Edward becomes very weak suddenly, and a strange doctor arrives to help him. Is he as great as he seems, or is there something else he's after ?

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"If you ever tell Edward we did this, I will torture you for hours !", he threatened, his dark eyes glinting as he led me through the opened door of his bedroom. The incoming sunlight revealed walls covered from top to bottom with posters such as Metallica, Linkin Park, mostly heavy metal bands, a couple even signed by the band members. There were no sofas or beds here, either, like Edward's room before I became a frequent overnite guest. There was, however, a very nice looking black leather drum set and a couple of sweet looking guitars set up on their stands.

"First, I won't tell – second, you already HAVE tortured me for HOURS", I smart cracked back, smiling a little at my clever quip. It was nice that Emmet and I were close enough now to pick on each other and not take any offense. It wasn't always that way.

"You ain't seen nothing yet", he gave a wicked grin, lifting one of his eyebrows to promote that classic evil look.

"Come on, he's gonna catch us", I looked behind me nervously, feeling like a little kid going behind the teacher's back to peek at upcoming tests. It felt thrilling at the same time, but then I pictured his eyes whenever I did something he didn't like…and I shivered a little. Worse than him being angry with me, it was hell when Edward was hurt by me. The sadness in his eyes sometimes could cut me. At that moment, I started to chicken out.

"Maybe we should just forget it", I started to back away from Emmett, getting closer to the exit of his room as he grabbed three huge photo albums from a high shelf and threw them with a loud THUD onto a dark cherry wood table.

I let out a gasp at the loud bang they'd made and my head spun towards the doorway again as I growled, "ARE YOU INSANE ?!"

"Relax, girl, you're too jumpy", Emmett grinned, opening one of the brown books, "How're you gonna handle vampire life if you're this nuts as a human ?"

"Hey, Eminem !!", I hoped my voice was sounding madder as I looked at him and pulled the grey hood of his sweatjacket off his head, the neat crew cut hair sticking up just a little, "Now or never"

"Ooooh, here's one !!", Emmett took my arm gently, pulling me over to the table. Gently for him, anyway, he knew damn well if he hurt me, even by accident, Edward would take him apart and alphabetize the pieces.

I let go of my journey towards the door and had to look now. I didn't get to see very many pictures of Edward, especially ones from the far past…I was so curious….

Emmett laughed hard, pointing, "This is him in 1957 – full grease mode"

"Wow", I smiled big as I looked. His hair was very dark brown from the weight of the grease in it, perfectly combed and slicked up on both sides to that famous point on top that hung over one of his eyebrows. He had a small smile on his face, an emptiness in his eyes, though, that I understood only too well, and he wore a black leather jacket; his arm around Emmett, who looked exactly the same as he did right now beside me.

"Well at least he's not smoking", I giggled, looking at the very tight blue jeans he was wearing, "He's so CUTE - he looks like Fonzie !"

"Not EVEN", Emmett laughed harder, "More like Travolta….Pony BOY ! He's got the T Bird jacket on !"

I burst out laughing, enjoying Emmett's giggles as I pictured Edward dancing to "Greased Lightning".

Emmett was almost on the floor as he bent over, doubled over as he kept belly laughing…it was then that I heard another person laughing with us…a deep male laugh….oh Christ.

I stopped laughing and slowly turned a bit, seeing my beautiful prince right behind me so close that I felt his cool breath on my face. He was still laughing, arms folded, looking down at me. Then suddenly, he stopped, his face turning to restrained anger, sternness.

At this, Emmett laughed even harder, his voice high now.

"Ed", Emmett half talked thru the laughs, "Eddie…Ed- I—uh—Edward"

"You", Edward lifted his dark eyes a bit to meet Emmett's, "Are dead"

"Yea, Bro, for the last 80 years,", he replied calmly, "But you're deader than I am ! I told you even back then those clothes were gay !"

I heard a low dangerous growl erupting from Edward's chest as I said, "Alright, Emmett, stop ! That was the style then, and like you have to do, you do what you can to fit in so you don't cause any suspicion"

I paused for a minute, nothing being said by either of them…just the glares being exchanged. I was afraid to say anything else or to even move.

"Let's just forget this and be friends", I put each of my arms around them, hugging them together a little. It was like pushing two marble columns towards each other. Damn, where's Esme when you need her ?

"Okay, Edward', Emmett said, "I'm sorry"

Edward didn't look very moved by this.

"I'm sorry you were gay !", Emmett added. I threw my arms up instantly, knowing what would happen next. It was a fraction of a second before the growling and chasing. Like a blur of lights, they were gone.

