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"Kyuubi wants a cookie"-Normal speaking

'melon'-Normal thought

"melon2"-Radio chat

Chapter I

The Road to Hell


A mid-sized van rumbled along a dirt country road. The van was black and unadorned save for the word 'Policia' on both sides.

From left back seat, dark azure eyes stared lazily out the window at the passing woods. Their owner was man of about 24 years of age, with wild blonde hair that spiked outward in every direction and three whisker-like scars adorning each cheek.

The man's name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze.

He was wearing a dark brown, unzipped jacket with dark camo pants and normal hiking boots. Underneath the jacket however, was a black combat vest with several pockets for various tools or ammo clips could be stored. In his ears are a pair of head phones that lead to an iPod.

In the seat next to the opposite window sat a man the same age. He had black hair that was tied up in a spiked pony-tail. His eyes were pitch black though his eyes were currently closed since he was sleeping.

His name is Shikamaru Nara.

He's wearing similar clothes to Naruto. Simple unassuming olive-green jacket and jeans along with combat boots, along with a semi-concealed combat vest under his jacket.

Finally, between the two sits the final member of their team. A male of about 22 years sits in between the other two. He has wild shaggy hair like Naruto, but his is a dark brown. His eyes are the same color and are far less darkened then the other two. A testament to his inexperience.

Kiba Inuzuka is his name.

Like the other two, he is wearing unassuming street clothes. A bulky gray jacket with a large hood that is currently pulled up, along with simple cargo pants and boots. Like the others, he's also wearing a combat vest under his jacket.

He's currently hunched forward, his eyes currently locked onto the PSP in his hands. Like Naruto, he's wearing earphones, but his are going into the portable game system in his hands.

In the front are two police officers, one driving, the other muttering to himself, his voice sometimes slipping into Spanish.

In the back seat, Naruto continues to stare lazily out the window, the peaceful music drifting into his ears. Obscure they may be, but E.S. Posthumus, Immediate and Globus certainly made good music. He wasn't exactly sure as to why he liked movie trailer music so much, but he wasn't much of a whiner or complainer anymore.

Going through hell a few times can do that to you. He and Shikamaru were living proof of that. Extra emphasis on the living part.

Had this been six years ago, after the first time, Naruto would have shuddered at the thought of what had happened, but it was interesting what the second and third times through hell had done to him. The first time had made him aware of the threat, but the second time had acclimated him to it. And the third time had done the most. It had taught him how to bury his fears of those things, of that nightmare. To bury his fears deep down where he could never be haunted by it again. At least… not to any great extent. He still had nightmares of it. And he knew Shikamaru did too, and he had only experienced hell twice. That and his second had been by far the worst of the three.

"Hey. Who are you really? Come on and tell us"

Naruto's reminiscing was broken when one of the cops addressed him. iPod or not, he could still hear everything going on in this car.

Sighing slightly, Naruto pressed the pause button on his iPod, breaking the deep chanting and epic chords of Empyrean Mercenaries. 'Damn. I like that song' Not feeling like doing anything else, Naruto just left the small rubber nubs in his ears as he answered, glancing his head slightly towards the officers.

"Guess that's a local's way of breaking the ice. Anyway, you know why we're here. You're here to help us look for the President's daughter"

The officers 'humph'ed in an uncaring manner.

"I hope you guys didn't tag along just to sing songs at some campfire" this time Shikamaru spoke up, his eyes still closed. Naruto's lips twitched up slightly in an unnoticeable smirk as he saw the officers jump slightly at that.

'Heh. Guess I'm not the only light sleeper here. Though after that nightmare, I doubt anyone wouldn't sleep with one eye open'

Kiba remained blissfully ignorant as he continued playing his game. Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core, if Naruto wasn't mistaken.


It was soon after that the car stopped, one of the officers saying something about having to take a piss. As the man stepped out to take care of 'business', Naruto stared out at the woods that seemed to mask their surroundings completely. Any one who saw his face might think that he was merely staring off into space, not really seeing anything except what he was thinking. But in reality, Naruto was scrutinizing the woods with a critical and trained gaze honed by years of Special Forces experience, and he didn't like what he was getting. Frankly, these woods were a little creepy. They gave Naruto a foreboding feeling. And he knew that a feeling like that was never good.

His eyes narrowed as something flickered across the fringes of his vision. Something was running around out their.

'Probably just a deer… I hope'


It was about an hour later that they drove across a rickety wooden bridge.

As they came to a halt at the end, Naruto could make out a house deeper into the woods. They probably wouldn't be able to drive any further, as the dirt road suddenly became a dirt path.

"This is the entrance to the village" the officer driving said.

"We'll have a look around" Naruto said as he opened the door and got out, Shikamaru following suit while Kiba was already putting his PSP away as Naruto had already put his iPod away when they had stopped.

Walking around back, Shikamaru opened the trunk so they could retrieve their gear. Opening their somewhat-bulky cases, they brought out the proof of how serious their mission here was. Naruto pulled out a large pump-action shotgun while Shikamaru retrieved a long-range sniper rifle. Kiba on the other hand pulled a very large backpack out, its contents anyone's guess. Naruto and Shikamaru slung their weapons onto their shoulders and retrieved their own packs.

Putting on the backpacks, with Naruto's and Shikamaru's weapons hidden beneath them, they simply looked like a trio of serious campers.

As they walked past the front of the car, Naruto turned to the officers, having not even gotten out and it seemed had no intention of doing so.

"We'll stay and watch the car" the driver said as he noticed Naruto's glance, "Don't want to get any parking tickets"

"Right. Parking tickets" Naruto said as he turned away, hiding the semi-disgusted look on his face. Shikamaru was wearing a similar expression while Kiba had a look of disbelief.

But before he could speak up, Shikamaru put a hand on his shoulder and shook his head, conveying the clear message to simply let it go.

Sighing, Kiba turned away, and the three companions ventured into the woods. As he led, Naruto looked up into the trees, and spotted a lone raven sitting in the tallest branch of one. The bird cawed its eerie call and flew off.

'I've got a bad feeling about this'


Well. There you go. My first stab at the Resident Evil genre, only I mixed it with Naruto. As you can see, I've made a few alterations. For one thing, there are three people sent to retrieve the president's daughter (100 points to the one who guesses who that is).

Naruto's shotgun is the Riot Gun, and Shikamaru's rifle is the Semi-Auto Rifle. Kiba's arsenal will be revealed later. As you can see, they're quite a bit better equipped then Leon was.

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