), this is Sakura. And my wife, Grechen."

"Hi, I'm Ino." The girl held up her hand, "Wow, why's your hair pink?" Sakura suddenly became very self-conceous, "I-I was just born that way." The girl started to twirl her short locks nervously, "Well, my daddy says I'm the perfect image of a German citizen; blonde hair and blue eyes." Ino took on a proud pose.

"'Perfect image'?" Sakura's father cocked an eyebrow, "Jawhol (3). We're followers of the National Socialist Party, and the Furher has said that those who have blonde hair and blue eyes are the perfect image of purity."

"Well, we love our little Sakura, pink hair or not." Mr. Haruno patted his daughter's hair, "Well, shall we get to it, then?" Inoichi clapped his hands together, "We shall."


"Hold on to the reigns tighter!" Inoichi shouted as Sakura was trying desperately to hold on to the horse that was going at just above a trot, "I'm scared, Poppa!" Sakura was crying, clasping the reins as tightly as she could.

"Help me!" Mr. Haruno reacted in a spilt second, and hopped over the fence and caught his daughter as she was falling from the saddle.

The small girl clasped onto her father's jacket, "It's alright, Sakura, I'm here. We can try again later."

"No, Poppa! I never want to be near another one of those things again!"

"How about we take a break? My wife's making bratwurst for lunch, we can try again after that." Inoichi suggested, "Alright. Does that sound good to you, Sakura?"

The pinkette shook her head, "Alright, we'll try again after lunch." Her father chuckled, "If you're ready." He set the girl down next to Ino and followed the ranch owner into the house, the girls trailing behind.

"You were pretty funny on that horse." Ino giggled, "I was not! I was scared for my life!" Sakura shot back, "Yeah, but come on, you weren't going very fast." Sakura puffed out her cheeks in frustration, causing Ino to giggle, "So how old are you, Sakura?"

"Five." She spat, still upset that Ino was giggling, "Same here! Wanna be friends?" Sakura glared at the grinning girl, "Friends?! After you laughed at me for being in trouble?!"

"You're right…" Ino looked solemn, but then brightened, "Wanna be best friends?" Sakura was taken aback, then looked thoughtful, "Sure!"

"Come on!' Ino grabbed her hand, "I wanna show you my special place!" she pulled her off to the stables and into one of the larger stalls. There were drawings on the boards of people and animals, all drawn in crayon, "This is where I come when I need cheering up, it brings me luck."

The two sat on the hay, "I spend hours in here. Do you have a place like this?"

"No, I spend most of my time with my Mama and Poppa." Sakura blushed slightly, "Well, now you can come out here and spend time with me!" Ino smiled.

"Girls! Time for lunch!" Ino's father was calling them, "Come on, time to eat." Ino lent forward and kissed Sakura's forehead, "Let's go!" Sakura just sat there, stunned, "You kissed me."

"Yeah, you wanna fight about it, or do you want to eat?" Ino said as she took off running, Sakura following after a moment.

(1) That's what cars were referred to back then, so when people are talking, that's what i'm going to call them from here on out.

(2) For those of you who don't know any German. Pronounced "Yah"

(3) Yah Vol

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