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Our family does a lot of moving, which I guess is pretty cool in some cases, but it gets annoying. With all of the sightseeing and pictures and foreign food it gets a little overwhelming. Like one of those been there done that kind of things. I don't have any friends either; what's the point if you're just going to leave in the next couple of weeks?

Our newest home is a small condo on the outskirts of some town called Volterra. We didn't bother to unpack, which probably meant we were only staying here a week or two. Our landlady is some crazy old nun who only speaks some biblical Italian or something. She offered to take us on a tour of the city, to some freak show of a palace –her English stunk but we figured it out. Who could possibly say no to some old lady? Not my dad.

"This place looks familiar. Have we been here before?" I asked Ben, my older brother. We had lagged behind a good ten yards so Dad couldn't catch us with the camera.

Ben shook his head, "No, we've been to Mende though. It's one of Volterra's twin cities. It kind of looks like it though doesn't it?" He agreed quickening his pace to catch up with our parents.

I followed close behind not wanting to get lost. I ended up zoning out though and bumped into Ben mid-stride. I stood up rubbing my head softly, "What are you doing? You know I never pay attention on tours," I pointed out eyeing him suspiciously. "Ben?" I asked waving my hand in front of his face. I don't know why people do that to get someone's attention, but it is fun.

"Do you see them, Mary?" Ben whispered focused on a dark alley.

I stood next to him and cocked my head. There were several people standing in the alley but doing what? "It looks like they're talking," I shrugged, "Doesn't seem like a crime."

Ben nodded, "Let's keep going. If we keep staring they'll think we're stalkers," He laughed grabbing my hand.

He towed me over to Mom and let go. A beautiful woman stood in the shade talking to Dad, pointing at a building in front of us. Several people were gathered next her with cameras. Our landlady stood as far back as possible from her clutching her cross shaped necklace.

"What's up with our nun?" I asked Ben. He shook his head tearing his eyes off of the beautiful girl.

"I dunno. Maybe a jealous thing going on or something," He murmured than switched his attention back to the woman.

It was easy to be jealous of her. All men's eyes were glued to her including my own brother. And my father! I was beginning to think these tourists weren't just here for the palace.

The woman introduced herself. Her name was Heidi and she lived and worked at the palace. Food was delivered there daily from all around the world. She said other things too, but I ended up zoning out and was on autopilot for most of the time. When reality hit again we were entering the palace. We followed Heidi up the stairs to a pair of double doors with silver knockers on them in the shape of lion heads.

She pushed open the door as we filed in. I stayed in the back with our landlady as everyone else followed Heidi in a worshipful trance. It was very medieval; it kind of reminded me of my room in Jersey, without the piles of dirty clothes everywhere.

"This place suits you Mary," Ben whispered falling behind to catch up with me. "It's very gothic. Scary almost," He smirked.

I rolled my eyes," Why are you here? Shouldn't you be drooling over Heidi?" I sneered pretending to stop and admire some torture device.

"It would be much more productive of my time," He agreed, "but I wanted to know if you noticed our landlady. She's gone a little," He paused trying to find the right word, "batty."

I let my gaze slip over to the old lady. Her rosemary was clutched in her hand she was walking franticly through the room trying to get someone to pay attention, "What's she saying?" I asked keeping my eyes on her.

Ben shrugged, "Something about 'getting out' and 'death' and stuff. I'm not very fluent in whatever she's speaking. She keeps switching between Roman and some kind of Italian."

I bit my lip, "You don't think…" I trailed off.

"That's she's right? Of course not! Look at her," He laughed. "She's mad."

I nodded, "Yeah, of course." I looked the other way ashamed my imagination had slipped. I gazed over towards the exit; three figures were retreating toward the door. There were two girls a year or two older than me following a boy draped in a cloak. They looked familiar.

"Are those people the same ones from the alley?" I asked still watching them as they closed the doors behind them.

Ben shrugged, "I don't know. Looks like it though," He nodded. "Hey, someone's coming out," Ben lifted his head to see.

A tall man with jet black hair walked out. "Welcome guests! Welcome to Volterra!" He smiled. I looked around for Heidi; she was standing against the wall with another man.

"Welcome home Heidi," He greeted.

Heidi nodded, "Demetri."

"Nice fishing," He complimented.

I raised an eyebrow. Maybe it was a private joke?

"Thanks. Aren't you coming?" She asked flashing him a smile.

Demetri nodded, "In just a minute. Save some for me."

I felt my heart rate pick up. We're not tourists, and only the landlady and I knew it. We were going to die, and nobody knew. We were the food and now suddenly what Heidi was saying made sense. Food being delivered from all around the world. I trembled. This was one heck of a way to die.

Author's Note: I made and posted this story I little while back but it didn't hit off so I made some changes and tried again. I know exactly how Mary feels. Except the being eaten part, that I do not know. But the moving everywhere I do. And it is annoying. But now I'm settled in Virginia. For now. I really didn't know how to end the story because I stink at endings.. Hope you enjoyed it.