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November 15, 1938

Somewhere in Southern Germany

Sakura and Ino have fled from their homes, and have been constantly moving southwards toward France, and possible freedom.

"Ino?" Sakura shook her girlfriend lightly, "Ino, wake up." The two fugitives had taken shelter in the hollow trunk of a tree for the night. The blonde girl cracked her eyes open lazily and saw her lover smiling softly down at her.

"Morning." She groaned as she rolled over on her back, her whole body sore from sleeping on the hard ground, "What day is it?" Ino asked, her voice still somewhat tired, "Tuesday." The pinkette replied, extending a canteen as Ino's stomach growled, "Here, it'll make some of the hunger go away."

Ino sat up and leaned back against the wall of the trunk, "Y'know, you know a lot for a city girl." She said as she took a sip. Sakura chuckled lightly as she scooted next to the blonde, "Well, I had incentive to." She draped and arm around Ino's shoulders.


Sakura blushed lightly, "Ja…when I was younger… I kinda wanted to… um…" the pinkette was struggling with her words as she stared down into Ino's beautiful blue eyes, "Wanted to… what?" Ino probed, placing the canteen down, "uh…" Ino merely stared at her, expecting.

The pinkette opened her mouth to speak, but stopped when she heard a twig snap outside. Her hand wrapped around the small hunting knife on her belt as she peered out the small opening of the tree.

"What is it?" Ino whispered, but was instantly shushed by Sakura.

Sakura scanned the woods and breathed a sigh of relief when a fawn and its mother graze into the clearing, the leaves crunching under them. Sakura sighed in relief and ducked back into the hollow to comfort Ino just as the deer became wary of a presence behind them and took off further into the woods.

"Did you hear?"

Both of the girls froze when they heard the voice. They dared to look out the entrance and saw a company of what looked like Whermacht soldiers moving through the woods, and two of them stopped right by their tree.

"In Berlin one of the Furher's youth spotted two women ficken einander (1)."

They had to cover each other's mouths to keep from making any noise.

"Ja, I saw their poster in the comandant's tent. I wouldn't mind a little ficken with frau Yamanaka."

Sakura had to use every ounce of her restraint to keep from cutting the soldier's leg and stabbing him in his balls.

"You two!" a third voice called them from somewhere, "Get back in the formation, we're moving out!"

"Jawhol!" The two men dashed off to rejoin their company.

The two girls waited a few moments before they let out the breaths that they had been holding, "We need to go." Sakura said, her face as pale as Ino's. The blonde nodded and they packed up the blanket they had used before crawling out into the crisp morning air and walking to the south

"That was way too close." Ino said, the color returning to her face, "It isn't always going to be like that, is it?"

Sakura didn't answer.

"Sakura? Are you listening to me?" Ino asked, both annoyance and concern in her voice. Sakura's head was angled down, and Ino could've sword she saw a shudder run through her, even with her warm clothing.

"Are you ok?" Ino placed a hand on Sakura's shoulder. She was shaking, and the faint sound of sobs was coming from her turned head. "Sakura…" Ino turned the pinkette's head to face her. Tears poured from her emerald eyes and stained her cheeks, and her mouth was open slightly as sobs escaped from it.

"What's wrong?" Ino cupped her cheek as Sakura tried to avoid eye contact,



"I… I'm so sorry, Ino." Sakura choked out, "This is all my fault. If I didn't come to the ranch that day, if I hadn't kissed you…" Another sob racked Sakura's body.

"Then I wouldn't have had one of the best nights of my life." Ino said in a soft voice, "and this isn't all your fault."

"But it is!" Sakura blurted out, dropping her rifle, "You said you didn't want to do it, you said we shouldn't, and I pushed you. If I had been able to control myself, we'd both be home right now, and we wouldn't be hunted like dogs."

"We also wouldn't be together. Sakura, where's all of this coming from?" Ino asked as Sakura slumped against a tree, "We almost got caught back there, and if we were, we'd have been killed, and I couldn't live with myself if I were the cause of your death, meine liebe (2). I love you."

Ino sighed and knelt next to her lover, "Sakura, if I really wasn't ready to deal with the concequenses like I said I was, then I would've fought against you. So yes, we are living in sin, and yes, when we die we are going to burn in Hell for eternity, but I'd rather spend an eternity in hell, than live one lifetime without you."