"Mature GUYS !", I shouted after them, mumbling, "For creatures who are 100 years old, they sure act like little toddler vamps" I wondered if there was a Super nanny I could call for real little monsters…hey, there's a great new reality show idea…I'd watch it.

I looked around as I was about to leave, then thought, what am I doing ? I walked back over to the open photo album to see a few more…maybe I could see what he looked like in the 1970's.

But I never even got to touch it…like a flash he was there, grabbing the books off the table in one glorious swoop, his other hand gently had a lock of my hair in it.

"Bad girl", he scolded playfully, smiling wickedly.

"I was just going to put it away for you", I lied, knowing he'd know better.

"Liar", he scoffed, not saying anything more…waiting for me to try to explain and bury myself deeper.

"What happened to Emmett ?", I wondered aloud, hoping this would change the subject. Edward had come back so fast….hmmm…I thought Emmett was tougher than that. I'd have to remember to throw that in his face later.

"He had an unfortunate freak accident", Edward smirked, "We have a few hours to kill before he rejoins us. "

Oh God…."a few…hours ?", I felt a little dizzy. Maybe we could play monopoly.

"Yes", he said in a deep voice, gently moving me back a few inches until my back rested against the wall. And he was still staring down at me….he was too good at this…at making me nervous…making me pay when I misbehaved. Why do I keep doing it ? Oh yea, because I love it ! Thank god he can't read my mind…thank you, thank you, thank you.

My mind scrambled to find a way out…knowing it was no good.

I laughed a little…"You know what's so great, that you're so much more past these things than your normal human person, because you've lived so long and experienced so much…that these little trivial things just don't get to you at all…"

I was dead too and I knew it…I wonder how he'll kill me and what kind of freak accident I'll be experiencing today.

He kept staring at me like that…I felt a jagged breath come out of my throat. Then I stared at Edward's shirt button for a minute.

"It does get to me", he said low, almost whispering it to me in my ear, "when you laugh at me"

"I WASN'T ", I began to protest loudly, but he put a cool finger to my lips.

"Shhh", he whispered and my body trembled with desire, he added, "Too late little girl. I heard you"

Damn extraordinary vampire hearing….damn damn damn….

"What are you going to do ?" I wondered out loud, sounding a little more scared than I wanted to. I thought maybe he'd stop kidding like this now, he was always very careful not to frighten me for real. He considered me brave for hanging out with vampires all the time…little did he know it had nothing to do with bravery…I had to be near him…I ached when I wasn't close to him.

But he kept on – saying softly but just as dangerously, "You need to be punished…you NEED a good hard spanking !"

"Edward !", I felt my cheeks burn red hot, "Who ARE you ?" was all I could think to say….this was SO not him…this sexy evil bad boy thing he was doing…I liked it, though, but still…the image of him slapping my butt made me shiver.

He opened his mouth to say something more, then couldn't and his eyes returned to their normal shade of disbelief , then he smiled wide, saying, "Chicken"

"Pig", I replied with another animal name.

"Owwwch" he still smiled, a hand over his chest as if that remark stabbed him a little.

"Bet no girl has called you THAT before", I remarked, hoping I was right.

"Just my mother", he teased back, his eyes sparkling, "Told you I could be scary if I wanted to."

"I wasn't scared", I half lied.

A snort of rebuttle escaped his throat then he said with a high pitch in his voice, "Your face was PURPLE and you were shaking like a LEAF ! A terrified leaf at that !"

"I --was--not--scared", I repeated slowly, as if he were going deaf, "I…was…liking that" why did I feel embarrassed to tell him this ?

His mouth fell open, no words coming out. Oh God, he would think I was weird now….well, he thought that anyway.

"What ?!", I couldn't take the silence anymore.

"Wow", was all he could utter.

"Back in the fifties, that would've been WO !, did you used to say that back then ? Or did you just snap your fingers and the girls would come running over ?" I laughed as I finished that question, just thinking of him doing that in the middle of Arnold's.

"Brat !", he was amazed, still cheerful as I giggled. Then he added, with a sly grin, "But let's see if it really works, shall we ?"

He raised his hand up, smiling at me first as I smiled back, then clicked his fingers in a sharp snap. I HAD to play my part to the hilt.

"AAAAA!!", I squealed like a dipstick, throwing myself into his arms, "EDWARD !!"

I clung to his neck hard, covering his face with little kisses as he laughed hard. I lifted my feet off the floor behind me and he held me up with no effort at all.

