While it had been an instentanious realization for Renesmee around her 17th Birthday she was quite sure the feelings were deffinitly not resipricated by the object of her devotion, Jacob Black

It started out as smutty goodness, until I found; I apparently am love starved and need to inject a sweet little understory about how very much Renesmee loved Jake and visa-versa. So enjoy, but obviously it all culminates in some Lemony lovin! Read and Review

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While it had been an instantaneous realization for Renesmee right around her 17th Birthday she was quite sure the feelings were not reciprocated by the object of her devotion, Jacob Black. She may have been celebrating 17; however it was much closer to 10 in her accelerated life span, and her developing body didn't seem to sit well with an over protective supernatural family. Her mother, possibly sensing the shift in her daughters emotions had taken this opportunity to delicately explained imprinting to her. Mostly, it had been clarified in Renesmee's mind that while her big brother figure affectionately referred to as "Uncle Jakey" and she shared an intense and achingly close bond, he had no real choice in the matter.

She had begun to feel something new at that point, a sorrow, to make him endure his sentence of a life time, if not longer, of companionship with a dippy little girl such as herself seemed hardly fare. However, as she considerably matured in body and in mind so too had her love for him. It had blossomed into a new kind of love, a glowing burn in her stomach, while it was still a kind and caring love, it was now coated with desire. Through this desire she found hope, surely this could be some sort of compensation, although she was unsure how welcome the present would be. If he had to spend is life tethered to her by unknown forces the least she could do is chain her self with him.

To Renesmee, Jacob was no longer an uncle or a big brother, he was her future lover. Sure she still saw him in the same protective role, but now she longed to have those protective russet arms wrapped around her waist. Those fingers that had once wagged in her face as he sternly protested "No Nessie, you can't hunt alone its too dangerous," she imagined them exploring her body leaving trails of burning need behind them.

Shortly after Renesmee had come to this realization, literally seconds after, she felt Alice at her side. Alice pinched hard at her cheek and giggled "I knew it, I knew it! I could tell you would be the one to start that ball rolling, your father, always worried about that dog searching for any wanderings in his mutt mind, but I could tell you were the devil in an angel's body!"

Awkwardly Renesmee turned to face her aunt, she thought at first she might play it innocent, looking down she tried turning the full power of her chocolate eyes on the pixie who was now considerably shorter than her niece. "Not a chance I saw it all."

With a considerable sigh Renesmee relented "Ok, so what do I do about it?!" She almost screeched, the emotion of the situation was beginning to tear at her, the man she had loved for so long, she now lusted for as well.

"Sorry, I'm not here for that, you'll figure it out little girl I know you will, actually I quite certainly know you will" she said with another short bell like giggle. "If it makes you feel any more confident about your out come, I saw you wearing this, hope it fits!" her small hands dropped a pale pink bag at Renesmee's feet before darting through the door and out of the cabin.

But alas Jacob felt none the desire in return, she was sure of it. Recently on hunting trips accompanied by him she had let the animalistic lust take control, it felt some how right in this environment. This day on a whim she had deliberately ripped a dress she had worn for the occasion in strategic areas, exposing more of her milk toned flesh than she had ever before in his presence. With a large rip below her breast exposing their soft curves and a series of small ones around her waist and lower back, she looked positively ravished. She took deep breaths striding into the clearing where he was awaiting her return after a successful kill. With one last gulp of crisp air she stepped through the last bit of brush appearing in his full view. Jacob briefly caught her wide nervous eyes, and for a moment she thought his drifted over the curves of her breast, her nipples now fully erect and pressing at the silk fabric, before abruptly pointing his face to the sky and swiftly removing his jacket. With a sharp movement he thrust the jacket in her direction still keeping his eyes skyward.

"Not cold, thanks Jake" Renesmee proclaimed, in what she hoped was a tone casual enough to elude him of her thoughts, her needs.

"Didn't say you were Ness, cover yourself please. You might give a hunter or two the shock of their lives dressed like…like, th-that" Renesmee had circled around to face him, although unable to regain eye contact she thought maybe he would now be able to glimpse her through that excellent wolf peripheral he was always bragging about.

When he did not move holding the jacket stiffly at arms length she begrudgingly took it from him with an audible "humph." Deciding to make the most of the situation; she stretched her arms high above her head in order to place each one through a sleeve opening. Slowly she felt the sheer dress shifting on her body riding up at her curving hips, exposing more flesh. Turning her back to him a breeze caressed her from below and she was certain the lower half of her panties along with the curved bottom of her butt cheeks were now visible to him, that is if he chose to even look at the display.