Sakura's bloodshot eyes met Ino's, "I regret nothing." And then Ino kissed her. It was chaste, but it conveyed every happy emotion Ino was feeling.

"I still don't know what the hell I'm doing. Or even where we are." Sakura's voice was still depressed, but she looked up again when she heard Ino's giggles, "What?"

"Sweetie, that's because you grew up in the city. I know exactly where we are, we're about a day and a half from the border. I've been making corrections every time you've led us in a different direction." She shrugged and giggled at the perplexed look on Sakura's face.

The pinkette was at a loss for words, but hung her head in defeat, "I didn't tell you," Ino spoke up, "because I knew you were trying to be the strong one. So I let you."

"You sneaky weibchen (3)" Sakura chuckled, starting to feel a little better, "Well then, lead on, since you know your way around." Sakura grabbed her rifle and hoisted herself onto her feet.


They walked in silence for a while, until Ino broke the silence, "So what was it that you were trying to say in the tree?" She looked over at the pinkette, mischief in her eyes, which increased at seeing Sakura's sudden stiffness.

"Hmm?" Sakura played innocent, "What do you mean?"

"You know," Ino nudged her ribs playfully, "Why you know so much about survival. Come on, spill it."

"Well…" the blush returned to Sakura's cheeks, "I…uh…was saying that…" She was interrupted again when they heard raised voices coming from their left, and approaching quickly. They ducked behind a tree as the voiced became dicernable.

"No, Gaara!" The voice was female, and the German she was speaking had a heavy French accent, "Ze border is zat way! Oh my god, you zee? Zis his what happens when you don't ask for directions!"

Another voice spoke to her in French with what seemed to be a teasing manner, "Because you idiot! We are in Germany, and if anyone hears us, they can help! Now shut up and go back to sleep, Kankuro. Gaara, zere is a log in ze road, go around!"

The fugitive girls looked at each other quizzically. "French?" Sakura peered out from behind the tree. Three people were coming up the frost covered road, that neither of the two realized they were near, in a horse drawn carriage, which jingled as it came down the road.

The three people in the wagon were bundled up, but could still be identified as being pretty young. There were two men, one driving and looked as if he hadn't slept in ages, and the other hanging out of the carriage itself, and the woman who the two had heard was sitting up front with the driver, still shouting at him.

The woman caught a glimpse of them out of the corner of her eye and told the driver to stop. "You, zere!" she called to them. "Wait here." Sakura told Ino as she stepped out onto the road. "Which way is it to ze French border? We've been going in circles for hours!"

"The border?" Sakura asked, somewhat surprised, "Yes," the woman replied, "Zis country has, as you say, gone to hell. We are going 'ome to Paris, where we will be safe from zis enfer (4)"

"It's straight down that road," Sakura pointed to her, and this carriage's, right. "Ah!" the woman clapped her hands together, then slapped the dirver on the arm, shouting something in French, "Sank you, madamoselle, you have saved us many headaches."

"Well, if you're heading to France," The woman looked at her as she spoke, "We could use a ride."


Ino stepped out from behind the tree and stood next to Sakura, subtly holding her hand, "Please," she said, "We've been trying to get to France forever, please help us." The woman looked them up and down, and then noticed their entwined hands.

"Ah, a couple of lovebirds, non?" The two gasped, sure that they were finished, "Of course we'll give you a ride! And not to worry, the people of Paris will be accepting of you. We French accept love in all forms, after all, we are a loving people."

Ino's face started to glow at the news, "Really? Sakura, that's wonderful! Let's go!"

"Ah, but where are my manners!" the woman lightly smacked herself in the head, "Allow me to introduce us, I am Temari, zis is my brother, Gaara, and ze loon in ze back is Kankuro.'

The man in the back had makeup on that made him look like a clown. "We were circus performers in Kolon, but zis new government has made it difficult for us to work here, so, we just go home. Anyway, climb in with Kanky and we'll be off!"

The two climbed in the back with the clown-man, "Hello," they both said, nodding their heads. Ino sighed and wrapped herself around Sakura's arm, "Can you believe it, Sakura? France. Paris. We made it."

(1) fucking each other

(2) My love

(3) Bitch

(4) Hell

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