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Chapter One


It was 6.30am, 11th September, in England and it was cold. I sighed, getting out of bed, smiling at my Connect 3 posters.. today was the day me, and my best friend, Caitlyn, were going to see them in London.. sure it wasn't their first concert, but we had no idea about the one that had been in April.

"Mitchie are you up!?" My dad banged on my door. "The shower is free so get a move on."

"Coming." I groaned. Today was going to go by so slowly.. it was crazy!


"Where are my straightners!?" I said, searching my bag.

"Man, it's not even seven yet!" Jason groaned, hitting me with his pillow.

"We have a signing at the Disney Store later, remember!?" I went through my second suitcase and finally found them; time to sort out my curls.

"What is wrong with curly hair!?" Nate was already playing video games.

"I hate my curly hair!"


School had been pretty simple, surprisingly. I walked towards the station where Mitchie was standing with her mom.

"Hey!" I ran over and hugged her. "How was your first day at college?"

"My English teacher is so boring.. you have no idea how slow today went by!" She sighed.

"Well only a few hours to the concert, so let's get on the train!"

"I can't believe it.. this doesn't seem real."

She was right, it didn't. We had known about the concert for just under a month, seen them on TV and heard their music.. we were going to see Connect 3 in concert! They were going to be a few metres away from us! My insides were screaming!

It still didn't seem real when we got to the Hammersmith Apollo. We walked towards our seats.

"O-M-G this is row N? We are really close!" Mitchie shrieked.

"Wow, we can see the stage really clearly!" I gasped, taking our banner out of my bag. I turned to Mitchie's mom, Connie. "Thanks Connie, this seats are awesome!"

"Girls, why don't we get a picture of you in front of the stage with your banner?" She suggested.

Mitchie grabbed one end and I took the other. We smiled as girls tried to read our 'Caitlyn and Mitchie have the Lovebug' banner. Perfect.


Our band were already playing our music when we walked onto the stage. I couldn't believe we had a sold-out concert.. our first English sold-out concert! I smiled, as did my brothers, as we walked to the front of the stage and began to sing.

Then I noticed a banner being waved around; it was huge and I laughed when I saw the bitchy girls behind the banner owners shouting at them.

I squinted, trying to read the banner. 'Caitlyn and Mitchie have the Lovebug.'

I smiled and pointed at it, making Jason wink at them. Like Shane was going to notice.. he was short-sighted, so he probably couldn't read it!


My insides were screaming

"Ahhh Nate and Jason just noticed us!" I shrieked, putting down our banner; my arms ached and the girls behind us were getting seriously annoyed.

"I know.. eeep!" Caitlyn giggled.

My mom smiled. "Yeah, they did notice you!"

I cheered as they began to play "Goodnight and Goodbye."

"Cat, don't forget to do the dance!" I nudged my friend as the girls in front of me stood up on their seats; why didn't I think of that? It would be easier to see them!

I stood up, nearly falling backwards; I hated those fold down chairs.. at least I didn't fall on the annoying girls behind us!

I smiled as Shane looked in my direction.. not that he would notice me. "Hold on tight, to a rollercoaster ride we're on.."

Caitlyn and I did the dance I had taught her on the train.. it was hilarious! An old lady had been glaring at us because of it, as well as at the sound of us rapping! On the underground, though, a man was actually nodding along, which was pretty funny!


I smiled at the girls who had been holding a banner, who were now doing a dance to a song of ours. It made me laugh, but I was pleased that they were having fun.

Girls screamed, trying to grope Shane as he walked back and forth across the stage, and before long we were taking our bows and hurrying off the stage.

"That was awesome!" Jason went around shaking the staff members, as he did at the end of every show.

"Were some really pretty girls in the first few rows." Shane was hugging everyone and I was giving high-fives.

"There were some pretty far back too... made me smile." I said as we walked out to our car.

"Well I kinda can't see that far!" Shane climbed into the car, as did I.

We drove threw down the road, which was surrounded by screaming teenage girls.. it was crazy! Some of them tried running in front of the car, as police held them back. But two girls weren't. They were standing there, angelically, waving goodbye, as girls tried to push them out of the way.


We watched as our favourite band drove away. Mitchie waved frantically, but I just stood and watched. We had been wishing and praying that we would meet them but it hadn't happened... our dreams were shattered into pieces as she disappeared through the streets of London...

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