With his large jacket now enveloping her slight body she turned to glare at him, hoping he would at last look her in the eye at last. When she turned she was baffled to see he had slipped away, her perfect sight caught a glimpse of him now bounding up a far hill back towards his home. Sighing she felt even more childish and stupid, what she thought had been the ultimate display of her all too ready body, had gone utterly unnoticed by its intended audience.

Renesmee started back towards her small cottage house. She would be alone for the next month or so while her parents celebrated their 10 year anniversary on her grandmother's remote island. Not completely alone, her aunts and uncles lived only miles from the house, and Jacob was on strict instructions to check in on her whenever he could. After today however Renesmee was quite sure it would be a while before he poked in again.

Swiftly she arrived at the house, scurrying to her room to sulk over the day's events. Plopping down on her bed she thrust a pillow over her head hoping to suffocate all idiotic thought from her head. Alas what good are fainted suicide attempts when you are virtually invincible? Rolling over she focused her eyes across the room where Alice's pale pink bag still lay unopened. "A whole lot of accuracy Alice has lately," she thought as she picked up the bag riffling through its contents. Unwrapping the scented tissue paper revealed a pair of emerald green panties, laced ruffles covered virtually every inch. In another roll of the tissue paper she found a matching emerald bra made of the same lace though much more practical, there were no ruffles adorning it.

Renesmee quickly tore off what remained of the silk dress and stepped into the panties, she then clasped the bra around her moderate chest and stepped in front if the full length mirror next to her door. She had to give it to Alice, while the undergarments may never see the romance they were intended for, they certainly did wonders for her. The green color bounced off her skin making for a stark contrast that drew the eyes directly to them, and the areas they concealed. The ruffled panties accentuated curves even Renesmee didn't know she had leading her to realize how much of a woman she had truly become.

Stroking her hands over the milk white flesh of her body it was hard to think anyone wouldn't want this, especially if it was practically thrown at them. She needed a release, with thoughts of the large russet man she so longed for circling her head she felt intoxicated. Falling onto her bed her dark curls fanning across the pillow her hand began to snake towards the ruffled fabric.


Jacob walked to the house tonight; he had halted his sprint about a mile out and took the opportunity to slow his thoughts, with Edward no where near Forks he was free to let his mind go. His feelings for Nessie had increased tenfold in the weeks leading up to her birthday, and today he had almost let them get the better of him. That sweet girl, unaware of her effect on him had practically served her body on a platter for him to devour. It had taken all his power to run the other way and not act on his desire; strip her of her silk sheath and ravish her in the clearing. He had almost let the night go by with out checking in on her until his emotions won out. He was telling himself that he had promised her parents a nightly check in, but if he was being honest now he knew that the tether he constantly felt pulling in her direction had tightened and wrenched him to his feet tonight.

Stepping up to the cottage he realized all the lights were out except for the dim glow of a light left on in her room. If she was still awake he would apologize, he would explain his actions today and try his hardest not to scare her. A creepy best friend who can't control thoughts of ripping of your clothes would be hard to reason, but maybe Nessie would appreciate the honesty at the least.

Coming to her door he saw it was cracked open, he could hear her breathing, the fast flutter of her heart. She was awake, he was sure of it; he would actually have to go through with the explanation. Admittedly he had never meant to, the awkward conversation wasn't something he looked forward too. Quietly he peered through the cracked door; his mouth fell open as he took in the scene illuminated by a soft glowing light. There splayed out on her bed with an angels crown of dark curls framing her face was his Nessie, clad only in thin emerald lace, a color that did wonders for her already astonishing body. Her brow was furrowed while her hand was hidden beneath the ruffles of her panties working at a feverish pace.

He new it was wrong to sit there watching her pleasure herself, but tearing himself away this time was not an option. To stay silently on the other side of the door was trying enough.

Then he heard it, escaping from her lips a low breathless moan "Jac-ob"

Had he heard that correctly? Had she seen him? Swiftly he stepped away from the crack, no, there was no way she had spotted him and then he heard it again "Jacob!" clearer this time. He looked through the door once more at the emerald angel on the bed, eyes tightly shut, she was fantasizing about him! His name was escaping through her perfect lips! With that his heart leapt, and his already stiff member gave a painful twitch. This was too much for the tightly wound wolf, he broke through the door and was on the girl before she could look up in astonishment.

His lips now firmly pressed to hers, her eyes were wide with surprise. Surely she had lost her mind, had this fantasy come to life? As his body pressed closer to hers the realization came in the heat radiating off his large muscular body. The mixture of heat on her naturally chilled skin brought a wave of pleasure she could never have imagined.

Suddenly he removed his lips from hers and placed them next to her ear, releasing a low growl. With one arm wrapped around her back pressing her to his bare chest he took the other and ran it down her stomach, leaving the trail of burning flesh she had so longed for. Slowly the hand reached the top of her panties and dove in, replacing her hard working hand with his own. At first he mealy cupped her mound at first before realizing she was dripping wet.

