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Chapter Eighteen

Eight months later...

Mitchie had clipped her hair back into a messy bun, with small curls falling around her face. With her long, white dress on, she looked like a goddess, and felt like one too. Shane was sipping at a glass of water and started choking when he saw her.

"Are you okay?" Mitchie giggled, watching her boyfriend.

"Wow.. you look amazing." He replied, taking deep breaths.

Mitchie blushed and shrugged. "I'm not so sure."

"You look like a princess... my beautiful princess." He smiled, walking over to her and planting a kiss on her lips. She soon pulled away.

"Don't make me smudge my lipgloss!"

Caitlyn walked over to Nate. She wore her blonde curls loose and was wearing a knee-length, black puffball dress.

"You look gorgeous." Her boyfriend smiled kissing her hand.

"Why else do you think it took me so long!" She giggled.

Jason frowned. "Is no one gonna tell me I look good then!?"

Everyone shrugged, and walked out of the flat to the limo. They soon arrived at the premiere of their new movie, "Camp Rock."

Mitchie and Caitlyn linked arms and gasped at the sight of the press and hundreds of fans, carrying banners. They found it hard to believe that they were once some of those fans, turning up wherever they could, hoping to meet Connect 3. Now, Caitlyn and Nate had been together nearly a year, and Mitchie and Shane were going pretty strong.

The two best friends walked down the red carpet, bewildered. They smiled and posed for photographs.

"You two look amazing.. what are you wearing?" A female reporter asked, taking notes.

Mitchie giggled. "Well I'm wearing a Debenhams dress with primark shoes!"

"And my dress is from New Look.. and my shoes are actually my moms!" Caitlyn replied with a smile.

"So you two still love the high street, despite being two of the most famous teenage girls on the planet?"

They gasped, realising she was right; all of the fans wanting autographs, the comments, the emails. They were hitting it big time, and would be even bigger with the launch of the movie. Maybe dreams really do come true...

The girls danced away as Connect 3 played at the after-party. They couldn't be any prouder of their boyfriends and friends.

Then four familiar boys walked over to Caitlyn and Mitchie.

"Hey, it's McFly!" Mitchie gasped. She had seen them in concert twice, and a close friend of hers, Jade, had always wanted to meet them.

"Hi, I'm Dougie, this is Harry, Tom and Danny." One of them smiled; he had always been Jade's favourite.

"We know who you are." Caitlyn giggled.

"It's amazing to meet you." Danny smiled, kissing Caitlyn's and then Mitchie's hand. Both girls went crimson.

"No, it's amazing to meet you. You're so inspiring and you are amazing live!" Mitchie grinned.

"And I bet you are too.. I've heard both of you sing and you guys are really good." Tom said.

"Watch out.. we don't want big egos.. our heads might just explode!"

The crowd applauded as Connect 3 finished playing their final song. The boys walked over and shook hands with each of the Mcfly boys, before they disappeared to the buffet.

Shane smiled at Mitchie.

"What are you smiling about?" She asked, flirtaciously.

"You.. the most beautiful girl in the world." He replied, taking her hands.

She shook her head in protest and Shane kissed her passionately as photographers took photographs, wildly.

"What was that for?" She giggled when she finally pulled away for air.

"Because, I, Shane Adam Gray, love you, Mitchie Marie Torres."

"Really?" She gasped, her eyes lighting up.

"Yes really.. more than anything.. sorry I waited a while.. I just wasn't sure how to tell you."

She kissed him again. "I love you too... and Adam is a hilarious middle name!"

The End..

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