Jazz: I'm so tired

Jazz: I'm so tired

Ryou: Then go to sleep

Jazz: AHH!! It's the guy from my nightmare!!

Lettuce: Calm down!

Jazz: I will but get that jerk out of here

Pai: Ok –drags Ryou away-

Kisshu: Jazz does not own Tokyo Mew Mew

Jazz: Now on with the story!

It was almost 11:00 at night, Pai and Taruto were watching TV, wondering what Kisshu was doing. Kisshu teleported into the room, grinning.

"Pai, you wanna see what Lettuce looks like without a shirt on, right?" Kisshu smirked.

Pai's face turned bright red, "What? No! Of course not, you sick pervert" Pai muttered.

"That's because he's already seen her without a shirt!" Taruto yelled.

Poor Pai, looked like he was gonna faint, from being so red. Kisshu smirked and Pai glared at them both.

"Well…I just put a camera in koneko-chan's room and Lettuce and Pudding ar-

Pai and Taruto and rushed to Kisshu's room, Kisshu frowned.

"And he call's me the sick pervert" Kisshu muttered.


Ichigo, Lettuce and Pudding sat on the floor, watching the TV. Ichigo looked at the camera again. Lettuce looked at Ichigo.

"What are you looking at Ichigo-san?" Lettuce asked.

"Huh? Oh, I've got a plan. Wanna hear it?" Ichigo asked, smirking.


"Hmm, have any of you noticed, that Pai's looks…sexy?" Lettuce asked blushing, she couldn't believe Ichigo got her to do this!


Pai was blushing bright red and Kisshu and Taruto were red from laughing.

"Hai, but Kisshu's hotter"

Kisshu looked up, koneko-chan thinks I'm hot? I must be dreaming.


I'm gonna go to bed, ok?" Ichigo asked.

Lettuce and Pudding nodded, "Hai, we'll go to bed as well na no da !"

Ichigo, Lettuce and Pudding stood up and pulled their shirt up a bit. Kisshu, Pai and Taruto were staring at the TV.

Ichigo took a deep breath and screamed.


Pai, Kisshu and Taruto were too shocked to speak, they knew…

There was a knock on Ichigo's door, "Ichi-chan, is everything all right?" Mr Momomiya asked.

"Hai" Ichigo answered.

"Are you sure? That Aoyama hasn't done anything, has he?"


Mr Momomiya walked into the room and spotted the camera, "Ichigo, who put that there?" Mr Momomiya asked, a death arua appearing around him.

"Ano…um, well…." Ichigo stuttered.

"Take me to them now!" Mr Momomiya ordered.

Ichigo sighed and led the way to the Alien's house.


Mr Momomiya, Ichigo, Lettuce and Pudding walked into Kisshu's room. The Alien's turned around and gulped.

"Which one is Kisshu?" Mr Momomiya asked.

Kisshu raised his hand weakly and Mr Momomiya ran forward, Kisshu screamed like a little girl.


The Alien's walked down the stairs, Kisshu was wearing Ichigo's café outfit, Pai was wearing Lettuce's and Taruto was wearing Pudding's.

Ichigo, Lettuce, Pudding and Mr Momomiya burst out laughing, when they saw them. Kisshu stepped forward.

"What would you like Momomiya-sama?"

"Hmm….ahh! A foot rub" Mr Momomiya grinned. The Alien's fainted from shock. Mr Momomiya turned to the three Mews, grinning. Mr Momomiya held up the foot cream. The three Mews, fainted just like the Alien's. Mr Momomiya sighed.

"I geuss that means no foot rub" He muttered sadly.

Jazz: HAHAHAHAHA….Pai what are you doing?

Pai: -touching his hair, wearing Lettuce's café outfit and looking in the mirror- I look….sexy"

Jazz: Of course!! Your Pai! Your always sexy!

Lettuce: Review please