Yes, I know this goes against my other story Growing Up by because in this story MK is Nightmare's creation. So… enjoy. To Ivy Starr and RabidHouseBrownie. By the way, Barenesence is pronounced (Bare-en-ess-ense)

"Barenesence!" Molofrin screeched at me, as I was hanging from the top of the ceiling, bat-like wings wrapped around me as I slept.

"Barenesence!" Molofrin shouted again, this time picking up a rock and throwing it with inhuman strength and hitting me. I opened up my wings to reveal white face surrounded by black curls and a body covered in silver scales up to my neck. I wore a torn brown shirt and skirt that were almost rags. "What?" I asked sleepily, rubbing a purple, cat-like eye.

"Our master wants us," hissed Molofrin, sticking out his forked tongue and having it flutter inches from my face. Oh, how I longed to grab that thin black tongue and rip it out of his head.

"Very well. What does he want?"

"He did not say. But whatever it is, I cannot understand why he would want you for it." He smirked as I bared my fangs and clenched my fists to keep from shredding him to ribbons, "Nor I you." Was all I said and watched in satisfaction as Molofrin's reptilian face twisted in rage.

We walked down the metallic hallway in silence. Molofrin's snake-like body sliding along the surface, making a grating sound that seemed to only irritate me, my clawed feet clicked on the hard surface. We were the only demon beasts on all of Nightmare's ship that seemed to truly hate each other.

We stepped into a large room with a catwalk that stretched out into the middle of it. We walked out onto the end and stepped onto a rising platform that carried them up to a dark mass that was our master.

"You called for us master?" Molofrin asked, making a deep bow. Suck up I thought, crossing my arms.

"You will be going to Pop Star to finish off the little star warrior known as Kirby. And while you're at it, see if you can kill Meta Knight also."

"As you wish sir," Molofrin said, bowing again.

"Fine," I sighed, "But why do I have to go with him?"

"Silence!" hissed Nightmare, "You shall do as I say! Now go!" involuntarily, my wings unfolded, I took air, and glided out of the room.

From the day I was created, I hated Nightmare. I somewhat envied those who had defied him. I didn't like them or respect them, just envied. Meta Knight, for example. He had defied Nightmare and was now in the galaxy soldier army. Or, was. From what I had heard, they had broken up after Nightmare finished off the star warriors.

Molofrin however, was just peachy working for the guy. He certainly was evil enough. I remembered how he had killed Sir Krin from the Galaxy Soldiers. And his armor I liked best, it had sort of a not-quite-liquid, not-quite-solid look to it.

I glided down the hallways, passing a small arena where she heard roars and screeches. I peeked inside and watched as Fire Lion attacked an Ice Bird that was shooting shards of ice at it in a porcupine sort of way.

I pulled herself away from the fight and walked into a room with a large transmitter in the center and a wall of buttons that who knows what did. Talking to Molofrin was a little man without legs. Customer Service.

"We were told to come here to be sent to Pop Star?" I asked, folding my wings and sitting on the transmitter.

"Yes. Just a moment," Customer Service stepped behind a small panel, "If you please," Molofrin pulled me onto the transmitter all the way just as the energy started to crackled around them and we disappeared in a flash of light.

Swirling colors spun around us as we were shoved simultaneously into a vortex that was transporting us hundreds of light-years away from where we once were.

"I still don't understand why he chose you to come on this mission," snarled Molofrin, flicking his tail so that it whipped my arm. "Ow! What is your problem?"

"My problem is working with the likes of you!" he growled

I flung myself at Molofrin, scratching and biting every inch of him I could find.

They vortex disappeared and we were in a dark room, however, this had not been noticed by either of us as they had gone on attacking each other. Once we heard footsteps, then we looked up. Blood oozing from cuts on our faces. I shooted upwards and clung to the ceiling, leaving Molofrin to duck behind a pillar. "Idiot," I mumbled as the door burst open and Meta Knight, Sword, and Blade walked into the room, swords at the ready. So that's what he looks like, I thought. I had never seen him in person before, I had only heard from other demon beasts. He looked a bit like a blueberry.

"I heard something," said one of his knaves, or, that's what I assumed they were, he had turquoise armor and his helmet looked a bit like a loaf of bread.

"Investigate," said Meta Knight, and his knaves obeyed. I smirked at the thought of them discovering Molofrin and slicing him to ribbons.

As if on queue, the demon beast darted out into the center of the room, the two knaves close on his tail. He raced out of the room, all three of the knights chasing after him. I dropped onto the floor, making barely a sound.

I peeked out into the hallway, which was seemingly empty. Suddenly, someone jumped me, shoving me to the ground and pointing a golden sword at my neck. "I thought it might have brought a friend," Meta Knight glared down at me, his eyes a bloody red.

"He's not my friend," I growled, ok, maybe not the best way to save my skin, "I hate him and I hate Nightmare."

"As anyone else would say it, that's bull," his foot was on my chest, pressing the air out of me

"No it's not," I contradicted, "Why should I be any different than you? Or Kirby? You are both Nightmares' creation. You didn't slice Kirby in two,"

Meta Knight twisted the swords hilt, I could feel it turn on my skin, "Kirby and I are star warriors. Unlike you and the vermin my companions are chasing now."

"You chose the side you were on, now I choose mine,"

Meta Knight pulled his sword away from my neck, but his foot remained on my chest, "Who are you?" he asked

"My name is Barenesence. I came here with Molofrin, the half man-half snake that your friends are chasing,"

"You are not working for Nightmare? What about him?"

"I wish I wasn't, so I don't think I am." I said, "Molofrin, on the other hand, is after yours and Kirby's heads."

Meta Knight seemed lost in thought when his followers ran up to him. The one in the turquoise armor panted, "He disappeared into the forest sir. We could not find him." He glanced down at me, "Shall we finish her for you sir? It would be our pleasure." He pointed his sword at me, before Meta Knight said, "No, that will not be necessary Sword, she is no threat to us."

"I'm glad you feel that way," I smirked, "but, if you wouldn't mind, would you please take your foot off of my chest?"

He removed his foot and I stood up, brushing nonexistent dirt from my skirt, "Thank you,"

Meta Knight nodded and then grabbed my shirt and pulled me close to his face, "But if you are lying to me, I can, and will, hunt you down."

He and his knaves walked away, leaving shivers down my spine.

Well? What did you think of it so far? I'm not sure whether to have any BarenesencexMK. That's for you to decide. Don't worry; I'll come up with a nickname for her so it won't be so long.