This is just a little Juliet drabble; I'd put it in 100 one-shots, but it doesn't work for any of the prompts.

It's not anything special, the product; she doesn't know why it caught her attention, out of all the possible things she could have noticed. She could have noticed something else, she could have done something else, she could have said something else, and this wouldn't be happening to her right now.

"I'll take it," she'd said, and forked over the money. And then that morning; she still had her old one, she could use it… but her hand reached for the yellow and green bottle, and she should have known.

But she didn't, and now she was standing completely too still and trying to breathe as she felt his warm breath puffing against her shoulder, moving to her neck, and were his hands holding her still? and oh god he was so close, breathing in deeply by her hair, and Lassiter was watching – time to push him away, but her limbs couldn't move, didn't want to move, and-


He was three steps away in an instant. "Sorry, sorry!" he said, holding his hands defensively in the air. "But – come on Jules, you're wearing pineapple body wash. I mean, really."

She looks away, subduing the blush with pure mental concentration. "They were out of my brand at the store." Before he can respond, she continues, "Why are you at the station, Shawn?", redirecting the conversation because she can't allow it to follow those lines.

And even though he's distracted, he still sidles a little closer than normal, sniffing occasionally, and she has to throw that bottle away when she gets back, no matter what that little voice is whispering about being able to enjoy this kind of thing any day she wants and…

She hates pineapple.