Blind To Faith

Mal had made up his mind not long after the Battle of Serenity Valley that there was no way in the verse he'd turn back to God. God had failed him in the war and there was nothing to say he wouldn't do it again. Really, there was no point to believe in him. No point at all.

So when Sheppard Book told him to find something to believe in, anything at all, he'd been more than a little critical and doubtful.

It had taken a lot for him to find something to believe in. But now, after all of the mayhem and wreckage that had pounded them further down, he'd found it. He'd found his faith; a reason to live on and fight for the future.

His faith had been with him all along and he had been blind to it until now. It held a much more powerful and undying loyalty than that of God. It was in the people around him.

It was his family.