"God Ness, your soaked, is this really for me, are you wet thinking of me?" with this her wetness began to run down her legs, coating his hand and threatening to stain his pants. He had asked the question some what skeptical, but more so searching for her reply, he needed to hear her say it.

"Yesss, its all for you, always for you my Jac-ugggh," unable to finish her sentence as Jacob trailed his thumb up her slit resting at her tight bundle of nerves. Slowly he began to run circles around it, while her lips sought to embrace him in another kiss he pulled back wanting to watch her beautiful face. At first her head merely lulled back, her brow still furrowed she pursed her lips as she felt him enter one then two fingers into her opening slowly massaging the inner walls. Gradually his pace increased until he was working her with out remorse, teasing at her clit, fucking her with his fingers. Her eyes snapped open wide with desire, as she felt the mounting of

her release, she was going to cum all over his hands. Looking down at her he knew there was one thing he wanted to hear.

"Say my name Nessie, scream it, tell me I'm the one making you cum for me," she nodded but was barely able to mouth his name "say it!"

"JACOB!!" She screeched it as the massive orgasm slammed down on her, the vice like grip of her walls closing around his fingers as she convulsed.

Coming down from the pleasure she smiled, noticing his fingers still lingered inside her. Slowly she looked up at him only to see the sorrow, and remorse painted across his face. "Nessie, I'm…I'm, I didn't mean to…sorry." Not knowing how to express her happiness more thoroughly than the silly grin that now stretched across her face she paused. He slowly pulled his hand away, but before leaving her completely she grabbed the large palm in her two small ones and brought it to her mouth. Sticking out her tongue she curled it around each finger, licking the remains of her pleasure from each digit.

"Fuck, Nessss…" She left two fingers in her mouth, sucking them clean she made sure to keep a lust filled gaze on her lover, she wasn't going to let him leave her, not now. With out his noticing her hands had crept to the waist band of his pants, unbuttoning the first button. She then released the fingers from her mouth and with a swift movement Jacob found himself flat on his back, the sneaky little half leech had bested him. Flipping him on to the floor with her legs, her still wet opening was now straddling his stomach her lace panties some how lost in the scramble. He let out a long groan.

"Oh Jake! Sorry, did I hurt you?!" she announced with a sly giggle.

"Har Har, now what are we going to do about this?" He asked genuinely, gesturing to the bulge threatening to burst as it was still confined by his jeans. Quickly she scooted down his body, he thought at first to continue his undressing, until he realized her wet slit was now teasing him, humping the bulge and further soaking his jeans as she continued to giggle.

He rolled his eyes and grabbed her under each arm, lifting her from her perch above his cock and flipping her in yet another swift motion, slamming her hard on the floor he hovered above her for a moment before pressing his lips below her ear lobe, "Ohh Nessie, did I hurt you?" he fainted mimicking her words.

Her breathing was fast and heavy now. For a moment he feared he had in fact hurt her in some way before he heard her speak again, this time her words ragged with lust "Get inside me Jacob Black, I am not whole with out you." At this he could not remove his pants fast enough, finally freeing his cock it sprang loose and rested at her entrance. Looking into her large brown eyes for reassurance that this is what she wanted, he felt her hand drift down to the base of his thick member. She could feel ever vain in it tense as she trailed her cool fingers along it, drawing him into her.

He closed his eyes, pumping slowly at first, before hearing her gasp and fold her body into his resting her head at his shoulder. Again afraid he had her, the slight woman in his arms, he cradled her as he sat back on his knees, her body still impailed on his cock. He hesitated before thrusting into her again, then without warning she screamed.

"Harder! Pleeease Jacob Faster!" And with that she opened her mouth and bit the shoulder she had been resting on sending a cool mixture of pleasure and pain through his body. His thrusts became harder now; wanting to genuinely please her he began to feel his release build inside him. This was everything to him, to make love to his soul mate, to know how deeply she needed him in return.

"God Ness you're so tight, you're gonna make…" But he trailed off as she bit him once again and he groaned with pleasure. Creeping a hand down to her opening he felt for her clit, now enlarged with desire. Her walls began to contract as she through her head back dipping away from him, pressing her breast into him.

"Pleeease, Jacob," was all she could whisper from between her lips.

"What Ness? Tell me…"


"You have to say it, say it for me."

"Please Jacob make me cum"

"Anything for you" and with that he thrust with more vigor, still teasing at her clit with his thumb. Her walls clamped down around him and he too began to cum, this time calling out her name in what could only be described as a howl.

The two crumpled onto the floor, his large heated body covering hers, but she did not mind, he could suffocate her for all she cared, she could take it.