Happy Halloween to all! I want to clear something up. I just realized that there was another fic called Tainted Blood. To the author, if you're reading this, I'm uberly sorry and I didn't know there was a fic by that name already. This chapter is Halloween based so enjoy!

For the past 2 days I kept to myself, I lived in the woods where I was sure no one would find me. Occasionally I saw Meta Knight and his 2 knaves (whose names I figured out were Sword and Blade) coming out to train. I let them be. I wasn't exactly in the mood to see anyone. I'm very solitary and not exactly a fan of being around people. Molofrin however, was up in castle Dedede, planning to off Kirby. Also, from what I knew of the bastard, he was planning on not just killing Kirby, but Meta Knight, and probably just about everyone else in this village.

It was turning to fall. The leaves were changing and the air got a bit colder. While I was walking, I heard voices just outside the forest, talking excitedly. I listened from behind a tree, anxious to hear what the conversation was about.

"Do you have everything set up for tonight?" asked one of the voices

"Yeah, now all we need are the kids. This'll scare the pants off of them!" assured the other one

I walked off, contemplating what they were talking about. Then I remembered. How could I have forgotten? Tonight was Halloween!

(Yes I know they don't call it Halloween in either version but I forgot what it is)

A mischievous smile crept over my mouth. Now was my night to have a little fun.

They sky grew dark as I watched from above the treetops as the kids from the village all gathered at the edge of the woods. Now, I know I'm supposed to be a benevolent demon beast, but sometimes scaring people is just too much fun to pass up.

I watched the first kid go into the woods, holding a torch. Now was my chance. I wasn't going to hurt the kid… physically.

I swooped down into the trees and waited on a low branch for the light of the torch got closer and closer. Just as the child was right below me, I swung upside down and screeched in his face.

He almost dropped the torch as he ran at full speed away from me. I was laughing so hard I fell off of the limb an onto the forest floor. As I laughed, I heard a cough above me. I turned and saw Meta Knight standing on the branch where I had been moments before. He glared down at me. Eyes full of, not what I would call anger, but disapproval.

"Having fun?" he asked in a tone that sounded more serious than necessary.

"More fun than you at the very least." I said back, "Lighten up! Or will that hurt your ego?"

Meta Knight jumped from the tree and landed on my chest, knocking the air out of me. He pointed Galaxia at my face.

"Déjà vu," I said, smiling

"If you wish to keep your head, you will learn to hold your tongue." He snarled, sheathing his sword, "I have things to attend to."

And with that, he walked off into the darkness, showing almost no sign that he was ever here

"… Party pooper," I muttered, folding my arms, "Just because he has a pole shoved up his arse doesn't mean we all do."

I sighed and kept walking, hoping to come across more kids to scare.

After awhile, I heard rustling in the bushes ahead of me. I climbed up into a tree and watched as Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby approached the bushes where I could see Dedede and Escargoon holding out a fishing rod that seemed to have florescent orbs attached on the end. In the tree across from me I saw Meta Knight's silhouette and his glowing amber eyes.

"Chill out," I mouthed to him. Like I was going to scare the three of them. Meta Knight would run me through if I did. It seemed as if he followed them around everywhere… like an emo puppy dog.

I watched as the three kids approached the light. The boy seemed freaked out to an unhealthy extent, but the girl just picked up a rock and threw it at the bush where Dedede and Escargoon were hiding.

I laughed behind my hand as the rock brained Escargoon and he let out a loud, "Ouch!" before Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby moved on. Meta Knight seemed to follow them silently through the trees.

The deeper into the woods they went, the more Dedede seemed to pester them. It irritated me on a personal level the pitiful gags that the adults seemed to put up for these kids. It was so pathetic I almost wanted to burn them. Oh well, I'll wait for my birthday.

Later, Meta Knight motioned towards me. Silently, I flew over to him and sat next to him on the branch. "Yes?" I asked

"I have things to do back at the castle. I want you to prove to me that I can actually trust your kind." He explained

"Even though you're one of our kind too," I muttered

"We'll argue about that later," Meta Knight said harshly, "I want you to follow them and make sure the king doesn't do anything too idiotic. If you harm a hair on their heads…" Meta Knight ran a gloved finger down his blade, "You know what will happen."

"Yes sir," I said. I did an over exaggerated army salute and glided behind the three children.

"What are the consequences of what I have just done?" Meta Knight murmured to himself and sat in the tree, waiting for Tiff, Tuff, or both running for help for some Nightmare related reason.

I swooped ahead of them. Like the first kid I had scared, I waited until they were under the tree before I fell into an upside down position in front of them. They gave a startled yell and stumbled back. Tiff shouted at me, "Nessa! What was that for?!"

"Happy Halloween!" I laughed, landing on the ground to help them up

"Why are you here?" Tuff asked coldly, half glaring, half smiling at me

"Meta Knight wanted me to look after you for some strange, twisted reason that he formed in his own strange, twisted mind."

"You? Look after us?" Tiff asked in disbelief, "Why should we believe you?"

"Because I said so," I said, smirking, "Let's go, I heard there was a graveyard up here somewhere."

"Poyo!" Kirby shouted gleefully, completely oblivious to what was going on around him.

Hello! I'm working on part 2 now. In case you were wondering, this is basically my retake on the Kirby episode (dub version) Scare Tactics. I'm not sure what it's called in the original. Sue me. By the way, I need your guys advice. Should I do some Nessa/Mety fluff or no? Review and let me know please!