"you wanted to see me Vince?" Shawn asked as he walked into Mr Mcmahon's office.

"Yes Shawn, please sit down" Vince replied, Shawn sat down and got comfortable then looked at Vince to continue.

"Now Survival Series, it's going to be different this time, no five vs five elmination tag team match, its going to be bigger, better, there's still going to be an elimination match, but theres going to be four teams of three, each situated on their own little turnbuckle"

"But Vince that would be pure mayhem, you can't do that!" Shawn shouted as he stood up, Vince gave him an evil glare, Shawn quickly sat back down and didn't say another word.

"I know that would be mayhem Shawn and mayhem doesn't create cash or high ratings, that's why only one member from each team will be allowed in at once."

"but what happens if one team gets eliminated?"

"well i'm glad you asked that Shawn, you see when someone gets eliminated they get thrown into their teams holding cell, when all of your team is eliminated you all are basically locked in there until the match is over, the last team that doesn't have all their team in the holding cell wins"

"Okay, whose on my team?" Shawn asked - i hope it's Hunter, it's the only person i work well with.

"I'm teaming you up with John Cena, your old partner from Backlash, because you two seemed to work well together"

"i highly doubt that since i don't really get along with him because he can't keep his hands off me" Shawn thought.

"and a new superstar that has joined us on Raw, he's feeling a bit upset because he doesn't know anyone on here and his Brother's on Smackdown so he's feeling a bit lonely at the moment, but he is an excellent performer in the ring, he's a risk-taker so i think you and him will go together quite well, his name is Jeff Hardy"

"i've seen this kid in action, reminds me of myself when i was younger, a rebel, doesn't care what people think of me, it will be good to work with him since he puts his body on the line everytime he steps into that ring and will do pretty much anything"

"and no time like the present to get to know each other, i've just called them both to my office, so they should be arriving anytime soon"

at that moment, there was a knock on the door and in entered John Cena and Jeff Hardy, both still in their wrestling attires, John smiled at Shawn and winked,

Shawn rolled his eyes as he sat beside him, Jeff who looked more nervous sat quickly and quietly on the other side of shawn, Shawn felt sorry for Jeff, he looked like a lost puppy, so to make it a bit more comfortable for him he turned to Jeff and stuck out his hand.

" Hi i'm Shawn Michaels, and i will be working with you until after survival series"

"i know who you are, you inspired me and my brother to start wrestling" Jeff mumbled, looking a bit embarrassed.

Shawn laughed to himself poor kid, he gets embarrassed too quickly. "well it was nice to meet you Jeff, i better get ready for my match, i'll speak to you guys later"

Both Jeff and John quickly followed pursuit.

Later that night Shawn went straight to the locker room, he opened his locker and started putting stuff into his bag, he shut his locker door and turned round to see John standing behind him smirking.

"hey John, can i help you with anything?" Shawn asked politely.

"hey Shawn, we get to work together again isn't that going to be fun?" John said with a smirk, Shawn knew exactly where this was leading and tried to push past him to get to the door, but Shawn was worn out after his match and John was stonger then him, he just smirked at Shawn before pushing Shawn against the lockers, putting his face just inches away from Shawn's. John stroked Shawn's cheek and moved his head to Shawn's ear and whispered, "You're not going anywhere"

Shawn was speechless, he tried to push John away but he didn't budge, so he just stood there, not able to do anything, just as John moved in to kiss Shawn, someone ran into the locker room and pushed John off Shawn, it was Jeff.

"Leave him alone John, he doesn't need you in his face!" Jeff shouted as he stood infront of Shawn protecting him from John, Shawn looked at him this kid doesn't look like much but he looks intimidating now! John just laughed and walked off, Shawn sighed with relief.

"hey are you alright, he didn't hurt you did he?" Jeff asked as he turned to Shawn

"no he didn't, thanks for helping me out"

"that's what you do for your friends, you need to look after each other"

"i should really be used to that, especially after i worked with him last time" Shawn forced a laugh.

"what are you on about?" Jeff asked

"Well me and John used to be best friends at backlash, but John kept saying he loved me and silly stuff like that, it got on my nerves a bit because no-one would like an old man like me" Shawn said spinning around making Jeff laugh, "you're an idiot, you're not old, if you're old then i'm the king on the world and who wouldn't like you, people these days don't mind about age" Shawn laughed

"you're too kind and are you really the king of the world?" he said with a wink and then with that he started walking towards the door but a hand grabbed his wrist, he turned around to see Jeff holding onto his wrist.

"hey Shawn i know i haven't known you long, but can i stay at your house for tonight, i know it's a bit sudden but i don't really want to be on my own tonight"

"first night without your brother huh?"

"yeah, it will only be for tonight, it's just i don't want to search for a hotel to stay at and feel lonely"

"yeah sure, you can stay as long as you like, i know how it feels when your on your own from your friends and family"

"thanks so much Shawn"

"oh yeah i'm going out tonight, do you want to come?"

"no thank you, i need to get some sleep, i'm exhausted"

"okay well lets go then"

so they both set off in Shawn's car, half an hour later, they were at Shawn's house, it was quite small but it was very modern, Shawn got out of the car and opened the door, Jeff who was getting his bags stepped in and dropped his bags on the floor.

"Well this is my cosy house, you're lucky i have a spare bed in my room, well i better get ready to go out, make yourself at home, i hope i don't wake you up when i come in"

"okay thank you"

Shawn dashed up the stairs, to get ready while Jeff sat cross-legged on the sofa, lost in his thoughts. - i can't believe it, first i get to work with my idol, now i get to stay in the same house as my idol... he's so kind and gorgeous... no wait Jeff! you're not gay, you don't like him like that... or do you?"

Jeff sat there for a couple of minutes confusing himself, when Shawn came down, he had a cowboy hat on, light blue skinny Jeans with 'HBK' on the back, with a white shirt, with a couple of buttons undone, exposing a bit of his chest. He winked at Jeff as he left the house, leaving a very confused Jeff.