Chapter One: Thought Process

A/N: My brother and I were seated on the sofa. Both of us were thinking. "Hey, why don't we write a fic about Gaara's life?" my brother asked. I was like, "Totally!" And thus, this fic was born. Don't get us wrong, we love the Suna siblings. Especially Gaara, because he's so darn adorable. Well, I think so anyway. We just decided to make a parody of his life because we thought it would be fun!

Kankurou and Temari were seated on the sofa. Both of them were fuming.

"I'm tired of that Gaara bossing us around!" Kankurou exclaimed, "I mean, who does he think he is? He just made me clean all the bathrooms in the house!"

"Totally. He made me clean out-" Temari paused dramatically. She swallowed. "He made me clean out The Shed."

Kankurou gasped and he turned blue. "That fiend! Not The Shed!"

"Oh yes The Shed," wailed Temari.

"I say we get back at him!" cried Kankurou defiantly. The fiend who made his sister clean out The Shed just had to be dealt with.

"Kankurou!" gasped Temari, "don't be an idiot! He'll kill you!"

"But if we do it secretly, he wouldn't know right?"

"I'd like to see you try to keep a secret from Gaara," scoffed Temari.

"Do you want to clean out The Shed again?" Kankurou asked darkly.

"Heavens no!" cried Temari.

"Then work with me," said Kankurou, "we'll think of some brilliant plan. I'm sure of it."

"Here he comes!" warned Temari.

Gaara glanced at them and raised an eyebrow-if he had eyebrows! "What are the two of you doing? Plotting a conspiracy against me? Do you have a death wish?"

"Gaara!" said Temari, "Don't be so cold! Why would you think your big brother and sister are plotting against you? We love you!"

Gaara narrowed his eyes.

"Of course Gaara! We love you! I mean you are our little brother and brothers and sisters have to stick together right? I mean even if we were, you could exterminate us in like a second right? We know that!" said Kankurou rather convincingly.

"Hmph," said Gaara and he walked away.

"Phew," said Temari, "that was close. So what do you reckon we should do?"

"I was thinking along the lines of pranks," said Kankurou thoughtfully.


"Yes pranks. Great idea huh Temari?"


"Fall for what?" Gaara had come back.

"Fall for Sakura Haruno, that pink-haired Konoha girl," said Kankurou, with creativity.

"I told him you wouldn't, but he insisted you would," said Temari.

"Hey-I mean yeah, that's what I said. But now I am thoroughly convinced by Temari's side of the argument. You'd never fall for her," added Kankurou hastily, giving Temari the evil eye.

"Yeah," agreed Temari.

Gaara appeared unconvinced. "Do you seriously want to be killed?"

"NO!" said Kankurou and Temari in unison.

"Fine. Then clean The Shed or prepare to be crushed!" hissed Gaara.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" screamed Kankurou and Temari in unison.

With their heads bowed, then went outside in the dry Suna wind to resign to their fate.

We have no idea whatsoever about Temari and Kankurou's great fear of The Shed. We also do not know why Gaara enjoys using it to terrorise them. How very random. Oh yes, this fic could become dangerously random. Sorry about the short chapter. But we promise, they'll be longer the next time. Haha. I hope you've enjoyed this chapter.