"Let's NECK", I remembered that phrase from Happy Days reruns and it seemed really funny here, since he was a vampire who loved my throat and neck area.

He chuckled, playing along, looking bored as Fonzie would've. "No, not right now, I gotta go talk to Richie first…and have a cheeseburger – OOOH and a chocolate shake ! You're only a diversion while I'm waiting for my food.- whatever your name is, little chick."

He was so horribly cool, if he were Fonzie he would've broken my heart into little pathetic pieces. – and yes, I would've come running if he snapped for me. I realized just then how really good he was….and I said it out loud, dropping my fifties girl act.

"You are so sweet", I heard myself say softly, and he looked surprised.

"You can have everything if you wanted", I continued, looking down a little, staring at the soft pale blue color of his shirt, "Any girl you wanted, EVERY girl…" I trailed off, not sure if this was coming out right. "You could have the WORLD on a leash"

"Bella Swan", he said low and firmly, his finger cupping under my chin, lifting my eyes to his angelic ones, saying, "I HAVE the world…I have YOU."

"I'm…not", I started to put myself down again, and I knew he hated this but I couldn't help it…I was nothing next to him…I was plain and clumsy and…horribly ordinary. What is it that he sees in ME ? I always wondered that. His constant assurances of how magical I was never seemed to convince me.

"You're not ?", he asked, looking crushed.

"What ?"

"Mine ?", he asked, oh GOD ! Now he thought I was saying I'm not his. Yea, right, No Edward, I don't want you…you're too pretty…you're too intelligent….and definitely too intense. I need something more….Puuulllleeaassse. I couldn't see any girl turning this boy down for anything.

"JESUS", I heard myself say loudly, then thought, maybe I shouldn't say that in a vampire's home, I covered my mouth, looking mortified at him.

He showed no offense, though. He shrugged, raised a brow and said, "I have no problem with Jesus. Call him J.C., it sounds cooler."

"oh" I took my hand off my mouth, "Of course I'm yours, you moron."

Whew - he looked like as his body relaxed and his eyes went soft again. There was real panic there a moment ago…why ? I was no prize.

He sighed deep and looked confused, "What are you SAYING then ?", he looked so frustrated…I almost laughed.

"I'm so boring", I gave in, confessing, "I keep waiting for you to get tired of me as soon as some gorgeous girl shows up or something. You can have rock stars, actresses, princesses, I don't know….I don't see why you like me so much."

I felt little tears welling up in my eyes. He breathed a sigh again, both his hands smoothing down the sides of my long hair, then holding my face.

"I love you, first", he said…I loved hearing that…it melted my intestines. I wondered how long that would last.

"And second,", he went on, "You make me feel….alive. I haven't felt that in so long. I thought it was gone forever. I used to be so mad at Carlisle, thinking he stole something from me…I thought being a vampire was the reason I felt so hollow. And I'd just be this thing, existing…going through the motions of life…but not feeling anything…not being thrilled by anything at all…until you. My world was black and white….when I saw you, everything was filled with color and light. Why can't you see how important that is to me ? "

"Okay, maybe I just have no self esteem", I concluded, feeling guilty now.

"You think ?', he scoffed sarcastically, adding with disgust, "Actresses…"

"I love you too", I said, feeling my eyes mist again. I was too lucky. His lips were coming down to mine….ooh yay ! I closed my eyes and opened my lips a bit, tasting that cold soft mouth I craved so much…it's hard to describe his kiss….like gulping ice cold water on a hot summer day like 95 degrees….but not drowning from how much you're chugging down…a coolness that seemed to fly through my throat, through every little vein, cleaning out every cell…filling me up with him. His lips were ice….but his kiss was red hot. I wanted him so bad…when when when were we going to….

It was a long kiss, and I wasn't complaining. Edward often did small kisses because he didn't want to lose control with me. Sadly, though, it ended.

I exhaled, feeling like my breath would be visible when I did it….like when you exhale in the winter.

"Are we happy now ?", he closed his eyes, calming himself down as he stroked my hair some more, his forehead resting on mine.

"Very", I breathed the truth.

"No more silly thoughts", he said, not asking me….telling me.

"No more silly thoughts", I repeated back.

"Good", he kept his eyes closed.

"You don't like Hayden Panittiere ?", I asked aloud, not believing him.

"Ukkk", he opened his eyes, now in full control of himself, wincing.

He started to walk out of Emmett's room ahead of me, half turned so his grossed out eyes were still staring at me. I followed him, deciding to really torture him…for fun of course.

"Miley Cyrus ?" I asked, giggling a little as he spun all the way towards me, like he had wheels on his feet…I laughed out louder.

