Chapter Four

Demetri had thrown me into what seemed to be my own personal dungeon. It was a cold, four-walled little room barely the size of modest walk-in closet. It was a bit lacking decoration wise as well, although I doubted he was ready to jump in with a Home Management magazine any time soon for me too snazzy it up a little bit.

He left without saying good-bye reminding me that if I got one of those little survey things when – if- I got out of here, I definitely wasn't giving him any points for being a warm welcoming host.

I positioned myself on the floor squirming to get in a comfortable spot. Unfortunately, there's a very good reason why cobblestone isn't used for furniture and but began to ache within the first five minutes. Maybe being a pain in Demetri's ass wasn't my best idea. If I had been nicer would he have at least supplied chair while I waited for my death? Probably not. He was just evil like that.

"Very Gothic, Demetri," I said aloud, wondering if the place as bugged. Otherwise, I would just sound like a lunatic talking to an invisible person. "No bathroom, no bed. You sure do know how to make a girl feel at home." Whenever I read novels or watched movies where the characters talked to themselves in hope their captors would hear it seemed corny. But that small part of my brain said it was worth a shot. They already thought I was crazy for accusing them of cannibalism.

I wriggled impatiently against the floor like a little child in a doctor's office. It was getting dark out. Even there wasn't even a little window at the top I could tell. It seemed like a shadow fell upon the room, and pretty soon it would be pitch black in here. I hope there aren't any rats, I thought with a shudder.

Just when that wonderful imagination of mine began to conjure up little rascals crawling up my legs the door swung open. I expected it to be Demetri and was ready to start a full blown rant when a pale hand shot up demanding silence. The man in the doorway was not Demetri in any way, shape or form so I did as the hand asked. I screwed my mouth shut.

The man carried himself with a recognizable grace you see actors try to copy when they play royalty. But this guy seemed like the real thing. "Do you know why you're here?"

That seemed like a clichéd thing to say, plus the fact that no one had told me a thing since I was tackled to the ground and dragged here, but I only shook my head. Demetri's haughty comments I could handle. This guy didn't look like he wanted to play that game.

"I'm Marcus." Nice to meet you, your majesty, I thought silently in my head annoyed at the way he played superior. "Obey what I say and you'll live awhile longer." His face stayed the same cold expression the whole time he talked. Not even a hint of testosterone slipped into his expression as he spoke his 'I'm Supreme Leader Marcus' remark. Strange, since he was a guy. Or at least that's what I thought.

I put on my sweetest smile ad looked up at him with my best Bambi eyes. Let me tell you it hurts like heck to try and copy a Disney character's cuteness. "Well Marcus, I'm Mary, and if I'm going to die anyway I'd prefer it be now. Can you tell everyone I died from my dad's over abuse of his dang camera? Say it was like radiation poising or something. I think I'd be doing something good don't you? Spreading the word of killer cameras. A lot more people die from them then you might think." I looked up at Marcus and tried to bat my eyelashes, but all I did was blink was twice.

It looked like he was one of those Roman statues he was so motionless. Except he wasn't nude or coming out of a seashell. I blushed a little at the thought of that. So maybe he was in his forties or something. So was Hugh Jackman, and he was still hot. Marcus wasn't much on the shabby side either.

"You're not special." He said suddenly, crisply. "So you might as well stop acting like it. You were a nuisance and will be taken care of immediately. We didn't want panic to start because of your little shenanigan running off like that. You will be killed, and then thrown away with the rest of the buddies." He looked at me out of the corner of his eyes. "You look hurt. Well, we can't all amount to something."

I slumped against the wall. So what if I did feel special? I had kind of been hoping they'd let me live since they went out of their way to put me in this little dump. It was the right human reaction, right? "And what makes you so incredibly special? You kill the Loch Ness monster or something? Well, congrats. PETA will be after you in a few yeas for that-"

"I'm special because of many reasons. None of which involve telling you why." With that he turned on his heel and left the room leaving me alone n the dark room with my imaginary rats.


"So, how'd your meeting with Marcus go?" Demetri asked still wearing that Cheshire Cat grin. He had come to visit with food and an offer for a trip to the bathroom. I would have hugged him, but I wasn't that desperate.

I growled kicking the empty tray of food. "Why do you care?" I asked. "Kill me already."

Demetri cocked an eyebrow. "Kill you? I thought we were saving you up-"

"For a dinner party? Inviting all of your little cannibal friends? Is Hannibal Lector going to be there?" I spat back to the cannibal accusations.

A laugh bounced off the four walls. "You're dumber then I thought, girl. Didn't Marcus tell you?"

I shrugged and picked out the seeds from my apple core. "He got the point across pretty clear."

Demetri looked a bit confused, but covered it up quickly. "It doesn't seem like it," he muttered to himself, but the walls magnified it. "I'm actually kind of impressed. You haven't mentioned your twit of a brother for a full day." He patted me on the back mockingly, and it stung where he touched. "Good job."

"That's because I know you want me to ask," I said trying to act like Sherlock Homes or Nancy Drew when the pieced things together. "I don't want to see what torture device you have him hooked up to."

"You truly are a piece of work," Demetri laughed. "It's the nineteenth century-"


"Same thing. We don't use that stuff like back then." He smiled, as if reminiscing a sweet memory. I added that silently to the imaginary notebook in my head.

"I'm glad you've come to realize that," I said cockily. "You can leave now. Your starting to get on my nerves." It came out more teasing like when you said that too an annoying brother or sister instead of your worst nightmare. Stupid Demetri. He had that charm that just made you feel comfortable, even if you hated him and wanted to pick up that butter knife and stab it through his guts.

He pushed himself away from the wall and gave another smirking smile before leaving. "See you at the dinner party," he added sarcastically.

I groaned, slumped against the cobblestone, and attempted at a few hours rest.

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