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"Kyuubi wants a cookie"-Normal speaking

'melon'-Normal thought

"melon2"-Radio chat

Chapter II

Fringes of A Nightmare


The forest seemed quiet. Too quiet for Naruto's taste.

The three of them had just started down the dirt path towards the house. Maybe someone there could give them some information.

A soft ringing/buzzing from his pocket broke him from his thoughts and made him smile softly. This place really was getting to him if he had forgotten that. Reaching into one of his vest-pockets, Naruto pulled out a small ear-piece and placed it in his right ear. Shikamaru and Kiba did the same. Following that, he then retrieved a small satellite radio that the ear-piece was plugged into and looked at the small screen while his companions looked over his shoulder. On the screen was a brown-haired girl about their age. Her chocolate-brown hair was done up in a pair of buns and her eyes were a similar color while her lips were upturned in a wide grin. Naruto returned it as he spoke into his mouthpiece.

"Hey Tenten. What's up?"

"Ah, just checking in with you guys. So how do ya like Spain?"

"Well the scenery's nice, but the locals leave a bit to be desired" Shikamaru replied, glancing back to the police van.

"Cold shoulder eh? Well don't sweat it. You're gonna be working alone for most of this after all" with that, Tenten finally seemed to notice Kiba staring at her curiously. "Oh, so you're the newbie, huh? Hiya, the names Tenten Higurashi. I'm your coordinator for this mission. So you three don't end up wandering half-way across Spain like a bunch of clueless idiots"

Kiba seemed to be taken a bit aback by this and almost stuttered his answer. "Uh, Kiba Inuzuka. Nice to meet to you" he said meekly, unsure of what to make of her.

Naruto just shock his head while Shikamaru rolled his eyes. Tenten tended to have this affect on the new recruits.

"Well anyway, I've already got you on the satellite link and it looks like we've got a clear channel. I'll just leave you three to your business. Call me if anything comes up. See ya!" she said as she gave them a mock-salute and cut the line.

Naruto shook his head in amused exasperation as he pocketed the communicator. Tenten sure hadn't changed since they last talked. Turning to the still semi-speechless Kiba, the blonde spoke up.

"Don't worry, you get used to it. And trust me, it could've been worse. They could've stuck us with Karin and trust me, she is not someone you want to get annoyed"

"Tell me about it" Shikamaru agreed, "Remember that time in Bosnia? Man I thought she'd never shut up"

"Yeah. That was your fault as I recall. At least Tenten's a bit easier to talk to. And she's kind of cute too" Naruto replied with a small grin.

"I'll just pretend I didn't hear that" Shikamaru replied with a very weirded-out look, to which Naruto just laughed.

"So… you've been working together for a while?" Kiba spoke up, not knowing much already.

"Hm? Oh yeah, we've been working with Tenten for years. She was actually with us back when we were working with ExOps. North Korea, Venezuela, she's gotten us out of some pretty hairy situations to say the least"

"Oh. Wait… that was you? You're the ones that took down Song and Solano?!" Kiba replied in amazement as Naruto stowed the radio.

"Well it's more like it was just him. I was just along for the ride in Venezuela and I wasn't even in North Korea" Shikamaru answered as the trio began walking again.

"So to answer your question… yes" Naruto spoke up with a wide grin.

Unbeknownst to any of them, dark eyes watched the trio from a covered window.


"Well," Shikamaru said as he examined the truck that was blocking the path. "What do we do now?"

"We could just jump over it" Kiba suggested.

"Yeah, but we might want to check that house first" Naruto answered, gesturing to the small two-story house to their left. "Maybe whoever lives there can move it, and they might have some info on her"

Shrugging in agreement, Kiba and Shikamaru followed Naruto to the house. Walking up to the open door, Naruto stepped right in, noticing absently how it was made of steel.

His companions waited outside, Shikamaru leaning against the door while Kiba sat against the frame.

As Naruto stepped inside, he noticed a small bookcase against the wall to his right. Walking down the short hall, reached a corner only to hear muffled coughing from the next room.

His danger sense immediately kicking in, Naruto's hand slowly went to the black handgun in the holster on his waist. Glancing around the corner, Naruto's fear settled. All he saw was a middle-aged man tending to a fireplace.

Moving his hand from the weapon, Naruto cautiously walked up to the man.

"Excuse me? Sir?"

The man didn't seem to register him at first, but soon turned to face the blonde. Naruto was slightly taken aback by the expression he was given. It was distrusting, and seemed almost hateful. But Naruto was no stranger to any expression and simply shrugged it off. Reaching into a pocket in his vest, Naruto pulled out a small photograph and showed it to the man. The photo showed a young woman slightly younger then himself, around 23 years old. She had long dark-blue hair that fell behind down her back and also on either side of her face. Her skin was slightly pale, but not too much, and a warm smile was spread across her face. But what would strike most people as odd about her was her pale-white eyes that lacked any pupil whatsoever.

"I was wondering if you'd seen this girl anywhere" Naruto continued.

The man replied in a gruff voice, speaking in Spanish. Naruto couldn't quite understand what exactly the man was saying, but he did know he wasn't happy. Naruto could easily put two and two together in this situation.

"Sorry to have bothered you" Naruto apologized. The man seemed to grunt in what Naruto thought was approval and turned back to the fire. Naruto didn't really think anything of it.

That was until the man picked up the axe.

Hearing the man give a yell of anger, Naruto dived out of the way as the man swung the axe at him. Jumping to his feet, Naruto instantly had his handgun out and had it trained on the man's head.

"Freeze" Naruto commanded, his finger resting unflinchingly on the trigger. The man didn't respond as he simply advanced on Naruto with the weapon raised.

"I said freeze!" Naruto said again, louder this time. The man didn't seem to register the fact that Naruto had a gun trained on his skull. He just kept advancing, the axe raised higher to strike at Naruto again.

Naruto's eyes narrowed at this. This man obviously wasn't listening. So the blonde did the only thing he could.

He pulled the trigger.

The gun gave a sharp crack and the man fell back to the ground, a small hole right between his eyes. Naruto pocketed the weapon, his eyes narrowed in contemplation, and a little fear. It wasn't because he had just killed someone, or that someone had tried to kill him. It was the way the man had tried to kill him, or more specifically, how he had looked. The dark, almost dead look in his eyes… The way he seemed to stagger forward… The fact that the gun in Naruto's hands hadn't even fazed him… It rang an all too familiar bell in Naruto's head. A bell that hadn't rung in six years. And a bell that Naruto never wanted to hear again.

The blonde was broken from his contemplations as Shikamaru and Kiba came running into the room.

"What happened?" Shikamaru said, all traces of laziness gone from his face. His expression was now one of complete seriousness.

"He attacked me" Naruto said simply, gesturing to the corpse on the floor and the axe in its hands. "I had no choice"

Shikamaru looked to the body and nodded simply. Kiba seemed a bit more shaken by the ease Naruto talked about it. But then again, he and Shikamaru were no strangers to killing. But there was one thing he was curious about.


"I don't know. I just-" Naruto was cut off as they heard an engine starting.

Eyes widening, the trio ran to the window looking out to the path, Shikamaru and Naruto reaching it first, to see the truck from before taking off down the path they came… and right towards the police van.

Naruto grimaced as they heard the distant shouting of the officers, followed by a few random gunshots, then the sound of smashing metal.



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