"You're killing me", he whined, "Stop"

"I thought there was no way to kill –" I started but his eyes tensed and I stopped…

"Let me try some older classier babes", I followed as he was really walking fast away from me, a few feet ahead of me as I tried to catch up.

"Babes", he muttered.

"Jane Seymour…", I can't believe I couldn't think of more classier babes, "Jennifer Aniston…that girl from Lost ?!"

"Brad Pitt ?", Emmett's voice called from out above us, laughing evilly and the echo shook the glass of the windows.

"Dead MAN, how the hell did he get out?", Edward took off in a blur of bluish reddish brown colors….the chase was on again. Super Nanny….save us…


"I can't believe you talked me into THIS", his voice said again as I chewed my popcorn.

I tsked and threw a handful of it at his hair….one of them stuck for a second, then fell off when he brushed his hand thru it…

"You asked me to pick a movie and I did.", I said, "And this is one of the best vampire movies of all time. I can't believe you've never seen this before. Don't you go to the movies ? If you were so bored before me, you'd think you'd have seen more films !"

"Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt aren't the kind of movies I crave ", he folded his arms, laying back on the sofa like a bored child.

I thought of a great comeback…smiling, I said, "I could always put Grease on if that makes you happier."

"You bitch", he growled, laughing a little with me.

I loved making him laugh….he loved to be serious all the time.

"I challenge you not to cry before this movie is over…", I cast the die…I was sure this movie would move him, even if only a little bit…Anne Rice is the best author of all time when it came to vampires.

"You challenge me ?", he sat up now, interested.

"Yes Sir", I replied. I knew when he saw little Claudia's burned body collapse into ashes and the mist of them covered Brad Pitt's face, he'd be jelly. I always was during that scene.

"Can vampires cry ?", I asked, not sure anymore.

"It's…possible.", he looked like he didn't want to tell me, "But I've never experienced it."

"Awww", I felt sorry for him, "I love to cry…it's such a sweet release…maybe that's why you look so sad sometimes….you need to let some of your pain out."

"I don't think so", he said, looking at the screen of the TV, "But I'll give your movie a chance. Okay ?"

"Yea, you have to pay attention and not talk through the whole thing", I set the rules.

"I will", he agreed, "but if I don't cry…" he thought for a minute…a little smile spread across his face, uh oh….what did he want now? " You have to let me teach you how to dance"

I hate you – was all that could come to mind at first. I pictured Patrick Swayze and Baby from Dirty Dancing...only with Edward and I...he was saying to me, in my dream, "This is my dance space - this is YOUR dance space..."

Come on, think of something good if he DOES cry, I ordered myself.

"Fine", I conceded, "But if you DO CRY…you have to turn me into a vampire"

"Goodnite", he started to get up a little but I grabbed his arm and pulled him back down, saying, "Okay, okay, wait…."

Hmmm…."If you DO CRY, …we take a shower together", I thought out of nowhere…I did have a great dream once where he and I were in a shower together…it was GREAT !

"Bella…", he moaned softly, "Why do you do this to me ?"

"What ?", I asked innocently.

"Me and you – in a shower together…naked….in the heat…kissing", he painted the picture and stared at me.

"Yea ?"

"I'd be drinking you before the steam started to rise", he stated.

"You said you could control it better now.", I leaned my cheek on his hard arm.

"I CAN", he defended, "But that's way too hard for me yet, Bella…I know you think I'm made of stone but I'm NOT"

"I don't think you're made of stone", I said firmly, "It's just a fantasy of mine….forget it."

He growled low to himself…his fists clenching his hair as I sat back on my spot of the couch, away from him, turning up the volume as the movie was about to start.

"You might learn something from Lestat", I commented, "He loves being a vampire, and he has fun with it…I bet he'd take a shower with me."

"Go ask him", Edward shot a hard glance at the screen, mumbling something about

"fictional character". He was the same way about Romeo, too. Men.

"I could wear my bathing suit " I offered, "and you could wear yours"

We had been swimming together this summer…how was this any different ? It was so hard, making this boy have some fun. He fought it at every turn. And he calls ME difficult.

He let out a long breath finally…"Okay", he said, not sounding too enthusiastic. He probably thought he was going to win. He wasn't….come on Anne Rice, work your magic….this is your truest test.

I didn't really want to see Edward cry, even though he HAD to see me cry at the end of Romeo and Juliet….but I did want him to let go of some of that old pain he built up for so long. I wanted him to see how good it could feel. I wanted to steal his pain away, all of it.

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